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Discover rewarding management franchise opportunities with one of the UK's leading drain care and maintenance companies.

Drainage in the UK is a multi-billion pound, highly profitable sector with demand 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day.

Investing in a Metro Rod franchise means you can build from an established customer base, with ongoing revenue, a fleet of vehicles, associated equipment and trained staff.

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We are in high demand for our services nationwide and currently have 43 franchise locations, servicing our clients across the whole of the UK. We are looking for ambitious, hard-working, commercially aware individuals that are looking to run their own business via our franchise model to help us keep up with this demand. A focus of Metro Rod is to provide an emergency response service to customers through its operating model of National Accounts and local customers. We are able to do this because of the large support centre team we have in place, as one of our franchisees you will have a team to assist you with marketing, IT, Sales, quotes, tenders, handling enquiries to invoicing and payment collection. Our support centre team handles more than 15,000 calls and 8,000 emails per month serving customers and providing work for our network of franchisees.

Resale Opportunities

Location  Price
Gloucester£50k (Territory only)
Exeter£50k (Territory only)
Brighton £50k (Territory only)
Aberdeen£50k (Territory only)
Oxford £400k (Including Assets & fully staffed)
Edinburgh£350k (Including Assets & fully staffed)
Bristol £995K (Including Assets & fully staffed)

Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients are strong indicators of our attention to detail, clear communication, honesty and integrity.

Metro Rod’s and soon to be your specialist services include:
  • Drain clearance and maintenance.
  • High pressure water jetting.
  • CCTV surveys.
  • Drain or sewer lining.
  • Excavation.
  • Electro mechanical cleaning and fat and grease management.

Benefits of being a Metro Rod Franchisee

  • No prior experience of drainage necessary. Our highly experienced technical team will provide full training to get you started and stay with you using our tried and tested support programme.
  • Sales and marketing support – websites, advertising and a full brand pack of promotional materials continue to build the brand and secure more national account work year on year through our dedicated national accounts team.
  • Being part of Franchise Brands means that Metro Rod franchisees can also benefit from a dedicated support team that work closely with franchisees to help raise the brand profile and drive customer enquiries.
  • Our support centre handles the invoicing and credit control function dealing with invoicing, payment collection and debtors on your behalf, so that you can focus on growing your business.
  • In-house call centre team working 24/7 365 days a year processing enquiries and preparing quotations.

Last year Metro Rod completed over £50 million pounds worth of jobs, a 24% growth increase despite of covid. As a franchisee not only will you benefit from all the work, we channel through to you, we are adding new services and introducing new revenue streams all the time. You will also be able to build local relationships and create your own portfolio of customers, giving you complete ownership of how big you wish to grow your business.

Costs & Earning Potential

Metro Rod offer several ways that you can join the business the minimum investment for a Metro Rod franchise is approx. £100k if you can invest £30k we have relationships with some of the major banks with our proven track record and financial supporting data loans of 70% LTV are possible. Resales of existing businesses start from £150k+ VAT.

We also have other opportunities with our Metro Plumb franchise business which carries a minimum investment value of £10k.

For hard working and dedicated franchisees, the Metro Rod franchise model can generate a fantastic earning potential. A large proportion of our franchisee’s turnover in excess of £1m per year.

The Metro Rod franchise model is a proven success that has remained resilient against recession. Our emergency repair services and regular drain maintenance contracts have kept Metro Rod franchisees busy, regardless of the state of the economy.

Metro Rod is the ideal franchise opportunity for committed individuals who have management or small business operation experience; you don’t need to be a drainage expert, as we provide you with all the training you need to run your own successful drain care business.

We have been members of the British Franchising Association (BFA) since 1997 and have won a number of national awards with them. As well as winning Franchisor of the Year in 2003, in 2016, two of our franchisees were named Young Franchise of the Year and Female Franchisee of the Year.


If this sounds like the type of brand you would like to be associated with, request more information today or speak with our team directly about the available options and for more information.
Take the plunge to a brand-new future
Metro Rod Ltd News

Metro Rod marks 40 years in business with 40,000 meal donation

February 15, 2024
Metro Rod has marked its 40 years in business with a 40,000 meal donation to FareShare, the UK’s biggest charity tackling food waste for social good.

Sue's Success Story: 24 Years of Thriving with a Metro Rod Franchise

Joining the franchise in 1999, Sue, has not only defied gender norms but has also carved a niche for herself in an industry traditionally overshadowed by men. Her story is a testament to the thriving opportunities that Metro Rod provides, especially for those looking to break barriers and succeed in unconventional fields.

Life Before Metro Rod:

Before venturing into the world of drainage services, Sue had an extensive background in administrative and credit control. Having lived in Germany with her then husband, she took the plunge into entrepreneurship when they decided to explore franchise opportunities upon returning to the UK.

Choosing the Franchise Route:

The decision to go down the franchise route was rooted in statistics that favoured franchise success over independent startups. Sue saw potential in the drainage industry, with her able to manage the office and the staff.

Sue's positive experience with Metro Rod began with thorough research into available franchises. The decision to join the Metro Rod family was influenced by the support system, recession-resistant nature of the business, and its readiness for growth. Little did she know that this decision would shape Sue's life for the next 24 successful years.

Challenges and Rewards:

Running a Metro Rod franchise proved to be challenging yet exciting and rewarding for Sue. While acknowledging that the business doesn't run itself, she highlights the exceptional support provided by Metro Rod. The franchise's robust business model, in-house trainers, and assistance in various aspects of business, from invoicing to marketing, have contributed to Sue's sustained success.

What Sets Metro Rod Apart:

Sue's franchise stands out due to its superior training and exemplary health and safety record. Metro Rod's strategic decision-making has saved time and money, allowing franchisees to focus on growth. The franchise's marketing efforts have notably increased domestic job opportunities for Sue's business and the dynamic sales teams work tirelessly to broaden the spectrum of commercial customers whose businesses they service and support on a regular basis.

Keys to Franchise Success:

According to Sue, dedication, trust in office staff and engineers, resilience, and a commitment to striving for the best for the company are essential for franchise success. A successful franchisee, she believes, must envision the business as more than just a job.

Support and Training:

Sue highlights the continuous support and training received from Metro Rod. Over the years, the transition from manual paperwork to digital processes has streamlined operations. Ongoing training for engineers, either from Metro Rod or other suppliers, ensures that Sue's team stays updated with the latest skills and knowledge. Whilst diversifying the broad range of connected services they now offer today.

Life Changes as a Franchisee:

Becoming a Metro Rod franchisee has significantly improved Sue's standard of living. The business has become a valuable asset, contributing one day to her retirement fund. Despite occasional stressful periods, Sue expresses no regrets, emphasising the unwavering support Metro Rod has provided through both business and personal challenges.

Community Involvement:

Metro Rod as a franchisor actively engages in community and charity projects. Sue's involvement in raising funds for Harefield Hospital during the annual conference showcases the franchise's commitment to making a positive impact beyond business operations and involving the whole Metro Rod community to rally support.

Advice for Aspiring Franchisees:

Advice for those aspiring to venture into their first franchise comes directly from Sue's wealth of experience. Her invaluable counsel emphasises the importance of being ready to invest substantial effort, it’s your own business at the end of the day. Sue goes beyond viewing the franchise as merely a job, suggesting that potential franchisees approach it as a multifaceted opportunity for personal and professional growth. Specifically endorsing Metro Rod due to its proven track record, Sue's narrative serves as a compelling testament to the franchise's reliability and success. Importantly, Sue dispels the notion that one must know about the industry or have all the answers to prosper as a franchisee, highlighting the flexibility and support that franchises like Metro Rod can offer by connecting you with a network of likeminded professionals and variety of skills and expertise you gain by having the extended support team as your back office.

Sue's 24-year journey with Metro Rod is a tale of triumph over challenges, breaking gender stereotypes, and finding success in an industry not conventionally associated with women. Metro Rod's unwavering support, coupled with Sue's dedication, has created a success story that inspires others to explore unconventional opportunities within the franchise network. As Metro Rod continues to evolve and offer even more exciting opportunities, Sue's experience stands as a beacon for those ready to embark on a transformative franchise journey.

Written By Tracey Cockerton 9th November 2023

Metro Rod Ltd Testimonials
Tracey was my first contact when I enquired about a Metro Rod resale opportunity. She obviously knew her stuff, was easy to talk to and made what was a huge personal decision so much easier as a result. I always felt Tracey made every effort to make the process & negotiations as transparent as possible and was great help when coordinating the all the parties involved in the sale.
Daniel Rhodes​, Managing Director,
Metro Rod Ltd
The best thing we ever did was invest in tankers. It has opened so much work: septic tanks, soakaways, interceptors, jetting and crawlering which then leads to adoption work with the water authorities.
Adrian Taylor Metro Rod Franchise Owner,
Metro Rod Ltd
I came to Metro Rod with no experience in drainage back in 2014, but I learned everything I needed from the team and, combined with lots of on-the-job experience, I am now a qualified engineer. I love working with the team here at Mid Wales; we’re like a family. We work hard, always do that little bit extra for the customer and above all else, I know my work is valued.
Tom Emberton Metro Rod Engineer,
Metro Rod Ltd
I’ve been with Metro Rod for 4 years as the Operations Manager. Everything we do here is a team effort, and whether it is in the office or out in the field, our customer service always comes first. The thing I like most is that we’re a close-knit team, and we’re flexible, so try to ensure everyone has a happy work-life balance.
Daley Jones Operations Manager,
Metro Rod Ltd
My wife and I have been running Metro Rod (Norwich) since 2001, and over that time have built up a strong and loyal client base.
Shaun O’Brian,
Metro Rod Ltd
I love what I do and am proud of what I have achieved – I am thankful to my team and Metro Rod for the support that they have given to me. Although I do a great deal of local marketing, I get guaranteed work from Metro Rod with their National Accounts. Metro Rod also looks after all my invoicing and I have a very low level of debt due to their credit control service and my personal efforts. The support of a franchisor and franchise network would be difficult to match on my own!
Tricia Craig, Metro Rod franchisee for the North East,
Metro Rod Ltd
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Metro Rod | Franchise Brands continue seeking acquisition deals after underlying profits hit record levels

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Metro Rod | Franchise Brands announce record profits and an ambitious acquisition strategy

After a strong recovery across the entire business, Stephen Hemsley, executive chairman of Franchise Brands (LON:FRAN) tells Proactive London "We are confident that the full year performance will be ahead of current consensus market expectations." The company is an international multi-brand franchisor and Hemsley put the strong performance of commercial drainage specialist Metro Rod down to the 21% increase in system sales and tight cost control, and he expects an acceleration in H2 sales for pump supply, installation and servicing business Willow Pumps as the hospitality sector in particular fully reopens.
Metro Rod | Franchise Brands drove bottom line by 'learning lessons of the lockdown'

Metro Rod | Franchise Brands drove bottom line by 'learning lessons of the lockdown'

Executive Chairman of Franchise Brands, Stephen Hemsley, talks to Proactive London's Katie Pilbeam after making a strong start to the year as underlying earnings (EBITDA) increased 24% to £2mln in the first three months of 2021.
Metro Rod | Connect Customer Portal - User Journey

Metro Rod | Connect Customer Portal - User Journey

Are you frustrated not knowing what's happened to the jobs you book with suppliers? Metro Rod's Connect portal gives you full visibility and instant access to all jobs, from checking to job status to seeing the description of work and cost details.
Metro Rod Franchise
Metro Rod Franchise
Metro Rod Franchise
Metro Rod Franchise
Metro Rod Franchise
Metro Rod Franchise
Metro Rod Franchise
Available Locations:
Single-unit opportunities available throughout the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
Financing Assistance
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