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Trends and Facts About Training & Business Coaching Franchises

They used to say that those who can't, teach. But, then parents had to home-school their kids during the stay-home regulations of the early 2020s and realised that teaching and coaching is a highly skilled and specialised profession.

Training and business coaching franchises specialise in helping employees hone the full potential of their skillset — from better communication and how to close a sale to maximising the potential of your marketing budget and minimising your business costs.

Whether you're helping develop industry-specific skills or coaching employees to thrive in their roles, training and business coaching franchises help companies improve their functionality by enhancing the skills of the people who run the ship.

To fully understand how training and business coaching franchises improve the skills and productivity of individuals and groups, it's essential to understand the difference between training and coaching:

  • Training helps learners develop new skills they don't already have or complete new tasks with which they have no prior experience. A training session may expand existing skills to maximise an employee's potential, helping them achieve higher certification in their specific discipline.
  • Coaching is suited to individuals who already have the necessary skills or understanding but struggle to implement them to their full potential. Rather than teaching new skills, coaching is usually employee-led and guided by a coach who helps the individual apply their knowledge and understanding to find solutions for themselves.

So, if you have excellent interpersonal skills and can communicate succinctly with groups and individuals, a training and business coaching franchise could help you help others achieve their business goals.

But, most importantly, a training & business coaching franchise puts you in control of your own working life, helping you develop valuable skills that other businesses are eager to hire. Companies are keen to boost productivity, engagement, and loyalty: help them achieve their goals by becoming the type of trainer or coach that gets the best out of their trainees.


Franchising is often considered an ideal approach to becoming your own boss: you own the company, but you gain the ongoing support of an experienced partner.

This means that your new company is less likely to fall into the typical pitfalls of independent startups because the parent company has honed the service offering and perfected its delivery.

One of the main problems with starting up a new business is visibility in a saturated marketplace. New companies need to cut through the noise of the existing competition, making the first five years of operation a particularly challenging time. In fact, almost half of all independent startups go into receivership within the first five years as they fail to recoup their initial investment and make a real impact.

On the other hand, franchises tend to hit the ground running — not only because they have the ongoing support of the parent company, but because training and business coaching franchises come with:

  • A reputation for superior customer satisfaction and a portfolio of successes
  • A history of tangible positive impact on existing businesses
  • A client base who already recognises the branding and trusts the business
  • A marketing strategy that works
  • Online authority and business acumen
  • Instantly recognisable branding

Training and business coaching franchises represent an investment in your personal development. Most parent companies offer world-class training and coaching support to ensure that you can maintain their hard-earned reputation and fulfil the potential of your new business.

Facts About Training & Business Coaching Franchises

According to The Institute of Coaching, 70% of coached employees improve their work performance, interpersonal relationships, and communication skills. This has a significant impact on business productivity.

Business coaching is undoubtedly a booming sector for individual profit — the average fee for an executive coach is £1110 for a two-hour coaching session. This session would include the initial consultation and assessment, goal-setting and action-planning, and a programme of regular follow-up progress review meetings.

Training and coaching isn't just for front-line employees; coaching works particularly well for management and executive-level staff as well. 80% of coached management-level employees report boosted self-confidence, leading to a 54% improvement in staff retention. And, of course, improved confidence and competence at a management level has a domino effect throughout the organisation.

The global training and business coaching industry is worth $2.85bn, which rises yearly. This is partly due to the high satisfaction rate seen as a result of training and coaching. In fact, 99% of clients who hire trainers and coaches say that they are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with both the training and resultant impact on their organisations.

Franchising Vs. Independent

Franchising is regularly mooted as the most common-sense approach to becoming your own boss, primarily due to the benefits franchisees receive when they invest in their parent company.

Franchises offer an existing business infrastructure — proven profitable, sustainable, and capable of growth. But it’s also the ongoing support from the parent company that franchisees appreciate because it allows them to grow their business safely, with the guidance of experts who understand the marketplace.

Compare this with independent companies that startup without the support of an experienced expert. They have to establish their new branding while they battle for visibility against franchises who have inherited instantly recognisable (and trusted) brand identities. And this struggle for visibility puts indies at a significant disadvantage when it comes to achieving affordable startup funding.

Banks and moneylenders tend to favour the franchise model, and this is because the company infrastructure is up and running; already proven successful. Franchisees can approach moneylenders with confidence and evidence of business viability, while indies have a more challenging task ahead of them because they have no track record to reinforce their business proposal.

So, if you’re considering taking control of your business destiny, weigh up the benefits of a training and business coaching franchise, offering:

  • A customer base that already recognises and trusts your branding
  • Ongoing support from experienced experts.
  • Proven Market viability
  • World-class training to help you meet your own potential as a trainer or coach.

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