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Are you ready to explore the property sector, known for generating more millionaires than any other industry? A Sourced Property Franchise is an opportunity to become your own boss and thrive in one of the UK's most rewarding sectors. Join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs by embarking on a lucrative journey today.

Why Sourced?

We will help you start, standardise, and scale a property investment business that will enable you to achieve remarkable results.

Our purpose at Sourced is to make property investing available to more people, which we deliver by empowering you with:
  • Industry-leading training designed by successful people within the property sector.
  • Ongoing and regular support, with access to a dedicated Business Development Manager
  • Access to funding for your projects via our exclusive in-house lender – this allows you to get up to 100% funding for your projects.
  • Bespoke business plan for optimal results – no matter what your experience is, we can take you to the next level.
  • Bespoke tech platforms to help you streamline your operations and maximise profitability.
  • The backing of a trusted brand and its strong reputation within the sector.
All while being part of a positive and collaborative network of over 200 franchisees and HQ team.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest benefits you will receive when joining us here at Sourced Franchise is the structure of an already successful national company, with the freedom to run your own business.

Whether you’re starting out in property with zero experience, or if you have an existing business or portfolio, we have a track record of success in helping people achieve their financial dreams.

We have stood in your shoes, and we know what is necessary for you to reach the next level, which is how our package has been so effective to such a wide range of people and situations.

What Is My Earning Potential?

Some of our current Sourced franchisees joined us with absolutely no property investing experience at all and yet, with our training, support and experience, managed to grow pipelines of more than £100,000 in twelve months.

At Sourced, we will provide ongoing training and help you build development plan to achieve your financial goals. We’ve listed the typical returns we’ve achieved as a business, to give you an indication of the income you could generate:

  • Rent to rent/serviced accommodation - £700+ per month.
  • Lease option - £3-8,000 + average profit.
  • Assisted sale - £30,000 minimum profit.
  • Title splits - £20,000 minimum profit.
  • Property sourcing – 2% average fee.
  • Refurbishment - £25,000 minimum fee.
  • Conversions - £60,000 minimum profit.
  • New build - £150,000 minimum profit.
  • Off plan – 6% average fee.

The Goal

Everyone has different goals in life and their career and whatever your ambitions are, we can review them with you in the introduction call.

Here are some of the reasons why people join us:

  • Your earning potential is unlimited - unlike many other franchise businesses, we don’t take any royalties.
  • Reliable cash-flow through a number of income streams, depending on the strategy you choose.
  • To become an industry expert in your local area.
  • To create the perfect work-life balance.
  • To become your own boss and unlock your potential.

How did Sourced Start?

In 2017, a vision turned into a reality when Stephen Moss, our Founder and CEO, identified an untapped potential in the property investment landscape.
A lack of comprehensive support for those eager to pursue the same successful journey he had navigated.

Stephen saw the necessity for a company that could be more than an educator – but a partner instead. This company would not just provide knowledge but also critical resources, tools, and, crucially, access to funding – elements that are often the make-or-break factors in the property investment journey.

Next Steps

We aim to make sure that your property business is a success, after all, our success depends on yours. To do this, we always get to know people before they come on board, just to make sure we’re the right fit for each other.

Please fill out the no-obligation form below and you will receive an email with more information and an introductory phone call from our Franchise Manager.
Sourced Franchise News

Join Sourced Franchise & Franchise Direct for an Exclusive Webinar

Franchise Direct will host an exclusive webinar with Sourced Franchise on Thursday, October 19th as part of the website’s Franchise Discovery Series.

Sourced Franchise Discovery Day | Build a Profitable Property Business

Would you like to find out how our training and support works in practice? Are you looking to generate an income from property in the next 12 months? Join us on Saturday 23rd of September and earn how to start your property journey and live the lifestyle you desire with Sourced Franchise.

Sourced Growth Soars: 200 Franchisees join the ranks in UK and Northern Ireland!

Our journey started back in 2017 when Founder and Managing Director, Stephen Moss, spotted an opportunity in the property investment industry.

Sourced Franchise Discovery Day - April 26th 2023

Build a profitable property business with Sourced Franchise.

Sourced Franchise Discovery Day - February 28th

Sourced Discovery Day - Build a Profitable Property Business

Sourced Discovery Day - 15th June 2022

In June, Sourced Franchise are hosting another discovery day, which will enable you to learn how to start your property journey and live the lifestyle you desire with Sourced Franchise.

Sourced Franchise Discovery Day | April 26th

Are you interested in turning your passion for property into a business with Sourced Franchise?

Sourced Network - Rent to Rent Foundations Training

We are pleased to invite you to our Rent to Rent Foundations training event on the 15th September, taking place at the Yacht London.

Rent to Rent Foundations Training + Networking

Are you looking for ways to increase your cashflow from property? Do you want to invest in property without having a big initial outlay? Our course will teach you how to make thousands of pounds per month from property, without physically owning real estate.

Sourced Partners with Loop, a Property Prospecting Software

Sourced, a leading property investment franchise, have partnered up with Loop, an all-in-one property prospecting tool. As a result, Sourced franchisees get an exclusive discount to access the software, alongside bespoke letter templates uploaded to the platform.

Building wealth with Sourced: “How I transformed my career”

The pathway to entrepreneurship through franchising has never been more enticing.

The UK franchise industry continues to thrive, with over £15 billion annual contribution to the economy, showcasing resilience and growth even in challenging times.

Unlike going at it alone, a franchise comes with ongoing support in training, marketing, and operations. You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Our Head of Marketing, Lucy Richardson, recently caught up with Sourced Property Franchisee, Jamie Webb who is based in London. Jamie started his franchise journey with us in 2020, driven by a desire to create a more flexible work-life balance. Over the past three years, he has not only achieved his initial goal but has also accomplished some remarkable achievements.

Sourced Franchise Image


I worked in the marketing sector in central London for 15 years, across a number of well-known advertising agencies. In 2005, I ventured into property ownership by purchasing a flat, and then in 2014 I released some equity from the flat to purchase a couple of HMOs – refurbing them, renting them out and then refinancing to purchase another. The rental income from these investments introduced me to the potential of the property market – but I knew I needed further training and support to make a success of it.

By 2019, I found myself seeking a change. I had the desire for a more flexible lifestyle, one that provided the opportunity to create more time with my family – yet, the prospect of starting on a new business path entirely on my own was daunting.

It was this search for a balance between independence and community that led me to Sourced. What attracted me to this network was not just the opportunity to own and grow my business but also the assurance of being part of a larger community. Joining Sourced meant that I would not only have the flexibility I needed but also access to a supportive network of franchisees and a HQ team.


I joined the Sourced franchise network in January 2020, and a couple of months later the first national lockdown was announced which meant I struggled to access the in-person training. Sourced reacted to this and instead quickly pulled together an online training program.


My journey with Sourced has been significantly enhanced by their ongoing support system, particularly through the in-person training available from the start. Led by Chris Kirkwood, my first year included attending five training courses. These sessions were instrumental in deepening my understanding of the property industry and helping me choose the right strategy to meet my objectives.

Beyond the valuable knowledge gained, the sense of community within Sourced stood out. Interacting with fellow franchisees and sharing experiences made the journey less daunting. It was evident that Sourced is committed to continuous improvement of their service offering and providing ongoing support, setting them apart from other property training programs that offer limited guidance.


A standout moment in my franchise journey has been the successful implementation of my strategy: sourcing and negotiating deals for investors in London. Additionally, engaging in joint-venture developments with private investors has been both rewarding and challenging, enabling me to learn from my more experienced partners. A particular highlight for me was leveraging the knowledge from my initial training to create numerous meaningful relationships with investors.

”Joining the Sourced network has helped me achieve a work-life balance that was non-existent during my corporate career.

The franchise model has empowered me with the flexibility to work intensively during term time and adjust my schedule during school holidays to spend more quality time with my family. This newfound freedom to dictate my work schedule without sacrificing professional growth or family time is one of the most significant benefits I've experienced.

Sourced Franchise


Within the initial two months of joining as a franchisee, I sourced my first two deals, a testament to the effectiveness of the training provided. These deals were completed by August, allowing me to collect my sourcing fees and notably, I recouped my initial franchise fee within the first eight months. I am based in London, where the financial dynamics are more complex, requiring a focus on the quality of deals rather than the quantity. The properties I deal with tend to range in price from £400,000 to £1 million, with my sourcing fee set at 2% of the transaction value.


For those considering joining Sourced, my advice is straightforward: the effort you invest directly correlates with the success you achieve. Sourced offers an extensive toolkit and support system to facilitate your business operations, but your dedication is what truly drives your franchise forward. Be prepared to commit fully, understanding that it may take at least six months to start seeing substantial returns. Ensuring you have adequate cash flow to sustain your business during this initial period is crucial.


Looking ahead, my ambition is to not only continue sourcing high-quality deals but also to expand into more development projects and joint ventures. My marketing background fuels my enthusiasm for working with people, and I see significant potential in leveraging these skills to build partnerships and undertake larger development projects.

Ready to improve your work-life balance like Jamie? You can download our prospectus to discover more about owning and operating a Sourced Property Franchise today.


Sourced Franchise Testimonials
“I joined Sourced mainly for the access to the funding, to enable me to get into larger projects than what I’ve done before. I also joined for the training, support and everything else that comes along with joining.”
Phil Gordon Glasgow Franchisee,
Sourced Franchise
Even though I have 20 years of experience as an investor, it’s important to keep furthering your education. When I did my research with all the other training companies, I found sourced to be a much better proposition.”
Sham Velani,
Sourced Franchise
I always knew there was money in property, but I didn’t know how to leverage it. I joined Sourced for the knowledge, support and guidance. The training and support is second to none. I came away [after the training] with so much knowledge, that when I look back now, I wouldn’t have made all the connections that I’ve made in the last 12 months without the training.”
Everton Brown,
Sourced Franchise
My background was in tax, I was working full time and I felt like I’d missed out on a lot with my daughter. I knew that I wanted to work for myself. I came across Sourced and it was perfect, I had an interest in property, but it also gave me the freedom to spend more time with my daughter and with a profit of over £60,000 in my first project which took 7-8 weeks to complete it covers my initial franchisee fee and much more!
Nadia Khan, East London Franchisee,
Sourced Franchise
I thought I was experienced in property until I started training with Sourced. I quickly realised, I was only just scratching the surface with what I knew. I feel a lot more confident now, knowing about more strategies and which work best and where. The support is second to none. Any query or question is answered quickly, even just for basic support or advise. Everyone at Sourced is part of a team, working together to help each other. Being with Sourced I have a network of like-minded people who can help make deals, either with a property or investor. Everyone at HQ is there to help from marketing to sales to everyday help. The P2P platform is there to support deals financially. Sourced can offer everything a property sourcer could need.
Nick Dee, Leeds North Franchisee
Nick Dee, Leeds North Franchisee
My long term strategy within my existing property business is to go into larger scale development projects. Sourced already do this, so I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to learn from their experience and take my business to the next level. A couple of months in, and I am now working on a development project which will generate me in excess of £100K. I scaled up my business, thanks to Sourced!
Sam Ballard, Sourced Leicester,
Sourced Franchise
Sourced Franchise Videos
Sourced Franchise | Explainer

Sourced Franchise | Explainer

Chris Kirkwood, Sourced Property Group MD, breaks down everything you need to know about what Sourced does.
Sourced Franchise & Franchise Direct | Exclusive Webinar

Sourced Franchise & Franchise Direct | Exclusive Webinar

Watch the video of the exclusive webinar and learn how to start your own property business with full training, ongoing support, and a 100% funding facility.
Mark Barrett | Franchisee Testimonial

Mark Barrett | Franchisee Testimonial

Sourced franchisee, Mark Barrett, recently finished a commercial to residential conversion project in Salford. The property consisted of two shops on the ground floor and one office on the first floor. Watch the video to find out more!
Sourced Franchise Discovery Day | Build a Profitable Property Business

Sourced Franchise Discovery Day | Build a Profitable Property Business

Are you interested in turning your passion for property into a business with Sourced Franchise? This month, Sourced Franchise is hosting the first ever discovery day, that will enable you to learn how to start your property journey and live the lifestyle you desire with Sourced Franchise. Join them on 𝐓𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐝𝐚𝐲, 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝟐𝟔𝐭𝐡 𝐨𝐟 𝐀𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐥, 𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐐 𝐢𝐧 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐭𝐨𝐧, for a chance to learn more about how to grow your property portfolio with the training, support and funding provided by Sourced.
Back to Brick Renovation in Wales | Funded by Sourced

Back to Brick Renovation in Wales | Funded by Sourced

Nathan’s first project with Sourced is coming along nicely! The franchisee has done many flips prior to joining Sourced, however, he wanted to get access to more capital to move to larger projects.
Conversion Project with £178,000 Profit – Meet Sarah, Sourced Franchisee

Conversion Project with £178,000 Profit – Meet Sarah, Sourced Franchisee

Sarah was a drama and English teacher, but decided to pursue her interest in property and joined Sourced Network franchise, to benefit from the training and support structure.
Stand Out From the Crowd and Scale Your Property Business Fast

Stand Out From the Crowd and Scale Your Property Business Fast

In January alone, Shahid sold over 20 rent to rent deals, each within 48 hours of passing them to Sourced HQ team for marketing! After years of experience in trading property deals, Shahid wanted to step up and start working with larger developers. Joining Sourced Franchise allowed him to scale his property sourcing business in a record time, all thanks to having the Sourced brand and reputation behind him. Watch the video to learn the full story
Going Full-Time into Property - Meet Everton, Sourced Franchisee

Going Full-Time into Property - Meet Everton, Sourced Franchisee

Going Full-Time into Property - Meet Everton, Sourced Franchisee
Sourced Network Franchise Gallery
Sourced Network Franchise Gallery
Sourced Network Franchise Gallery
Sourced Network Franchise Gallery
Sourced Network Franchise Gallery
Sourced Network Franchise Gallery
Sourced Network Franchise Gallery
Sourced Network Franchise Gallery
Available Locations:
Opportunities available across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
£10,000+VAT one-off payment, then £315+VAT per month.
Financing Assistance


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