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Mail Boxes Etc. - Because Starting your own business doesn’t have to be complicated.

Mail Boxes Etc. was founded in California in 1980 and is one of the world's largest non-food retail franchises, and part of a global business network of:

  • Over 2,900* Retail Service Centres in 50+ Countries *including those trading under our sister brands
  • Over 1,700 MBE Franchised Service Centres, Worldwide
  • 150+ MBE Franchised Service Centres in UK & IE

We're seeking dynamic, motivated individuals, couples or business partners, to join our network of high-street stores, offering a mix of services targeting both businesses and consumers, including parcel logistics, postal, print and copy services.

There’s never been greater demand for our services

With over 250,000 regular customers, worldwide, we’ve become the go-to, one-stop-shop for essential services, small and medium businesses, and the general public, are looking for.

The Mail Boxes Etc. franchise is the perfect opportunity for you if you are looking for greater independence in your future; even if you are a self-employed business owner wanting to diversify your business.

We know what it takes to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace, and our willingness to adapt to modern demands, means we’re still ahead of the game, more than 40 years later.

The Benefits of Owning a Mail Boxes Etc. Franchise:

As a Mail Boxes Etc. franchise owner, you’ll become part of a network of businesses dedicated to fulfilling the demand for a superior service, locally. With our backing and support, you’ll bring high-quality offerings, and excellent in-store customer service, to the heart of your business community.

Mail Boxes Etc. are fully invested in our people, and are proud of our commitment to empowering people just like you to build a better future for themselves.

Through your Mail Boxes Etc. centre, you’ll provide a range of business solutions, including:
  • Packing & shipping letters and parcels all over the world
  • Logistics solutions for business
  • Mailbox and virtual address solutions
  • Printing and copying
  • Graphic Design & marketing services

Has COVID-19 had an effect on the Mail Boxes Etc. Network?

During the COVID-19 emergency, MBE centres never stopped working, guaranteeing continuity of service for our customers. The resilient spirit of our business owners and all MBE staff has highlighted their ability to adapt and react to constantly shifting consumer needs. Digital training, constant communication and support technology are the three pillars that sustained MBE during the peak of the Covid-19 emergency, emphasising the values that distinguish the brand.

Your business, our support:

Mail Boxes Etc. believe in the power of togetherness, so as a franchisee, you will benefit from:
  • The power of the network
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Business planning and sales coaching

At Mail Boxes Etc. we put our people at the heart of what we do, so you’ll benefit from the guidance and support of people who want to watch you grow. Our training and support package, has been designed to maximise your potential, and includes:

  • Pre-opening & site location
  • Area operational support
  • Pre-launch, & ongoing comprehensive training including On-site training in some of our most successful stores.
  • Extensive national marketing support

What’s my Investment?

Your initial personal investment could be as little as £25,000, with the full, initial investment being between £60,000 and £70,000. Up to 70% of this cost can be funded by a loan from a high-street bank (subject to status). Mail Boxes Etc. also work with finance houses and enterprise finance schemes to help you secure funding for your business.

And, what’s more…

If you are already running a business, and are looking for the right kind of ‘bolt-on’ to enhance your services, and help you grow, Mail Boxes Etc. could be exactly what you need.

Your Next Steps:

Don’t let the Mail Boxes Etc. opportunity pass you by! Just fill in the form below to request more information, today!

Mail Boxes Etc. News

MBE store 5 Star Reviews

We have a number of MBE stores who receive on a weekly basis 5-star reviews from customers. Please see below examples of internal comms that we have sent out to our network to celebrate our franchise Partners.

MBE Worldwide acquires World Options

Worldwide S.p.A. (“MBE”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority ownership share of World Options, a UK-based provider of shipping, delivery and logistics services with more than 120 franchisees and agents across the UK, USA, Australia, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Looking to the future

Mail Boxes Etc. (UK) Limited becomes part of the MBE Worldwide community.

MBE and PrestaShop join forces to become a leading global commerce platform to power business growth

MBE Worldwide (“MBE”) is pleased to announce the full acquisition of PrestaShop, a leading e-commerce platform in Europe and Latin America.

Interview with Alex Gerardi - MBE Clifton, Bristol Franchisee

Alex Gerardi, who recently took over the Mail Boxes Etc. franchise in Bristol, is an entrepreneur with the drive and optimism it takes to succeed.

Interview with Chun Tsang - MBE Sheffield Franchisee

Qualified accountant Chun Tsang, who has just taken over the Mail Boxes Etc. franchise in Sheffield, is excited about growing business at his already-thriving centre and embracing the opportunities that come with being your own boss.

Looking to the future - Mail Boxes Etc. (UK) Limited becomes part of the MBE Worldwide community

Mail Boxes Etc. (UK) is now part of the MBE Worldwide network, in a move that adds the UK and Republic of Ireland to the existing community of countries whose networks are directly operated by the global master licensor.

International Women’s Day 2021 Profile: Anne Balfour

To mark International Women’s Day this year we spoke to MBE franchisee Anne Balfour, who switched from a senior management role in the global textiles industry to local entrepreneur when she purchased her Mail Boxes Etc. store in 2013.

Handle with Care: Interview with an Art Shipper

MBE Image

"… buying a valuable piece of art is not like buying something from Amazon."

Antiques, fine art, covetable rare pieces from around the world – these all need the utmost careful handling when they’re moved from seller to sale, that is, from auction house to collector. That’s where the expert shippers MBE Auction Logistics come in. Here, we take a look at the company’s story and ask Country Manager for the UK & Ireland, Francis Laryea, three key questions.

MBE Auction Logistics was created by shipping experts Mail Boxes Etc. in 2016. Its mission is to make auction shipping simpler, safer and more economical for buyers.

The firm has long-established relationships with over 300 auction houses and nearly 2,000 fine-art dealers and antique specialists around the UK and Ireland. It also has a nationwide network of more than 150 Mail Boxes Etc. centres.

Customers can use the MBE Auction Logistics’ website to request collections from upcoming sales, where its delivery solutions are offered. MBE Auction Logistics works with all the leading carriers, including FedEx, Parcelforce Worldwide, TNT, DHL and UPS, to offer an end-to-end logistics solution.

We wanted to tap into Francis Laryea’s in-depth knowledge to find out more about why a dedicated delivery service is so important in this sector.

Barnebys: What’s something that art buyers don’t often consider when it comes to shipping, but should?

Francis Laryea: I think it’s vital, in these days of online shopping and next-day delivery, to remember that buying a valuable piece of art is not like buying something from Amazon. What the customer is paying for with our bespoke auction-house delivery service is our knowledge, our relationships with auction houses, the labour involved in managing the shipment, packing it safely, providing compensation cover, selecting the carrier, handling the paperwork and arranging safe delivery.

Our knowledge and experience come into play as soon as the customer asks for an estimate. We review the digital information on the auctioneer’s website to provide this. If approved, we will collect the item after the sale has concluded – we’ll have a collection schedule with the auction house, so generally we won’t collect immediately. When we do visit, we could be collecting up to 50 items, which can help keep collection costs down, but it does mean we don’t offer a next-day service.

On collection, we pack the item safely for transportation to our centre. Once there, we’ll assess it properly and provide a precise quote based on the actual weight and dimensions. This will include handling costs, packaging materials, expert packing and transit costs. We pack each item with great care, boxing and double boxing for safety and often creating custom crates for thorough protection.

We will also give a price for our comprehensive compensation cover, MBE CoverProtect, which provides ultimate peace of mind in the unlikely event of loss or damage in transit.

"[Our] expert service is painstaking and labour-intensive. But it’s a labour of love for us."

Once the customer has approved the quote, we will release the item to the carrier network, making sure it’s described in the correct way, and present the paperwork to the carrier electronically, so they can pre-clear through customs if possible.

This expert service is painstaking and labour-intensive. But it’s a labour of love for us – our teams really enjoy the challenge of taking items that might be difficult to pack and doing an excellent job.

What’s the most important piece of advice you would give to someone who needs to ship something bought at auction or from a dealer?

The key thing, really, is to have patience. It’s important to appreciate the complexity of what you’re paying us to do, and to trust the professionals to do a professional job.

How long has MBE been in business, and how are you different from other shipping companies out there?

Mail Boxes Etc. has been in business in the UK for about 30 years. We have been supporting auction houses, dealers and their customers throughout that time but we decided to launch MBE Auction Logistics in 2016 as a sub-brand that would differentiate our white-glove service and be instantly recognisable to people in the sector.

Other shipping companies might be good at sending items from A to B, but they can’t offer the bespoke service we provide, which is based on years of knowledge, great relationships with auction houses and sale rooms, and in-depth expertise. We go the extra mile. We’ve even built the network so that we have centres close to all the auction houses we work with. Nobody does auction shipping like we do.

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MBE Image
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Opportunities available across England, Wales, and Scotland
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