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Trends and Facts About Safety & Security Franchises

The UK accommodates the fifth largest global security export market, valued at around £12.5bn and growing at a staggering rate.

There are two principal sub-sectors within the safety & security franchise industry: security services and security systems. Both sub-sectors are divided once more by the domestic and commercial sectors, making safety & security franchises a particularly fertile environment for business people wishing to break into the marketplace.

Some security franchises provide trained guards and security personnel for a wide range of business and public buildings, such as hospitals, prisons, airports, shops, and entertainment venues.

While franchises specialising in security systems install and maintain electronic systems, such as CCTV, as well as firewall hardware and software for the IT industry. Security systems include domestic and commercial alarm systems, metal detectors, and asset protection.

And as the UK deals with more and more national security and counter-terrorism issues, there’s a growing need for reliable, professional, and experienced safety & security franchises to address the requirement for greater safety support across the nation.

The majority of the UK safety & security sector is substantial and mature, presenting significant challenges to newcomers who can demonstrate little or no track record in the industry. Therefore, partnering with an established safety & security franchise is widely recommended, offering a more certain path into this lucrative sector.


Starting out in business in any industrial sector can be challenging, especially if the company owner lacks a prior reputation. So, making tracks in this mature UK marketplace is particularly troublesome for those new to the safety and security sector.

And this is where franchising offers a surer path into safety and security businesses. By investing in a safety & security franchise, you'll benefit from the experience of established field experts who will train you and your employees to meet the required standards of safety and professionalism demanded by clients and customers.

When you invest in a safety and security franchise, you benefit from

  • The established reputation of the parent company
  • The expertise of the parent company
  • The track record of the parent company and its employees
  • An instantly recognisable logo and corporate branding
  • A ready-built infrastructure providing access to an established supply chain
  • A brand name that your future clients already know and trust

But it's not just reputation and a ready-made business infrastructure you inherit when investing in a franchise. Many parent companies help ensure that your business complies with financial-, employment-, and appropriate business regulations through their established HR functionality.

That's the stuff that keeps most business owners counting sheep at night, so HR support really can be worth its weight in gold.

Starting an independent security or safety company is fraught with challenges - none more than the lack of visibility newcomers face among the established competition. So, starting a safety or security business from scratch takes a lot of time and effort to build.

On the other hand, franchises tend to hit the ground running because they're built on a tried-and-tested business model that has evolved to meet customer needs directly.

Safety & security franchises offer:

  • World-class training
  • Business support that extends throughout the life of your partnership
  • Ongoing HR functionality

Facts About Safety & Security Franchises

An individual security officer working in a low-risk environment, such as general retail, can expect to earn around £300-£400 daily. Medium-risk environments, such as helping manage significant public events, bring in roughly £400-£500 a day. In contrast, high-risk engagements are paid according to the perceived risks, offering substantial incomes for individuals.

Security and safety franchises cover a wide range of business types, including:

  • Home security, such as alarms and eSecurity solutions
  • Locksmiths
  • Venue security
  • Event management
  • Commercial security
  • Internet security and safeguarding
  • Business and staff security
  • VPNs, firewalls, and password security
  • Investigators and information gatherers
  • Security system installations

Bodyguards and personal safety

Physical security and safety, of course, are essential for all of us. But, increasingly, we also need online security - protecting our personal information and finances.

Investing in a franchise ensures you gain access to a ready-made business with existing operational systems, protocols, and industry-recognised qualifications and security clearance.

Check out Franchise Direct’s excellent selection of Safety & Security franchises.

Franchising Vs. Independent

Setting up an independent business is fraught with peril - it can be challenging to establish your new company in a saturated marketplace. Your competitors already have the reputation to attract your future customers toward their services, making the early years of all new businesses particularly problematic.

However, franchises come with a ready-built reputation and instantly recognisable branding. They have an established customer base and a wealth of experience that puts your franchise ahead of fellow indies entering the marketplace.

Of course, all new business ventures demand an initial investment. And this is where franchising often comes into its own.

When you apply for funding, many banks and moneylenders show favour for franchises because the business model has been tried, tested, and proven successful, profitable, and sustainable. You can confirm the business model's viability because it's already in operation, and you can hit the ground running because you inherit your parent company's reputation.

Indies, on the other hand, often struggle to obtain funding because they fail to demonstrate the viability of their business idea. Where they do achieve their funding goals, it's usually at the detriment of poor interest rates and unfavourable repayment terms.

For this reason, many independent businesses fail within the first five years because they struggle to recoup their initial investment. Franchises, on the other hand, tend to enjoy a swifter start to building their long-term businesses.

Safety & security franchises offer:

  • The most vital starting position you can get for a new business
  • A customer base who knows and trusts you
  • An operational supply chain
  • A road-tested service portfolio
  • Robustness to guide you through those challenging early years

Safety & Security Franchises

Check out Franchise Direct's brilliant selection of safety and security franchises, and help the UK feel safer, more secure, and in control of its finances.

Find your brand new start with Franchise Direct.

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