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Active Future Is a Unique Multi Award Winning Kids Activity Franchise – But Much Much More…

Active Future has been established to increase the likelihood of lifelong participation in sport and movement and is on a journey to improve the lives of 1 million people per week

A Franchise Built Around You

The first thing we will understand and work with you on is what you want from your franchise, how will your franchise impact your life?

Some say they want financial security, some want to grow it sell and buy more and some want to build a business and then sit on a beach.

We take the time to understand what drives you as an individual and then once you have decided what you want your life to look like we reverse engineer your plans to help you reach those dreams. This isn’t just a hope this has happened already to a number of our franchisees.

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How do we do this?

The organisation has built the best ecosystem of products in the marketplace to help you to impact the most lives and be as successful as possible.

Which will you choose first?

Funded Projects

As a proud delivery Partner of HAF Programmes in your area you have access to HAF Funding of up to £100,000 from your Local Authority per Holiday period. Our specialist team works with your Local Authority to secure funding for this much needed programme. As one of the largest and most experienced providers of HAF in the UK this is clearly a huge boost to your new business. Our internal bid writers will apply on your behalf and we have an extremely high conversion rate, 100% so far.

And Here Is How This Game Changer Works For You…

We will check with your Local Authority to ensure that HAF Funding is available in your Territory before you sign your Franchise Agreement. All of our Franchisees have HAF Funding For Xmas Easter and Summer Holidays with zero exceptions.

In total, our franchisees have secured over £1million of HAF Funding and given over 40,000 very deserving kids secure and well nourished activity lead holidays.

There are many other funds that we can apply on your behalf and our internal team will ascertain what else is available in your territory.

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Active Future Education

Pe Premium For Primary Schools - More Government Funding For You…

This is a £380 million Government initiative which allows primary schools to outsource their PE lessons to outside organisations like Active Future - Each primary school in your territory can be worth up to £15,000 our internal telemarketers will work with you to obtain appointments and our expert staff will help you convert these appointments. Once you receive your first contracts there is full training and a full suite of accredited lesson plans to cover the UK curriculum.

Your Territory will have at least 50 Primary Schools that need this service and you have the expertise of Active Future to help you obtain and deliver excellence. In the next 12 months Active Future Education will outstrip Funded Projects as the largest product in the ecosystem.

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Active Future Events

The active Future Events are one of our favourite parts of our business allowing us to engage thousands of people in huge engaging events

4 x HUNTER Events Booked in Your Area

We have taken the hit TV Series Hunted and brought it to like in partnership with Forestry England. We welcome over 100 people into the forest and set them free, our elite Hinter Force then spends the day tracking them down. These amazing events attract so many different people and are not only commercial events earning up to £5,000 per day but you will be contracted to run them as funded projects too.

We have a full suite of other Active Future Events that are also at your disposal to help you engage more people and increase your business.

A Multi Award Winning Franchise with Huge Demand and Little Competition

This is so Much More than an After School Club…

The format of this unique offering has been developed by the Active Future Team headed by Matt Goodman who is undertaking a Doctorate in Sports Science. Based on research and evidence from the most respected bodies throughout the world they have developed a programme of activities that appeal to not only ‘the sporty’ kids but all kids of all shapes and sizes and demand is booming! They have hit a sweet spot of engaging both those that are and those that are not sporty and the engagement speaks for itself.


There Is No Barrier To Entry With Government Funding Available…

We have teamed up with one the UK’s leading Government Start Up Loan Partners Transmit Startups. They produce your Business Plan, Profit and Loss and Cashflow Projections working with you at every stage of the application process. This is completely Free of Charge. Once past the credit check success for Funding is extremely high. You are of course welcome to use your own funding too.

Reasons to Become a Franchisee

Our Exceptional Franchise Blueprint Will Grow Your Business Quickly and Profitably…

  • Government Funding Available
  • Up To £100,000 HAF Funding per School Holiday
  • PE Premium with up to 50 Primary Schools in Your Territory
  • 4 x Hunter Events Set Up For You
  • Help finding your First Two Venues Secured and Filled for You
  • A Growing Market With Huge Support For Children’s Activities
  • Little Competition
  • No Royalty Fees Until Month 4
  • Excellent Cash Flow
  • Website and Social Media Set Up
  • Company Set Up, Accounting and Tax Professionally Handled For You
  • Long Term Customer Retention and Referrals
  • A Totally Recession Proof Business
  • Full In Depth Training
  • A Dedicated Support Team
  • A Fully Protected Scalable Territory
  • Ongoing Activity Development
  • An Ethical Approach

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Franchisee Requirements

You Do Not Need To Be A Qualified Sports Coach

You need to be an ethical and honest communicator who is prepared to follow our Partner Blueprint which we know will guarantee very quick and ongoing profitability.

The Next Step

For immediate access to our highly informative website and prospectus including; case studies, your projected earnings report, franchise package, customer testimonials and much more, press the Request Information Button now…

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Available Locations:
Opportunities available across the UK
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
£15,000 + VAT
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