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Trends and Facts About Print & Sign Franchises

It's easy to believe that everything exists solely online these days. But while there's a growing reliance on eCommerce, you can't beat physical premises. And companies that continue to trade and exist in the real world will always need print and signage.

Printing businesses create a wide range of products for commercial and private customers, from storefront signage to sandwich boards and instruction pamphlets to marketing copy.

So, the world of print and sign production is very much alive and kicking.

Print & sign franchises have an extensive pool of potential customers who need rolling copy and signage for seasonal marketing campaigns. And individuals rely on print and sign franchises to publicise private events and celebrations, from fundraisers and parties to pressure group campaigns to promote local change.

So, if you're looking to become your own boss in an industry that enjoys constant demand, think about investing in a print & sign franchise - and help print smiles on your customers' faces today!


Franchising offers a unique opportunity for anyone wishing to change their career path. But if you are thinking about becoming your own boss, it's a good idea to approach the venture with a ready-made business operation.

Indeed, one of the most attractive facets of the franchise model is that your chosen company has overcome the typical pitfalls of startup enterprises, offering a ready-to-go, functioning business with an existing customer base.

Brand new businesses often find the first couple of years slow while building their customer base and developing their service portfolio to directly reflect their customers' wants and needs.

However, franchises tend to bypass this challenging period because the parent company has already road-tested their products and services. This means you take on a functional operation that directly satisfies your customers' requirements.

Additionally, print & sign franchises come with a raft of other benefits, including:

  • Instantly recognisable branding - a logo and a brand identity that brings immediate curb appeal to your premises and authority online
  • Training opportunities that ensure you can maintain the parent company’s hard-earned reputation for excellent customer service and reliability
  • Existing marketing presence - all businesses need an online presence to complement their physical premises (if they need premises at all!). With franchises, you invest in a well-oiled marketing machine that ensures you benefit from the brand identity.
  • A ready-to-go reputation - when you startup independently, you have to earn the trust of your customer base; with a franchise, you have their confidence from the get-go.

In addition, many parent companies provide valuable HR functionality, offering support for the more complex aspects of business ownership that keep most owners awake at night! You never be alone when it comes to compliance with business-, financial-, and employment regulations - that's worth its weight in gold alone!

So, if you're thinking about the benefits and freedoms of becoming your own boss with a print & sign franchise, consider the advantages of:

  • Ongoing training
  • Ongoing business support
  • Ongoing HR functionality

Facts About Print & Sign Franchises

The UK print & sign industry is worth £9bn each year, with over 8000 companies supplying the needs of individuals and corporate clients.

The sector employs almost 84,000 people, representing a significant employment opportunity across the UK. Three-quarters of those businesses employ fewer than ten people, accounting for 20% of the total industry turnover.

Demand for print services is often considered a reliable gauging stick for the health of the general economy. This is because the market need for printed products increases when the UK's manufacturing sector thrives.

Printing is actually much more sustainable than you might think - 90% of the wood felled for the print sector is grown in Europe's rapidly self-replenishing forests. These forests have been expanding at the rate of 1500 football pitches each day, so the trees felled for paper production are replenished more quickly than they're chopped down.

Print & sign franchises serve a broad spectrum of industrial sectors, including:

  • Advertising literature
  • Business stationery
  • Books, magazines, and newspapers
  • Security printing
  • Packaging (cartons, labels, bags and sacks)
  • Textile printing
  • Print onto plastic, glass, wood, ceramics, and metal

Franchising Vs. Independent

Many people consider franchising the safest path into business ownership because franchises tend to be better protected against the inevitable pitfalls of new startups. For example, independent startups often suffer from low output when they first open their doors to the public.

Print & sign franchises, however, are better sheltered from typical early years issues because the parent company has already overcome many hurdles: they have developed the product or service to resonate directly with the customer.

On the other hand, indies often pitch their wares incorrectly at first, needing to adjust how they operate and present their products to increase their appeal.

Of course, starting up a new business - whether it’s an independent or investing in a franchise - requires startup collateral. And this is where the franchise model once again comes into its own.

Banks and moneylenders often favour franchises because the business model has already been proven successful, sustainable, and capable of growth. Indies, on the other hand, generally fail to achieve decent interest rates on startup loans because their business has yet to have proven its viability.

Franchises tend to hit the ground running, welcoming customers from the moment they open their doors to the public, while indies often struggle to recoup their startup costs.

For this reason, over half of UK independent companies go into receivership within their first five years. Compare that to franchises, which generally survive through the first half decade because the parent company has completed the necessary groundwork.

Print & Sign franchises offer:

  • An excellent starting position with an existing customer base
  • A road-tested service portfolio
  • Robustness during those tricky early years

Print & Sign Franchises

Check out Franchise Direct's excellent selection of print & sign franchises, and help the UK's fellow businesses thrive with superior quality print.

Find your brand new start with Franchise Direct.

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