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IT & Telecommunications Franchise Opportunities

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Launch an Online Business Building Mobile Apps Without Coding Skills
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Be your own boss with a website development business! FULL training and support provided.
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Valenta is the worlds first AI franchise, helping businesses Optimize, Digitize and Analyze using AI and Automation. The Valenta Franchise model is unique; as a Franchise Partner, you work on your business, not in your business.
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Run your own business providing mobile apps & responsive websites to small businesses.
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Help local businesses thrive on the web and set up a thriving business of your own - marketing, consulting and selling a range of revolutionary website packages.
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Launch a Digital Agency with no prior experience. We provide you with everything you need to help local businesses embrace their digital transformation.
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We're a one stop shipping & logistics solution for SME businesses, providing domestic and international shipments at competitive rates.
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Trends and Facts About IT & Telecommunications

The IT world has evolved drastically over the years, from little niche departments stuck in basements of office blocks to drivers of entire organisations. Indeed, most modern businesses would be nowhere without Information Technology.

But IT isn't just the supply, coding, maintenance, and coding of computers and hardware — now, information and communications are indelibly interconnected.

IT & Communications franchises cover diverse sectors, including broadcasting, telecommunications, programming, and publishing. They serve professional industries from manufacturing, marketing, scientific research, business development, accountancy and law, to name a handful.

Of course, some IT & communications franchises focus more on the PR side of things than the technical side, offering businesses a level-headed facade that appeals to their client base. And with the growth of social media platforms, many organisations rely on specialists to develop their customer-facing identities in line with company objectives — to achieve a Call to Action that wins favour and new clients.

IT & communications franchises cover a wide range of sectors, including:

  • App building
  • Cloud streaming and storage
  • Systems integrations
  • Website design and creation
  • Recruitment
  • Technology solutions, such as virtual and remote PA services
  • Business process optimisation
  • SEO and online reputation management
  • Logistics solutions for manufacturing and SMEs

IT & communications franchises help organisations large and small reach new and existing customers with innovative ways to connect, such as:

  • Live chat
  • Call centre software for intelligent routing and workforce management
  • Video conferencing (such as NatWest’s recent 24-hour video chat mechanism)
  • WhatsApp and text messaging integrations

So, if your passion resides in the technical side of enterprise, you could go it alone and become your own boss — either as a sole trader or the head of your own IT & communications franchise empire. Franchising offers a ready-built business with an established infrastructure that's ready to go as soon as you are!


Many of us would love to go into business for ourselves, but not all have an innovative idea that solves a customer problem. Nonetheless, this shouldn't exclude you from running a successful company, and IT & communications franchises are ripe for the picking — offering franchisees the opportunity to become their own boss.

Franchising takes much of the stress of starting a new business because the complicated company infrastructure is already in place.

Starting a new organisation from scratch is a minefield of complexity. The journey from concept to company launch is a long path and can take years to bring to fruition. From concept development and infrastructure building to funding and visibility — there are obstacles at every hurdle.

Franchising, on the other hand, is an off-the-shelf business opportunity. When you invest in a franchise, you inherit a raft of fantastic benefits, including:

  • A ready-to-go business model
  • An existing client base
  • Instantly recognisable branding
  • Online authority
  • An operational supply chain
  • A marketing function
  • An excellent reputation that precedes you

Not only this, but most IT & communications franchises offer world-class training opportunities to ensure that you can maintain their hard-earned reputation of excellence. That means buying into a franchise is an investment in your skills (and the expertise of your staff).

Gain expert status and become your own boss!

Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

But the benefits of franchising don’t end there. Many parent companies also provide a portfolio of HR functions, ensuring that your franchise runs in compliance with appropriate business-, financial-, and employment regulations.

So, if you’re considering becoming your own boss and want to take on a tried-and-tested business idea, explore our range of excellent IT & communications franchises.

Facts About IT & Communications Franchises

Many communications franchises specialise in business comms — the internal and external mechanisms that ensure a consistent, on-brand, and positive voice is heard across the company. This extends to in-house systems such as modern intranet/employee hubs and PR-focused content creation.

Intranet workplace solutions are the principal comms tool for thriving organisations, with 85% of large companies running their communications through such a platform. And many of these platforms are developed by IT & communication franchises, incorporating mobile access through social media-style interfaces — offering access to pertinent business-essential data that keep employees on track and in touch.

Cloud computing is the most recent trend in IT systems, allowing businesses to rent computing power remotely rather than investing in hardware that quickly becomes obsolete. Cloud computing enables organisations to maintain their systems remotely, keeping them as fast and glitch-free as possible with almost infinite expandability.

Of course, as more and more companies rely on cloud computing, we need integrated solutions that permit employees to work both remotely and when hotdesking. Examples of such integration services are Zoom, Dropbox, Slack, and Office 365 — all of which provide online access to powerful applications that keep organisations running, regardless of location.

Explore Franchise Direct’s excellent portfolio of IT & Communications franchises, and become your own boss in an ever-expanding business universe. Innovate and solve problems with the ongoing support of your established expert partner.

Franchising Vs. Independent

It should come as no surprise that you'll need to commit an initial investment when you buy into a franchise business. Your acquisition provides an essential gateway to an operating company with an existing client base, an operational supply chain, priceless expertise, and the ongoing support of a specialist partner.

Fortunately, banks and moneylenders tend to consider franchises a lower-risk venture because the proposed company is built on an existing infrastructure that's proven itself sustainable, profitable, and capable of growth. You inherit brand identity when you invest in a franchise, and that helps your new business burst into the marketplace ready for action.

Compare that with an independent company, starting up without the ongoing support of an expert partner. They not only have to hone their product line, but they have to fight for visibility in a crowded marketplace. And it's for this reason that many indies struggle to achieve their funding objectives, and - when they do - they receive notably higher interest rates than franchises.

Indies struggle for visibility and, therefore, find it challenging to build a customer base, which is why almost half of all indies go under within the first five years because they fail to recoup their startup costs.

Franchises, however, hit the ground running. So, if you're thinking about going it alone, do it with a partner who can provide:

  • A customer base
  • Ongoing support
  • Proven market viability

IT & Communications Franchises

Check out Franchise Direct's excellent choice of innovative IT & communications franchises, and help the UK's business sector thrive.

Find your brand new start with Franchise Direct.

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