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fit+ is a passive-income generating gym business, that is incredibly easy to manage, operate and scale.

Our staffless gyms are operated entirely digitally. This innovative approach keeps the gyms operating costs to a minimum and provides an amazing level of freedom and flexibility for you, the business owner.

fit+ gyms meet the increasing demand for convenience from consumers by opening in smaller towns and suburban locations, making gyms more accessible than ever.

fit+ was included in the Top 20 Fitness Trends in the 2024-2025 Health Club Management Handbook.

When it comes to finding great locations for health clubs and studios, one of the biggest opportunities will be to develop clubs in rural locations, as well as in areas with low populations.
Source: HCM Handbook. The ultimate reference guide for the global health, fitness, and wellness industry.

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The benefits of the fit+ franchise opportunity:

  • Proven model with over 250 locations across 10 countries.
  • Low entry cost: Get into business from a low personal investment.
  • Staffless model means lower overheads and running costs.
  • Fully digitalised operating system: Freeing up your time, energy, and resources.
  • Low membership numbers required to break-even.
  • Easily scalable to multiple locations.
  • Expert support team based in the UK and Ireland.

The fit+ franchise opportunity is ideal for:

  • Career-driven professionals who want to retain their current job whilst building a side-business and developing a passive income.
  • Ambitious entrepreneurs and investors who want to build a chain of fitness clubs without the need to recruit staff or manage teams.
  • Fitness professionals and enthusiasts who want to own their own gym and make fitness more accessible by putting a convenient fitness facility closer to those that need it.
  • Personal trainers who want to run their personal training business from their own gym whilst benefitting from monthly membership income.


Founded in Germany by Björn Krämer and Torsten Boorberg, in just 6 years, fit+ has grown to over 250 gyms in over 10 countries, taking the European market by storm and proving the success of the model. This rapid expansion has helped many individuals to own their own gym, and in many cases build a cluster of gyms close to where they live.

Now, you have the opportunity to open your own fit+ gym in the UK and Ireland and bring an accessible fitness solution to a market where convenience is fast becoming the priority.

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Consumer interest in health, fitness and wellbeing is at an all-time high. With convenience being reported as one of the driving factors when people are considering which gym to join.

What better way to meet the demand for convenience by placing a fit+ gym right on the doorstep of the people who need it.

fit+ gyms appeal to experienced exercisers who are looking for a well-equipped fitness club in the immediate vicinity of where they live. Members benefit from flexible open times including 24-hour access where possible. 

Our gyms have a range of strength, resistance, and free weights equipment, providing everything that people need for a complete training programme and nothing more.

The modern equipment in fit+ gyms means that members can follow their own training plans. If needed, members can scan QR codes on each piece of equipment to see how they work. 

Lack of time, accessibility, cost and safety are barriers to exercise. While 24-hour gym access isn’t new, staffless models are connecting with populations big-box operators struggle to reach.
Source: WellToDo Global. A leading publication in the fitness space.


Fit+ is being rolled out across the UK and Ireland by the team at Empowered Brands, a specialist fitness franchise operator.

For the past 20 years, Empowered Brands have been helping people to build their own successful gym businesses through franchising. We’re also trusted by some of the fastest growing global fitness and wellness franchise operators to rollout their brands across the UK and Ireland.



If you’re ready to learn more about owning your own fully digital, staffless gym business, click the button below and we'll send you a full fit+ franchise information pack.

fit+ News

Pioneering German franchise fit+ launches in the UK & Ireland

June 20, 2024| Franchise News
fit+ has signed a master licence agreement with UK leading fitness franchise investor Empowered Brands to rollout up to 200+ staffless gyms across the UK & Ireland
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The fit+ Advantage

The fit+ Advantage

Discover the benefits of the digitally operated staffless gym model.
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