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Experience the Education Boom with Tutor Doctor

The tutoring landscape in the UK presents massive opportunities for Tutor Doctor franchisees. There is plenty of business to be generated by tapping into the unique opportunity to work with schools and local authorities through extensive funding from government grants. As a brand, we have already worked with more than 500 schools and 5,300 students.

We’ve helped countless franchisees in the UK launch profitable businesses. Our tools, processes and unparalleled support have helped our franchisees in the UK build and grow their businesses. You always have the support of the Head Office team and our wider network of fellow franchisees around the globe for guidance and help.

We are an active Corporate Member of The Tutors’ Association, working closely with them to further the tutoring profession and standards in the UK. We are very proud that 2 out of the 29 National Tutoring Programme (NTP) approved tuition partners are Tutor Doctor franchisees!

At Tutor Doctor, we believe that freedom shouldn’t come with unbearable risks. Our franchise owners, representing over 600 units in 13 countries, get the career freedom they crave without the enormous weight of going out on their own. In the UK, we started operations in 2008, and have grown to over 133 territories. A study conducted by the Sutton Trust found that over a third of pupils in the UK receive private tuition, and that nearly 60% of secondary school students in the UK have received private tuition at some point in their academic career.

According to research into the private tutoring market, carried out by Cairneagle on behalf of Supporting Education Group in January 2022, demand is projected to translate into strong growth in the next few years, and forecasts a compound annual growth rate of 7% for the tutoring market until 2025.

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So, what sets Tutor Doctor apart?

  • Our service is highly personalised. A one-size-fits-all strategy isn’t what we do. We carefully match tutors to students and have a creative approach tailored to each child.
  • We are local. Our franchise owners build partnerships, support local schools and positively impact their local communities.
  • More than tutoring. As a Tutor Doctor franchisee, no two days are ever the same. Your day is filled with diverse tasks that keep you engaged and connected with your community.
  • Award-Winning: We're the #1 education franchise in the UK. Featured in Elite Franchise Top 100 every year since its inception. Highly Commended by the Best Children’s Services & Education Franchise at the 2021 Global Franchise Awards.

But don’t just take it from us - over 3000 families have rated us 4.9 on Google.

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Training & Support Provided:

We’ve spent the past two decades perfecting a comprehensive onboarding process to help our franchisees get their businesses up and tutoring as quickly as possible. We go above and beyond to prepare our franchisees for business ownership, assigning each franchisee a Launch Support Specialist who works closely with you throughout your first year in all aspects of the business.

After your first year of business, you can choose the type of ongoing support that fits your needs best. Get help when and where you need it with Specialist Support or participate in our Active Coaching Program, which will give you access to one-to-one coaching to guide you through your next year of operation.

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The Financial Info:

The Tutor Doctor franchise fee starts at £38,000, but if you have at least £13,500 in available liquid capital Tutor Doctor has a number of financial partners who can help you finance your investment; alternatively, you may qualify for the Government backed Business Start-Up Scheme which allows you to borrow up to £25,000 without investing any money of your own. (This figure doubles if the business has two Directors.)

Working from home your overheads will remain low as there are no premises, equipment, leases or inventory involved. Tutor Doctor will assist you in generating leads, and can also connect you to its lead generation partners who can help you get your business off the ground.

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Expected returns after two years vary, however, Tutor Doctor insists that it is its priority to give you as much support as you need to turn your franchise into a profitable and successful business. Moreover, field research has revealed that franchisees following its proven model consistently have enjoyed high, and early returns, as well as compounding recurring revenues.

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Join our award-winning franchise today!

We’re always looking for passionate individuals who are ready to embody our mission to help the students in their community.

Change the lives of students in your community and your own life today!

Tutor Doctor News

Tutor Doctor’s global conference celebrates another year of great learnings

As the end of 2023 approaches, global tutoring franchise Tutor Doctor reflects on another turbulent year in education with its three-day annual conference in Toronto, Canada.

The impact of shared values in franchising

In an increasingly saturated global market, the spotlight on organisational values has never been more important.

Elevating UK education with the launch of two new Tutor Doctor franchisees

In an ambitious move to further broaden access to quality education across the UK, Tutor Doctor is thrilled to announce the launch of two new franchisees.

Back to school boost for Tutor Doctor franchisees

In a year marked by unprecedented challenges for the educational sector, Tutor Doctor has not just navigated the uncertainty but has thrived, setting new benchmarks for success.

A lesson on how prospects can get the most out of a franchise show

With expo season well underway, it is time for prospects to engage themselves and become fully immersed in the limitless possibilities of franchising.

Tutor Doctor franchisee clinches top spot in national tutoring awards

Rob and Lynne Kerrison, founders of Cambridge and Norwich-based tutoring franchise, Tutor Doctor, are celebrating a huge success after being crowned the winners of a national tutoring award.

Utilising artificial intelligence to enhance your franchise in the education industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly here to stay. Its rapidly progressing capabilities have taken the spotlight in conversations for businesses worldwide, making it increasingly essential for them to adopt AI to boost efficiencies and assist their employees in performing their tasks more effectively.

Tutor Doctor Sponsors Young Epilepsy Fundraising Group Ahead Of Three Peaks Challenge

Eight Leicestershire based heroes known as The Peaky Climbers have begun their training for the Three Peaks in 24 hours Challenge in support of children’s health service and research charity, Young Epilepsy.

Local tutoring business brings coveted international award home

This month, local education specialist and owner of Tutor Doctor Peterborough, Huntingdon, Stamford, Piyush Gupta, has won a coveted international award in recognition of his commitment to raising the standards of education provision for students in the community.

Tutor Doctor continuing to give lessons on success

2022 saw the international education industry continuing to dedicate its time, resources and expertise to supporting students as they catch-up from a difficult period in their academic journeys. But, with mainstream education provision also still facing difficulties, it is supplementary, bespoke education franchises that are paving the way for a brighter future.

PM’s former Press Secretary makes education his business!

Tutor Doctor News Image

The 65-year-old was keen to add to his, already impressive, CV and help give something back to the younger generation. David’s passion for education and his community has seen his business flourish since training. He and his team smashed their first month’s goal within two weeks of opening their London-based franchise in October 2018. And his plans for the future are grand.

“The values of Tutor Doctor completely align with those of my own. The advantages and the opportunity to succeed is significant. There is such a positive market for home tutoring in the UK so, I plan to expand across London and into other metropolitan areas in the future. I’m extremely proud to tell my friends that I’m part of a global association - it’s very satisfying.”

Tutor Doctor is the fastest growing in-home tutoring franchise in the world. Franchisees work with families to thoroughly asses a child’s needs and then carefully select the best-fit tutor based on goals, personality and learning style. Tutors then visit students at home or work with them via an online platform, so that they can learn in the comfort of their own home, at a time that suits them.
Tutor Doctor franchisees arrange and oversee the tutor/student relationship for a truly bespoke solution and exceptional level of service.

“My experience in independent businesses taught me that it can often be lonely with very little support. I knew that I wanted something that had a better structure to it and that’s the moment I realised franchising was my opportunity. I needed my business to be able to deliver quickly, to cope with demand, and provide me with the support and knowledge to see me through the process.”

David’s professional journey began in the early 1970’s when he graduated from the Wellington School of Journalism in New Zealand, deciding shortly after to travel to the UK to get more work experience and complete a Master’s Degree in Ethics. With a distinct passion for politics and philosophy, he went on to become the Conservative party’s Press Secretary where he served Margaret Thatcher in the 1979 and 1983 press campaigns.

“It was such a formative experience that helped me understand leadership – especially the importance of values and vision in leadership. This position alone shaped my subsequent future and made me realise the direction in which I wanted to go.”

In 1997, David helped launch a graduate training company with a central purpose of lifting the experiences and career opportunities of young people. He was then invited to become Headmaster of a senior boys’ school in Middlesex, wrote two education specialist books and was elected Chairman of The UK Society of Heads - where he oversaw professional development programmes for budding and new head teachers. It was whilst in this role that David discovered the passion that would ultimately lead him to Tutor Doctor.

“It was clear that too many young people had not had the opportunity to evolve their own sense of purpose or realise their calling. So, I pulled together a group of young men and women, including my own sons, and together we launched a charity called the Lucca Leadership Trust. We provided leadership training to young people between 16-30 years old to help them discover their inner strengths and find their feet in the working world. I knew then that I wanted to actively change young people’s lives.”

In looking to combine education with making a difference, David discovered that the Tutor Doctor franchise opportunity was the obvious choice: “I particularly liked the way Tutor Doctor do business. They are straight-forward people that work with complete transparency – they take care of the child and the whole family. I knew that I wanted to continue with my inspiration towards learning and Tutor Doctor allows me to do just that.”

David’s desire for an extensive support network was realised from day one as, like all new franchisees, he spent 80 hours in online training followed by a full week training at Home Office. “It was fully intensive, and the Tutor Doctor promise of complete training and support was definitely fulfilled. I have to admit, they were very long days, but we got the whole A-Z of running a franchise, so it was worth every minute. My colleagues and I were completely confident that we could go away and face any challenge.”

After you launch your franchise, we ensure you are actively supported across all areas of your business through structured training programmes, weekly coaching calls, weekly global calls and on-demand support as you need it. As your business grows, we have specifically designed support systems to help you continue growth, build momentum and, ultimately, scale your business to help you achieve your financial and personal goals.

“Tutor Doctor brings a lot to the party and the investment level is very generous. I am provided with industry-leading technology, company branding and advanced systems that make my everyday workload manageable.”

Even though he is an experienced education professional, David has the ongoing support of a Launch Support Specialist (LSS). Weekly meetings allow for strategic business planning and problem-solving for any issues that David and the team are facing. The LSS regularly spends time on the ground with franchisees to offer support, reassurance and that all-important face-time.

“There were a couple of issues to begin with and, even though they were at an operational level, the support was tremendous. They were quickly resolved and that was down to the efficiency of the training and the availability of my LSS. Since then, it has been very positive. Getting that first enrolment was a massive highlight and it showed that all my hard work was starting to pay off. To see the team full of gratitude was extremely satisfying. Being a relationship business, we have the ability to change people’s lives and working with others is much better than doing it alone.”

Tutor Doctor has almost 600 franchise territories in 15 countries across the globe. Already topping the bill in Europe, the UK is also one of the top spenders on private tuition worldwide. The proportion of pupils receiving private or home tuition has increased by more than 30% over the course of the last decade, from 18% in 2005 to 25% in 2015. Our UK network of over 70 franchisees all enjoy an exciting, scalable business whilst making a positive impact in the lives of children.

“I’m looking forward to being a major player in changing the trajectory in young people’s lives – satisfaction from that will be incredible. I know that certain elements of the existing learning systems are failing and, unless radical change happens, they will continue to fail. I believe that our team, and Tutor Doctor, can make that change.”

Tutor Doctor Videos
Tutor Doctor Case Study | Nichola Brough | East Doncaster

Tutor Doctor Case Study | Nichola Brough | East Doncaster

Nichola Brough discusses her journey to becoming a Tutor Doctor franchisee.
Tutor Doctor Case Study | Piyush Gupta | Peterborough

Tutor Doctor Case Study | Piyush Gupta | Peterborough

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Tutor Doctor Case Study | Rob Kerrison | Cambridge

Tutor Doctor Case Study | Rob Kerrison | Cambridge

Rob Kerrison of Tutor Doctor Cambridge discusses his journey to becoming part of the franchise network.
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Tutor Doctor Franchise
Tutor Doctor Gallery Image
Tutor Doctor Franchise
Tutor Doctor Gallery Image
Tutor Doctor Franchise
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