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Be your own boss with The Spitting Pig Co! Run a successful business in the events and catering industry TODAY.

The only franchise that can guarantee you £150,000 in bookings in year one with on target net profit of 30-40%

Over the past 30 years, The Spitting Pig Co has established itself as a leader in the events and catering industry. We are currently in the process of expansion and have franchise opportunities available across the UK. To date, 45 franchisees have established successful businesses under The Spitting Pig Co brand and we want you to be our next big success!

Our support package includes:
  • Use of The Spitting Pig Co brand for 5 years – utilise our long-established relationships with corporate clients and event planners.
  • Events organised through our office – you will not be chasing sales leads or selling to the public.
  • Your very own Spitting Pig website, including strong positioning for key search terms.
  • Completed bookings passed straight on to you.
  • Use of an exclusive territory.
  • An organised social media campaign across various platforms.
  • Expert training and advice in the events and catering industry.
  • Coaching in how to use our machines at live events.
  • NCASS membership – this includes all relevant health and safety training/documents.
  • Staff uniforms for all staff in your franchise territory.
  • Rights to renew your contract after 5 years.

Make your franchise with The Spitting Pig Co as big as you wish – this has the potential to be a large scale catering franchise for events such as weddings, corporate parties or events. It could also be run as a small business, on a part or full-time basis, working from home. We are happy to share case studies with you if requested.

Why The Spitting Pig Co?

  • Our 30 years' experience means we have a strong web presence and large customer base. We're in a great position to produce a large number of events each week.
  • We are Europe's leading manufacturer of hog/spit roast equipment so you'll be using the best tools on the job.
  • You will benefit from expert training and advice.
  • Our back office operations allow quotes to be sent out within the hour. Customers always have a point of contact to get key questions answered.
  • Work anywhere and anytime with our online server.


Our business is completely flexible – the investment will vary depending on how big your business will be. This cost includes everything outlined in the support package above.

In return for all the support and training, we will take 25% commission for all events. We will ensure that you have enough bookings to work all year round.

Learn more about purchasing a franchise with The Spitting Pig Co by completing the form below.

The Spitting Pig Northern Ireland: Jamie

Why Did You Choose Spitting Pig?

I am a seasonal regional manager over the festive period in my other line of work, meaning I have a lot of spare time the rest of the year. For the last few years I have been looking for something fulfilling to do in the off-time. I explored many other avenues, but none of them were exciting me.

During lockdown I discovered that I love cooking; especially outdoors. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, rain or shine I was BBQin, grilling or roasting in the garden

When I heard of The Spitting Pig I was immediately intrigued to find out more, it sounded too good to be true!

Having read through the Franchisee prospectus I had a few questions and arranged a call with Stephen. Stephen was great at giving more insight into how the business runs and answered all my questions. He then invited me to the Head Office to see how everything works and meet the different teams. Everyone was so friendly and I could tell they really loved their job. From that day on I was all in. The Spitting Pig has allowed me to do what I love doing, and get paid for it- win, win.

How Did You Find The Training / Onboarding Process?

The onboarding process was very efficient. I was sent all the start-up information in the post to go over in my own time; but had the support of three franchise liaison officers back in head office if I had any questions or concerns. As for the training, it was invaluable. Every part of an event was covered from packing your equipment, setting up, preparing and cooking the food and packing it all back up again.

Chef Mark has a fountain of knowledge and gave us a lot very helpful tips and tricks when it comes to the food preparation and cooking. It was great to see how it all should be done before you have to do it yourself. Rachel has also been brilliant. I obviously wasn't familiar with how to set up a catering business but with Rachel’s help I was able to fill out all the Health and Safety forms, risk assessments, insurance documents and register the business with the local council. Rachel made sure I wasn’t stressed or overwhelmed, and was ready for my first event. Overall, I would rate the training and onboarding process 10/10, everyone really wants you to succeed.

Did You Have Previous Experience In Catering?

I actually have a little bit of experience in catering, but have never been involved in the food preparation, only in service and event management. I worked for an event catering company for serval summers throughout my time at university and for a year once I left university. We did private and cooperate events and a lot of film and TV location catering, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Perhaps I alway knew this was the line of work for me.

What’s Your Favorite Thing So Far? Particular Menu / Particular Experience?

My favourite thing so far has to be the first week of training. It was fantastic to see how all the food is prepared and cooked, and how much the staff enjoyed their job- it really got me excited. As I mentioned in a previous question, I found it invaluable and am looking forward to further training events. However, the best bit about the training is getting to eat all the delicious meats! My favourite menu has to be the Southern Slow Roast. The slow roast beef brisket, BBq ribs and Cajun chicken are just spectacular. A great range of flavours and the clients love it as much as me!

Would You Give Any Advice To Anyone Thinking About Starting A Spitting Pig Franchise?

If you are going to do it, do it right. Make sure you have all the right equipment and a good space for prep, this will make the work so much more enjoyable.

The Spitting Pig Co Testimonials
I was very eager to start a new challenge and motivate myself in a new job role. After some research I decided that Spitting Pig was for me. I joined in April 2019 and my franchise area is Cheshire. It was quite daunting to make the decision to join but I had nothing to worry about. Steve, the team at head office and other Spitting Pig Franchisees have been nothing but helpful and informative and have helped my confidence grow leaps and bounds whilst I found my feet and enabled me to accomplish great things this past year. The experience has been hard work and challenging yet thoroughly enjoyable. I have enjoyed being my own boss and have a fantastic team around me including family. No job is the same, each customer, venue and event is different from weddings to corporate events. The job is very rewarding, I have enjoyed providing excellent standards and service and building customer relationships. I enjoy taking part in their special day and the feedback I receive makes it all the more worthwhile. It’s good to know that I have the help, advice and the support system around me at Spitting Pig.
The Spitting Pig Co
I always wanted to run a new business within the catering industry but wasn’t sure what to do. It is a big leap into the unknown as I had never ran a business for myself. The Spitting Pig Franchise model was a perfect solution to my problem, even almost too good to be true as they would manage my sales and marketing and many more aspects. Having just finished my first year they have delivered on their commitments and I have achieved a very successful and rewarding year. I have catered at Parties, Corporate Events and Weddings and met many great people along the way. The job can be stressful at times but it’s definitely enjoyable and very sociable as it just doesn’t feel like a job. The support from Stephen and all the Head Office team allow you to gain the knowledge quickly and the support network of other Franchises made this experience so much easier and not daunting at all. Thanks to them I am now running my own business and loving every minute of it, thanks Spitting Pig!
The Spitting Pig Co
Buying into a franchise at 19 was quite daunting to us. We didn’t know how the first year would go as we established a new area and got familiar with the different menus. Fortunately, as Steve and the team at head office have fully supported us, we could completely trust them in accomplishing a great result in marketing, sales and even with help on the jobs. Despite it being work and sometimes rather stressful; it is quite a sociable and enjoyable experience since you meet different kinds of people from all walks of life, even sometimes celebrities! This past summer we catered at an event where David Neilson (Roy Cropper in Coronation Street) was a guest, and the summer before we catered for an event organised by Feargal Sharkey. Additionally, we have catered at some amazing venues, even castles! It makes the experience more intriguing and fun as you never know where you will end up. Thanks to the hard work of the entire team, both in the office and our catering teams, Beth and I have been able to achieve a successful and well established franchise area. And best thing is we get to work together.
Ben and Beth,
The Spitting Pig Co
The Spitting Pig Co Franchise
The Spitting Pig Co Franchise
The Spitting Pig Co Franchise
The Spitting Pig Co Franchise
Available Locations:
Opportunities available across England, Wales and Scotland.
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
£17,500 (this includes a £2,500 + VAT deposit)
Financing Assistance


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