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A franchise fit for the future

About Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness launched in 2003 and set a new benchmark for innovation in the fitness and franchising markets.

Since then, we have continuously evolved to maintain our leading brand position, delivering top-tier support for both franchisees and members across our 1,000+ gyms in 20+ countries.

As the fitness industry grows, our mission is to continue to be known as the most inclusive fitness experience, which appeals to a broad market and delivers a profitable franchise business model.


We provide an inclusive gym experience, leveraging technology and key partnerships to provide a premium gym experience at an affordable cost which appeals to a broad audience.


Our membership base grew by 14% year on year across the same number of sites against an industry backdrop of 3.4% with the 3rd highest number of new gyms opening. (2023 The State of the UK Fitness Industry Report).

We continued to grow our memberships base across 2023 achieving +23.7%.


Our team provide you with the playbook to make opening your own gym simple. We will help with planning and securing finance, sourcing property, recruiting, and training, pre-sales and launch, as well as ongoing support at every step of the way.


Our franchisees typically see a return on their investment 3 years, enabling them to become multi-location owners at pace to build a secure investment portfolio.

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Full support structure

Working with the right partners in the right way is central to our approach to continue developing the Snap Fitness brand.

Whether you’re looking to be an Owner Investor or an Owner Manager we have a robust support system in place from the very start.

What we provide

  • Planning and finance: Access to funding opportunities through partnerships with leading lenders
  • Property: In-house property experts to help you find and develop the right sites.
  • Recruitment and training: Access to the best candidates available through our recruitment partners. Comprehensive training for you and your team.
  • Pre-Sale and launch: Marketing support and continued coaching help keep you on the front foot.
  • Personal contact: Your franchisee business manager will ensure you have the insights and support to run your business effectively.
  • Ongoing growth: Continuous support with operations, coaching and marketing. You can start as a multi-club owner – or we’ll help you work towards this in 3 years.
  • Member analytics: Innovative back-end technology with insight into member behaviour and needs.
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Our Franchisees

The Snap Fitness estate will reach the 100-club open milestone before in 2024. We have a strong property pipeline and are seeking ambitious, service-orientated franchisees who share our mission and who want to be part of the growing global health and wellness market.

These partners will be forward thinkers who appreciate the commercial opportunity that results from helping people discover a lasting passion for an active lifestyle.

We offer a relatively low up-front investment, the opportunity for a fast ROI – 3 years – and a clear path to long term, sustainable growth. Our dedicated London-based team of experts will support you every step of the way – from sourcing your properties – through to opening and running a successful fitness business.

The Next Step

To get in touch with a representative from Snap Fitness, simply fill out the form below:

Snap Fitness 24/7 Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Snap Fitness 24/7 to give you more information about the costs associated with a Snap Fitness 24/7 opportunity
Minimum Investment
£200,000 (Subject to 60% bank funding)
Total Investment Required

Dynamic duo – marrying a love of fitness and business for multi-unit success

Snap Fitness Image

After opening their first location in Bodmin, Cornwall, in November 2021, Olga and Gurnake became multi-unit investors in February of 2023. Just three months after the launch of their second location in Pontyclun, South Wales, the pair have already seen a return on their investment and are ready to open more!

How we married our skills and experience

“I completed my Masters in Law degree in Poland and immediately went to work for a litigation team for the Millennium Bank in Warsaw, first as a trainee and then securing a permanent position. I wasn’t entirely sure if a career as a legal advisor was for me and so I emigrated to the UK from Poland in 2006, taking a gap year to weigh up my options moving forward,” explains Olga. “I began working as an estate agent, using my experience in the legal sector to help me thrive in my role and this is where I also discovered a love for property management. During this time, I met my now husband, Gurnake.”

Gurnake had worked on construction sites across London, building a portfolio of properties by acquiring businesses which had gone into administration. His strategy was to acquire anything from newsagents to high street shops, which he then completely transformed into functional spaces.

“We found that we made a great partnership on a personal level, but also professionally, one that could help shape our future together. And, after we joined forces in 2007, Gurnake sold a couple of his properties and we used the profit to embark on our hospitality acquisition journey. Even though I completed additional law qualifications to be able to practise law in the UK, by the time our daughter was born, our property portfolio had expanded to such an extent that I decided to concentrate on our family and businesses instead.

“Our first purchase was a hotel in Hastings, followed by a second in East Sussex. Soon after came a further smaller hotel in Hastings in 2014 and a fourth in Spalding in 2017. This decade taught us everything we needed to know about running a hands-on service-led and people-focused business – and we both felt we were ready for a new adventure.”

A new challenge

“Gurnake and I have always had a passion for fitness and the transformative impact it can have on both your body and mind. We’d been searching for an opportunity which would allow us to add a gym to our portfolio since 2012. We’d even thought about starting one from scratch before we eventually found Snap Fitness nine years later in 2021. After visiting Snap Fitness Ebbsfleet, we knew the franchise was exactly what we were looking for, both as business owners and as individuals who wanted to positively impact local communities.

“The turnkey operation is what completely sold the franchise model to us – we knew that from the very beginning of our journey through to the end goal of a successful gym, Snap Fitness would support us every step of the way. From helping us find the perfect site and developing a sound floorplan to aiding in the performance of the gym and offering us ways to increase our member base. We felt excited and confident about investing in Snap, knowing we would never be left floundering by ourselves.”

A successful start

“Whilst we hoped we would be supported as new franchisees, the support we’ve received from the Snap Fitness team has been second to none and exceeded our expectations. The training wasn’t daunting, as it could easily have been, and the team explained what it meant to run a franchise . I love learning new things and I still am to this day – I’m now a member of the franchisee board so I can learn more from people who know more than me! Snap taught us it wasn’t about starting from scratch; it was about coupling our hospitality knowledge with their support to help our gym flourish.

“In just over a year we opened two locations, both of which broke Snap Fitness’ then presale records. Our club in Bodmin opened in November 2021 and very quickly came to profit, thanks to the Snap team going above and beyond to help us grow and improve our member base. When our club in Pontyclun opened, we hit the ground running with over 800 pre-start members which quickly doubled to 1,600 members, making a profit within a few short months. We once dreamed of these figures and now, they’re a reality.”

A fulfilling future as a family

“Being around for our families is important to us and a work-life balance that allows this is essential. The beauty of Snap Fitness and its support structure is that you can be confident your locations will thrive, even when you’re not there. Each day I spend time with my children, and I always find time in the day for myself too. We love what we do, and we get so much energy and inspiration from the Snap Fitness community - it’s like a big family and we love being part of it. I’ve never worked in such an exciting and supportive community.

“If you’re thinking of joining the Snap Fitness franchise, go for it, without hesitation. The health and fitness industry continues to be on an upwards trend and the opportunity is vast. We all fear the unknown but take the plunge! We’ve loved our journey so far and we’re already exploring the potential for opening more locations.”

If you’re ready to join one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, why not get in touch now and take the first step on your new path to changing lives?

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Snap Fitness 24/7 | Franchisee Testimonial

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Snap Fitness 24/7 | The Franchise Opportunity

Snap Fitness 24/7 | The Franchise Opportunity

Take a look at the Snap Fitness Franchise Opportunity.
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Snap Fitness 24/7
Snap Fitness Image
Snap Fitness 24/7
Snap Fitness 24/7
Snap Fitness 24/7
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Opportunities available across the UK
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Minimum Investment:
£200,000 (Subject to 60% bank funding)
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