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Partner with LockRite for a market-leading business start up and ongoing support to help you build a lasting and successful business you will be passionate about.

Why Choose the Lockrite Franchise?

Locksmithing is an in-demand, recession-proof, and highly rewarding trade. With possible earnings exceeding £70K per annum, there has never been a better time to consider a vocation in the locksmith trade!

LockRite makes entry into the locksmith trade easy...

LockRite is the largest uniformed Locksmith company in the UK, specialising in both commercial and domestic locksmith services. A partnership with LockRite gives you a market leading business startup.

With our comprehensive training courses, fully managed websites and internet advertising campaigns, dedicated call centre, commercial clients and industry partners, LockRite supports you and provides everything you need to launch a professional, successful and rewarding locksmith business of your own. We give you the training and support to become a highly skilled locksmith, able to confidently complete both commercial and domestic locksmith work.

The Package: What's Included in the Franchise?

  • A comprehensive training programme prepares you to deliver a highly skilled locksmith service.
  • The licence to use the LockRite brand, logo, telephone numbers and proven marketing systems.
  • A protected territory, supported with a well-structured and comprehensive internet marketing campaign and a dedicated national call centre, to handle all your incoming work professionally.
  • Training in sales & marketing, administration, and accounts.
  • A complete, tried and tested launch program.
  • Personal stationery, uniforms, operating manuals, job sheets, downloadable resources and trade/supplier accounts.
  • A fully fitted and sign written van (on competitive finance) with satellite navigation & mains invertor.
  • A comprehensive tool and equipment package, including quality power tools & specialised locksmith equipment.
  • Key cutting machine & key boards with blanks.
  • Comprehensive stockholding to enable you to commence trading with confidence.

The Training: What Does the Training Involve?

Your comprehensive training takes place at our purpose-built training facility based at our Head Office in Exeter. You will complete a minimum of 4 weeks of theory and practical training covering all the fascinating aspects of locksmithing. Our trainer will assess you at each stage, to ensure that you are confident before moving onto the next module.

After successfully completing the training, you will also be offered the opportunity to spend a few days with a qualified locksmith for some hands-on training with real customers.

As a LockRite locksmith, you will be qualified to open, pick, drill, replace and repair all manner of locks. You will also be trained in all the “tricks of the trade”, including bypassing mechanisms, broken key extraction, how to cut replacement and duplicate keys, install digital locking systems, and repair & replace uPVC locks.

You will receive additional training from Yale to work with the following products: 

  • Yale Smart Locks
  • Yale Alarms
  • Yale CCTV

Your Territory to Build and Develop Your Customer Base

Once you have been accepted as a LockRite Locksmith, you will be allocated your own protected territory, where you will be able to develop a strong customer base. We also allocate you a much larger “call-out” territory which is not exclusive, but will provide you with additional work if you’re prepared to travel.

Advertising and Work: Where Does My Work Come From?

From your first day of trading, you’ll have a number of bespoke websites, optimised to get the best possible response and generate leads.

Our in-house web team consistently monitor the performance of your 'pay-per click' campaigns to make improvements and to help ensure they yield maximum profit. Not only do they manage your Google Adwords campaigns but they also work relentlessly to improve natural search engine rankings to get you free work from the internet.

Calls to your web numbers are analysed, so we can report how many enquiries your websites have generated.

There's little doubt that if you put effort into marketing yourself you will be more successful, to help you do this, we give you a structured marketing plan to follow and offer an extensive range of effective marketing material.

Adverts for local press and parish magazines can be tailor made upon request.

National Accounts

We are constantly acquiring and working with large national companies, who have a need for our services and have built up a significant portfolio of well-known clients.

These national accounts provide us with a significant amount of work, which is growing year on year. This valuable work is distributed throughout our network of franchisees, helping you to become more successful.

The Lockrite Van: Your Mobile Workshop and Billboard Advertisement

Your van is fully fitted out, sign written, and equipped with a mains power inverter; it’s your mobile workshop and billboard advertisement. Packed with all your quality tools and stock, mobile key cutting facilities and sporting the LockRite locksmith branded work wear - you’re ready for business.

At LockRite, we know how important the right image is to the success of your business, and you can rest assured that our branding is a sign of quality throughout our industry.

Although image is important, we do not insist that you have a brand new van; in fact, we have several options available, depending on your preference, to help keep business overheads to a minimum.

The Total Franchise Package is £24,750 + VAT*

We recommend that applicants also have 3 months working capital at the outset.

David Inglis

September 23rd 2021 was my second complete year of trading as a LockRite Locksmith Franchisee, I can honestly say, this has been one of my better decisions in life.

After completing 24 years’ service in H M Forces, I became a Railway Technical Engineer for 7 years. It’s hard to imagine the similarities between these two professions, but they are very much alike. Arduous, demanding, tiring, stressful and at times plain crazy. But also very rewarding, with a sense of achievement and satisfaction at doing something to a very high standard or having a desired effect. A big part of both of these jobs was knowing that somebody, or a number of people are directly benefiting from the work that I have done, whether on my own or as part of a team. This has always been a personal focus of mine, to do the best I can and take reward in the satisfaction that my work is needed and appreciated. Unfortunately, the 7 years as a Railway Engineer took its toll, the work/life balance wasn’t there for me, and (I don’t mind admitting) I lost my way. It was all work and no play, I was getting older and realising that life isn’t all about being successful at work, it’s also about being happy, and I wasn’t.

As luck would have it, a very good friend of mine who is also ex-military and a LockRite Locksmith, told me about the franchise opportunity available for the area in which I am now living. In fact, I had actually quizzed him about becoming a locksmith 2 years prior to leaving the railway, but the timing wasn’t right. Now it was right for various reasons and it was time to make a move. Life changing decisions aren’t easy to make but, I did the research, made initial contact with LockRite and spent a whole day in Exeter at LockRite Head Office. I met ‘The Bosses’, ‘The Trainer’, ‘The Team’; I talked to them, asked questions I needed to ask and was given all the information I needed to make a clear and informed decision. They weren’t just interviewing me, I was also interviewing them; that’s important! Buying into a franchise isn’t cheap, it’s a big commitment both financially and personally. After careful deliberation, I had no doubt that after 31 years of ‘working for someone else’, I could make it on my own, and still have that sense of reward, achievement and satisfaction without detriment to my personal well-being. I could be in control of how, when and where on my terms and still be successful at work and in life.

The five week training course was second-to-non! Structured, very professional and relevant. I was taught everything I needed to know about being a Locksmith to start trading and earn an income from day one. Yes I had self-doubts and worries, that’s normal and I would be concerned if I wasn’t, but the technical help was always, and still is available whenever needed. The LockRite network of franchisees is also available to help and suggest solutions to difficult situations too. Working for yourself doesn’t mean you’re on always on your own, the team is there to help whenever required and having that level of back-up is a massive confidence boost. The first few weeks were daunting to say the least. In principle it was exactly as I had been taught, but in practice it was very different. I had to make on-the-spot decisions and achieve solutions to problems I hadn’t expected. In hindsight, the solution was exactly as I had been taught, it was only the problem had been presented in a different way than expected. So just over two years later, I know I made the right decision to become a Locksmith. There will always be something new that I haven’t seen or done, but I have the confidence and skills to find the solution and do a good job for my customers.

LockRite Testimonials
I have thoroughly enjoyed working for the Rite Group as a locksmith and can wholeheartedly attest to the fact that the business has provided not only a fantastic career but also an excellent return on my investment.
Neil Yard,
It was clearly apparent when joining that Lockrite was a forward-thinking company with the right ingredients to support a successful business.
Alan Hickman,
I recently completed my first years of trading as a lockRite locksmith franchisee, and I can honestly say it has been a resounding success.
Alan McKeown,
Following the completion of 22 years' service in the Army I wanted to try something completely different, challenging and hopefully rewarding. Having looked at various options I definitely found the 'rite' franchise with LockRite and I was genuinely excited when I was accepted as one of their franchisees.
Freddie Forsyth,
Best career decision I could have made. I just wish I had done it when I first thought about becoming a locksmith a few years ago.
Stephen Chowdhury,
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Available Locations:
Opportunities available throughout UK.
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
£5,900 plus finance over 5 years
Financing Assistance
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