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Welcome to Hitsona, where health, community, and entrepreneurship converge. Are you ready to embark on a journey that not only transforms lives but also drives your financial success? Join us as a Hitsona franchise owner and be a part of a global movement that is revolutionising the fitness industry. As a Hitsona franchise owner, you'll be joining a network of passionate individuals who share your commitment to health and happiness. Our community is built on the foundation of making a genuine difference while having fun and enjoying the journey.

Why Hitsona?

At Hitsona, we stand by our mission to make a positive impact on people's lives through exercise and community. Our approach is simple – we cater to individuals who have been overlooked by the conventional fitness industry, addressing both physical and mental well-being. With our patented HIT Machines exclusive to Hitsona and a unique member acquisition process, we've carved a niche in the market that sets us apart from the traditional fitness industry.

The Power of Community

Our studios are more than just fitness centres; they're hubs of inclusivity, belonging, and support. Whether you're big or small, young or old, fit or unfit, the moment you walk through our doors, you’re one of us. We've successfully fostered local communities that nurture personal growth and mutual encouragement in a way our members have never seen before.

Business Ownership Made Easy

Owning a Hitsona franchise is an opportunity to balance your entrepreneurial dreams with a flexible lifestyle. Our proven business systems ensure you're set up for success from day one. You have the freedom to grow your business and cater to the increasing demand for healthier lifestyles in your community.

Support at Every Step

When you become a Hitsona studio owner, you're not alone. Our dedicated head office team is passionate about your success. We provide comprehensive training, ongoing support, and guidance to ensure your business thrives. From day-to-day operations to strategic decision-making, we're here to help you navigate every challenge you face.

Low-Cost, High Reward

Unlike other opportunities in the fitness industry, Hitsona requires modest initial investment, reducing financial risk for aspiring business owners. Our business model offers high-profit potential, with an average break-even point within just four months of opening. It's a smart, strategic choice that puts you on the path to profitability.

Discover Your Full Purpose

If you're ready to transform lives while building a thriving business, Hitsona is your ideal partner. Our franchise opportunity is tailor-made for those who crave more – more impact, more success, and more fulfilment. Join us in changing lives, one step at a time.

Are You Ready?

Your journey to entrepreneurship and positive change starts here. Embrace the chance to own a franchise that aligns with your values, your aspirations, and your drive. Experience the joy of making a difference and becoming a key player in a movement that's shaping the future of fitness and wellbeing.

Step into the world of Hitsona and unlock your potential as a franchise owner. Be healthy, be happy, be you – and join us in making the world a healthier, happier place, one community at a time. If you're ready to take the leap and be part of something bigger. Don’t just make a living, make a difference!

To learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity today, please fill out the enquiry form by clicking the button below:

Hitsona Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Hitsona to give you more information about the costs associated with a Hitsona opportunity
Minimum Investment
Total Investment Range
£25,000 - £60,000
Hitsona News

Hitsona Celebrates 50th Studio Milestone and Brand Evolution

To celebrate agreeing our 50th studio location across 3 continents and a brand-new name, we are running a once in a lifetime limited offer, you might just be our next big success story!

Hitsona Makes Power List of Top 15 Franchises

Global Franchise Magazine has listed Hitsona Global as one of the top 15 emerging European Franchises to invest in today.

HITZone opens first studio in the Republic of Ireland

By the end of 2021 HITZone will have opened our first Irish studio in Balbriggan, County Dublin.

New HITZone Studios now open in Congleton, Northampton, and Chertsey

We have been very busy opening new studios lately. Congleton is our largest UK studio to date and our first studio to open with 5 of our unique HIT Machines.
Hitsona Success Stories

World Champion Life Changer 2023 | Steve Covus

January 16, 2024
Starting out on a fitness journey is a deeply personal commitment, and many of us find ourselves making excuses as to why we aren’t putting ourselves first.

From Cancer Survivor to Fitness Entrepreneur: Georgia Brophy's Inspirational Hitsona Success Story

September 06, 2023
In the world of fitness and wellness, success stories often come in various shapes and sizes, but few are as inspiring as that of Georgia Brophy, a former maths teacher turned entrepreneur and the embodiment of resilience and determination.

Interview with Nikki Wallace, Owner and Head Coach at Hitsona Lisburn and Hitsona Bangor

October 13, 2021
Nikki Wallace is a successful business owner who opened her first business in Lisburn, N.Ireland in 2018.

Chris Beech, Owner of Hitsona Congleton

September 03, 2021
My name is Chris Beech and I am the owner of Hitsona Congleton.
Hitsona Testimonials
I was looking at fitness franchises and read about Hitsona on a google search. I thought ‘that is just the kind of thing that I would join’. I was interested in the Hitsona brand, its values and ethos, what it wanted to achieve and the fact that if I was going to open a Hitsona studio, I wouldn’t be able to just sit behind a desk. In October 2021 we opened our first studio in Elizabethtown, Kentucky with five HIT machines. Building a community of Hitsona members was slow to start until I was able to properly work in my business on a daily basis. I followed the guidance given by Hitsona HQ and with their support and guidance I was able to give 100% to building my Hitsona membership, integrate my new work, life balance and enjoy being part of a wider community. I use Facebook and Instagram marketing to promote our short 25 minutes, coached led, small groups sessions with no judging and this and other promotional strategies attract new members. What makes it easy to increase my membership is our unique selling points at Hitsona, as we offer something different to gyms or other fitness studios. The support I get to help build my business from Hitsona Headquarters is faultless and also encouraging, there was nothing they couldn’t do to help me get up and running. We are now a community of people who believe in what we do and are passionate about helping people reach their goals. My personal goal for my Hitsona studio is to reach full capacity and keep people happy and improve their mental and physical lives. I am currently in the process with a partner, in opening another Hitsona studio. I plan the studio's growth and success in the long term by keeping doing what I’m doing and never being scared to ask for help.
Steve Covus,
For the past 15 years I have been very passionate about running, unfortunately, four years ago, I had a fall and fractured my hip, we then we had Covid and I had put on 3 stone. Eighteen months ago, I saw an advert on Facebook about Hitsona, Calne. Unique machines to lose weight, build your confidence, not a gym. I came along for a trial session and I was absolutely smitten with it. Initially I was doing two sessions a week I became so addicted to it, the atmosphere and the benefits that I went unlimited. In this last 18 months I have lost over 20 inches and three stone. I am now back to my running and thoroughly enjoying it. Through my experience and achievements at Hitsona Calne, of losing weight and getting fit again, the opportunity for an additional coach came up. I applied and since January my experiences of helping people and the benefits they are all achieving has now progressed me to be General Manager of Hitsona, Calne. As a Hitsona member, then a coach and now a General Manager, I have seen so many changes in our members. This is not just a studio for fitness, we are also a community. So, if you are considering being a Hitsona owner, it’s a very, very rewarding job seeing the changes in people, the achievements they’ve made. Joining Hitsona is the best thing I ever did!
Karen Grant,
The big thing that drove me towards Hitsona was that it wasn’t like a normal gym. The people I was looking to help get back into fitness, quite often would be scared, lack confidence in that environment, but it’s a completely different feel with Hitsona. We have a real community feel, there’s no mirrors, no egos, just normal everyday people and the machines that we have are unique to ourselves. They allow people of any age, ability or size to workout and feel confident. One of the things that impressed me about Hitsona the most, from the very start is the support you’ll receive. You are shown absolutely every part of the process from training to financials to sales and marketing support. So, once you’re up and running, it’s not just the initial start up process Hitsona help you with, it was ongoing support, weekly calls and get togethers. The sessions themselves are all coach led, no more than 12 people in our sessions. At Hitsona members are not a number, they’re a name, they’re a person. If running a fitness studio is something you’re looking to do and you have a genuine want to help people in your community, Hitsona will be the right choice for you.
Chris Beech,
I had previously been a PT in a commercial gym and hated it. When I was offered employment as a coach in a HITZone studio, my love for the industry was reignited. I was always going to run my own business. As I hit the heaviest I had been, I found the love of improving energy and fitness and I fell in love with how fitness made me feel and the rewards that followed. As a previous coach in a different industry, I have always loved teaching, coaching and watching people grow. When I saw the Hitsona franchise model, the potential to reach and help multiple people in their own fitness journey, I was hooked! HQ helped with a detailed business plan, daily advice on getting started and daily operational training in order to hit the ground running financially and in terms of looking after the customers. They pretty much gave step by step instructions. Our members don’t take life too seriously and the fun keeps them coming back and if they keep coming back they get results. The HIT machines make exercise easy to follow and effective and the heart rate technology keeps my members motivated. My goal for the future is to open multiple studios, and create a mini Surrey based Hitsona empire and growing community.
Philippa (Billz) Jackson,
After 35 years working in the city of London, in financial services, I was looking for a business that had a social purpose and since talking to the team at Hitson, we haven’t looked back, it’s the best career I’ve ever had. I really enjoy running a studio, it’s great to make a difference to people’s lives and to build a business up that becomes part of the community. It’s true what they say about ‘no mirrors, no egos, everybody wants everyone else to succeed. People enjoy coming here, it’s kind of their third place after home and work and they come because it’s a friendly, supportive community. You get the balance between running your own business and being the master of your own destiny, with lots of help and support from Head Office. I think that is the biggest advantage of the Hitsona franchise.
Andrew McKee,
“I fell into a Hitsona around the corner from the commercial gym that I was working in, and actually saw what fitness means to these people that are getting missed out from the big gyms. The second I fell into Hitsona I knew I was going to have my own Hitsona studio. I knew that I wanted to be the one making an impact on these peoples’ lives."
Philippa – Hitsona Owner Chertsey,

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