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Dyno Rod Plumbing

Start a Dyno Rod Plumbing Franchise

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Multi-van Management Business with HUGE potential

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Start your business with:

  • Established customer base
  • Contracts in place
  • A fleet of mobile engineers
  • An office with training and parts unit
  • HUGE potential for growth

Dyno-Rod Plumbing is a vast marketplace in both residential and commercial spaces – and with Dyno-Rod there is an enormous opportunity to gain further market share. People know and trust the brand, therefore they are prepared to pay a premium over your local competition.

From national accounts like the British Gas service contract, to local residential and commercial plumbing emergencies and installation projects, your business has a huge market to serve – with demand unaffected by economic uncertainty.

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About you and your role

This is a management business where your role is to lead your team of engineers, managers and administrators. It’s different every day with new challenges that will keep life interesting and rewarding.

You will need to be an adaptable people-person, an excellent manager with the ability to create and maintain a culture of excellence.
Dyno Rod Plumbing

Once you have a trusted management team in place running your business you will be able to enjoy an excellent work/life balance and your role elevates to overseeing and directing your senior team.

Dyno-Rod franchisees come from varied backgrounds

Dyno-Rod franchisees often build sizeable multi-territory, multi-service operations. Due to their commitment and hard work, established franchisees can enjoy healthy incomes, a good work/life balance and build a sizeable return for their future personal or business plans: many of the larger businesses command £1m+ valuations.

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World-class systems and support

Your business support team at Centrica plc (Dyno-Rod’s parent company) is led by long-standing franchisee advocates, leaders who are committed to guiding and supporting you and your team.
  • World-class business information and management systems
  • Out-of-hours enquiry handling, job bookings and cashflow admin by an in-house team
  • HR, Legal and H&S guidance from leading compliance consultants
  • National and key accounts sales team that win work for franchisees, adding to your locally won emergency and on-demand residential and commercial jobs
  • Long-standing team of business coaches who provide 1:1 in-territory guidance and support
Dyno Rod Plumbing Image

Dyno-Rod was one of the founding members of the British Franchise Association and in 2023 is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Strong business growth in the drainage market led to plumbing being added to the Dyno – Rod brand over 20 years ago in the early 2000’s.

The plumbing franchise network now serve over 750,000 homes and businesses annually. This is a highly respected, multi-award-winning brand offering solid foundations for you to run your own successful business.

Single and multi-territory franchises available

If you are going to invest in starting your own management business, utilising one of the country’s leading brands gives you a significant head start!

Grow your business from one established territory
  • £100k+ investment
  • Build on an established client base, staff, vehicles and monthly income.

Buy an established multi-territory multi-service business
  • £1m+ investment
  • Take over an established franchisee’s Dyno-Rod business – sizes vary.

The Next Steps

Are you searching for a business opportunity with more constant demand in this time of economic turbulence? A business that provides you more security for both you and your family in the future, and enables you to take control of your time now so you can enjoy those precious life moments?

Please get in touch with one of the team at Dyno-Rod to find out more about the Plumbing franchise opportunity.

Dyno Rod Plumbing News

University of Brighton partnership demonstrates Dyno-Rod’s commitment to community and innovation

May 29, 2024| Franchise News
At Dyno-Rod, we believe our success is intrinsically connected with the communities we serve.
Available Locations:
Opportunities available across the UK
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