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Discover how to build a profitable property portfolio or flip properties even if you have limited time, knowledge or funds?

FAST Property Partners is the new way to get into investing in property that enables you to create a business and lifestyle and live life on your terms. Start your own profitable property business, with a guaranteed, sustainable income and see why we are one of the most trusted property franchises in the UK.

You do NOT need much time

You do NOT need any experience in property

You do NOT not need much funds to get started

The Opportunity

There are more millionaires created every day from property than any other investment vehicle in the world. Fast Property Partners are making it easy for our partners to start with their own property business by following our blueprint and being part of an exclusive network of partners to make amazing cashflow.

With most franchises you are simply buying another job, with us you are buying a lifestyle that enables you to work when you want from anywhere you want in the world which makes us a very unique opportunity.

Maybe you have always been interested in property, already have investments, or have friends and family who have done well in property and you have thought about it at some point.

There is no better time to be getting into property than now, with some amazing opportunities in the market to build massive wealth. We Guarantee results for all our partners.

Our partners are from all walks of life and backgrounds, we currently have partners that are cleaners, fighter pilots, IT consultants, Gas and oil operatives and even a footballer.

How it works

Along with world class training and support the great thing about the Fast Property Partners system is that there are many strategies available to build your thriving property business.

You will be part of an exclusive group of partners that are accessing some of the best discounted property deals in the UK (and globally) as well as have access to a large investor network to be able to sell packaged investments too (we will teach you exactly how to do this). Whether you want to build a passive property portfolio the Fast way or a property business that creates huge amounts of income - Fast Property Partners will be perfect for you.

Are you a deal maker or Deal Taker or Both?

Deal Maker:

You may hate your job, unstable irregular income in which case we will show you how to replace your income quickly by flipping properties to our investor network for fees without even having to buy the property, we call this paper trading as we just find a property and negotiate a good deal and the seller signs a piece of paper to say they will sell it at a certain price and we sell the deal to one of our investors.

Fees you can earn per property range from £3,000-£5,000 and this is an excellent way to build up a big pot of income to be able to start building your portfolio and become a Deal Taker.

Deal Taker:

One goal we like to give partners wanting to start building a property portfolio is to create £1 million pounds asset value and £66,000 income in 24 months, this is achievable in many ways without huge amounts of money and each property you buy will have a discount of at least 15% off today’s market value.

Typically, you would start with £25,000+ and this does not have to be even your money, you may choose to borrow the deposit money, we can show you how! We also show you how to recycle the deposits and get most of your funds back out of each property, so you never run out of money. Most of your portfolio will be built with family let properties as this is very safe and less sensitive to market changes.

Both: We are always transforming Deal Makers into Deal Takers once they have built up enough capital from trading, we also often have Deal Takers that want to increase their capital through putting deals together and selling them to our network.

What makes us unique?

  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Full on-going training and support system
  • No need for staff to run your business
  • Dedicated success manager & direct access to the founder
  • Full back office support helping you with marketing and connecting you with investors
  • Wide range of property strategies to choose from with full training
  • Very personable and approachable, you are part of the Fast family
  • Not limited to on the UK market when investing or deal packaging
  • No experience in property required
  • A trusted and fast growing property brand
  • We have a money back guarantee

What is the earning potential?

Here are some of strategies to get you to financial freedom with Fast Property Partners - you can either be including these type of deals in your portfolio or packaging these deals and passing them to our investor network for lucrative fees, between £3,000 & £5,000 per deal (Full training provided)

Your success is our #1 Priority.
Fast Property Partners Image

The company seeks people like you who are ready to take control of their lives and build their vision of financial freedom, supported by the high profit, low volume model of property dealing.

This expansive partner program will show you how to:
  • Build a property portfolio worth millions of pounds with a passive flow of income to your bank balance every month.
  • Find and trade property deals to our investors for up to £5,000 each, showing you how to find and select the best deals.
  • Flip property for at least £20,000 profit each time.
  • Access to off-market property deals 15-40% off the market value.
  • Teach you everything you need to know about trading property in an ethical and legal manner to quickly gain a professional reputation.
  • Become an expert in the latest property strategies to maximize you’re understanding and profits, no matter what the deal.
  • Have full confidence in all property strategies to ensure you do not make mistakes
  • …and much, much more!

Support & Training

We are dedicated to bringing you the latest tips and knowledge in the sector as full business support, as we are in the market also so we share all of our insider information. We have weekly deal clinics where you can have your deals analyzed, hours and hours of online training covering many different property strategies, 1-1 time with the founder, webinars and unlimited phone and email support.

How soon will I get a return on my investment and what would that look like?

Within 90 days is the short answer, this could be your first property for your portfolio which would have instant equity of £15,000-£25,000 or a flipped deal to an investor for £3,000-5,000- Then we rinse and repeat!

Next Steps

Request the info below and see if this life changing opportunity is for you. Everyone will receive a copy of David France’s (the director of Fast Property Partners) best selling book.

We will then be in touch to discuss further.

Fast Property Partners Success Stories

Fast Property Partners Success Story | Meet Audie

October 05, 2023
Audie from Brighton joined us just 5 months ago and before he joined us, he worked long hours as a business analyst working on multi-million pound projects but he was working for someone else, told what to wear and where to work and whilst he earned good money his fears were.

Fast Property Partners: Meet Yasmin, Recruited Through Franchise Direct

August 11, 2023
Yasmin discusses how the Fast Property Partners investment opportunity has changed her life.
Fast Property Partners Testimonials
If you want to build a property portfolio the new way, then join PM.
Shelley Haspel, Crewe UK Partner,
Fast Property Partners
The group deal clinics they hold are great and I was able to buy a property and recycle my deposit using the step-by-step system they show us.
Matthew Harrington, London UK Partner,
Fast Property Partners
I didn't have a lot of cash for the property business so the PM team showed me a way to build this by flipping property, this enabled me to leave my job quickly.
James G, London UK Partner,
Fast Property Partners
We already have Buy To Let property in the UK and the USA but David and the team at PM show you the latest cutting edge ways of making money in property, it is mind-blowing.
Richard and Alison, Ohio, USA Partner,
Fast Property Partners
Best thing I have ever done joining PM
Anthony, UK Partner,
Fast Property Partners
First deal and I made £3,000, oh and I did this deal 1800 miles away.
Octav C, Romania Partner,
Fast Property Partners
I was hesitant whether this would work for me, but it did, 10 months later I am full time in property.
Matt Knowles, Preston Partner,
Fast Property Partners

Secrets to Audie Waterman's Success in Franchise Partnership | Fast Property Partners Review

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Opportunities available Worldwide
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Business Opportunity
Minimum Investment:
£10,997 + VAT


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