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Help shape the future of care, as a local champion in your own community – with all the support you need to make your own mark.
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Trends and Facts About Care Franchises

As the UK population continues to live longer lives, there comes a greater need for quality care. Whether a person chooses to live in supported accommodation with 24-hour care or live out their days in their own home, it becomes more likely they’ll need help with everyday tasks.

But adult social care isn't just about providing support services for the elderly. The sector also includes care franchises that offer assistance to any adult aged over 18 who needs support to live their lives independently and with dignity. Adult social care franchises offer their clients control over their lives, with the support that affords them flexibility and choice.

The adult social care sector employs over 1.8 million people at over 45,000 locations across the UK, contributing a staggering £46.2 billion to the UK economy. This represents 6% of the employment opportunities in the UK, with average employee earnings of £17,300.

Working in the care sector provides immediate rewards - you're helping people to live their lives with dignity, safety, and freedom. Few other professions offer such life-changing services - working in adult social care provides a sense of purpose, job satisfaction, and the freedom to work outside of the office environment.


Starting up in business independently is a hard slog. And when you’re trying to crack into the lucrative adult social care sector, most independent companies find themselves overwhelmed by their established competitors.

Care franchises, more than most other industries, need to offer reassurance, reliability, and - most importantly - a reputation of excellence. So, when you invest in a care franchise, you inherit the parent company’s reputation for excellent customer service and their robust business model that allows you to hit the ground running.

Most parent companies provide excellent training opportunities, making it possible to invest in a care franchise without prior experience in the sector. Of course, having worked in the care sector is a massive advantage because you'll understand the day-to-day needs of your clients. Still, your parent company will provide world-class training to bring you up to expert status, ensuring your care franchise business maintains its hard-earned reputation of excellence.

Most care franchise parent companies also provide a portfolio of ongoing business operations, such as HR support that helps ensure your business runs in line with business-, employment-, and financial- regulations. Basically, they help out with the stuff that keeps business owners awake at night!

The care franchise sector is a hugely competitive marketplace, so working with an established partner offers an excellent kickstart for your new business. As well as a prior reputation, care franchisees inherit instantly recognisable branding that helps reassure future customers of your trustworthiness.

As well as branding, care franchisees receive access to an existing supply chain, offering great value on essential products that help your clients live dignified lives.

Franchise Direct provides access to an excellent choice of reliable care franchises that offer:

  • An instant reputation built on trustworthy customer service
  • Access to an operational supply chain
  • Ongoing training and business support
  • HR support

Facts About Care Franchises

In recent years, the proliferation of care agencies demonstrates the growing demand for adult care services. Franchising offers a unique opportunity for individuals to tap into this hugely satisfying, lucrative market while receiving ongoing support and guidance.

Care franchises offer employment opportunities to a wide range of people from a broad spectrum of educational backgrounds - from trained clinicians to those with no prior medical experience. This makes care franchises a lucrative sector, offering excellent employment opportunities to the local community. There are excellent subsets are care franchises such as Healthcare Franchises and Senior Care Franchises.

Many care franchises are available to individuals and groups with no prior medical background - perfect for people hoping to switch careers to something more worthwhile. Your care franchise parent company will help you register with the Care Quality Commission and train you to provide exceptional support services to your future clients.

Care franchises offer services both in the community and in residential settings. Potential clients range from ageing individuals wishing to remain in their own homes to disabled people who receive financial support to employ Personal Assistants who help them live independent lives.

Most care franchises are run by private enterprises, although the Care Quality Commission regulates them.

The average earnings of individual care workers in the UK social care sector are around £17,300 before overtime, commissions, and tips.

Franchising Vs. Independent

Franchising offers the opportunity to hit the ground running with a new business, overcoming many of the obstacles met by independent business owners.

Just for clarity, an independent business enters the marketplace without the ongoing support of an established partner, having to break a saturated market with an unproven business model. Many indies struggle to penetrate the market environment amongst the established businesses - indies enter the market without a reputation and spend their first few years developing goodwill so that they can charge premium rates.

On the other hand, care franchises start up with an inherited reputation, instantly recognisable branding, and a support mechanism that ensures that the new business runs smoothly, in line with past performance and industry regulations. Franchises have a tried-and-tested operational model and a name that future clients already know and trust.

Of course, franchise opportunities require an initial investment - and this is where the franchise model comes into its own.

Banks and moneylenders tend to look at franchise opportunities favourably compared to independent companies. Franchises come with a successful operational model and a history of profit, growth, and sustainability. In short, franchises offer less risk on a return of investment.

However, indies represent a more significant risk for moneylenders because they're going into business without the support, experience, or market position enjoyed by franchise owners.

For this reason, almost half of all independent companies go bankrupt within the first five years of operation, while franchises tend to hit the ground running, reaching profitability sooner.

So, if you're thinking about starting up in business, consider the benefits of a franchise to help you towards a surer path to success.

Care Franchises

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