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FASTSIGNS International Inc.

FASTSIGNS International Inc.

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Make Your Statement

With signs and graphics, you can say anything, do anything and be anything! Become a franchisee today.

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  • Outlets: 765+
  • Minimum Investment: £36,000
  • Funding Support: Yes
  • Total Investment: £150,000
  • Franchise Fee: £21,000
  • Business Type: Franchise
  • Expected Revenue after 2 Years: £200,000
  • Operating Fee: N/A
  • Advertising Fee: 2%
  • Royalty Fee: 7%
  • Average Floor Space: 1,500 sqft



FASTSIGNS is a global leader in the franchised signs and graphics sector, with over 765 centres operating worldwide. Offering a proven route to successful business ownership, in an industry driven by technology and creativity, to exceed an annual turnover of £1 million.

As a FASTSIGNS franchisee, you’ll help any business, in any industry, make their statement through signs and graphics. Whether they need exterior building signs, signs to direct and inform, signs to decorate, signs to theme an event, or signs to promote - signage is always in demand. So, your business will always be in demand.

Training and Support Provided

With a dedicated, UK-based support team and a US-based Head Office, the business support you’ll receive is at the core of our promise to lead you to grow a profitable business.

With world-leading, industry experts at the helm, you’ll soon feel confident in your journey, as you are nurtured throughout the lifetime of your franchise with us.


We were definitely nervous, as we were both complete sign novices. But we had help at every turn!” Tunde Sodipo, FASTSIGNS Northampton

Comprehensive Training Delivered

We know signage looks technical, and we can’t deny that it is! But, we have comprehensive training methods designed to ensure you’re well on the path to becoming an expert, when you open the doors of your business.

As a franchisee, you will receive:
  • 2 weeks of Foundations Training at our Dallas Head Office
  • 1 Week in a UK centre with your mentor
  • 1 Week, Centre-based Business Consultant training visit, pre-launch
  • 24/7 access to FASTSIGNS University
  • Gamification Mobile Access Training
  • A robust programme of ongoing training events, in sales, marketing, substrates and more
  • Annual visits from US-based industry experts
  • 2 Convention event opportunities, per annum

Business Management


Our team of dedicated Business Consultants work with you to develop your business plan, and help you manage your objectives against it for success. We are also able to help you access HR support, accounting support, technical expertise and much more. Whatever you need, whenever you need it.

“We love being owners; being in control of our business and working in it, as well on it. The Head Office Support Team helped us move our mindsets from employees to owners, supporting us to achieve our goals. We’ve grown our business by over 30%, have taken on new team members, and we’re extremely excited for the future!” Melanie & Jose Martinez and Alan White

Marketing Support

We consistently invest in our brand positioning, website, and technology ensuring we can attribute ROI to your marketing activities. Marketing is at the centre of what we do. With consistent ‘On Your Behalf’ marketing activity and local marketing support, we’ll help you ensure your business is as visible as possible.

The Ideal FASTSIGNS Franchisee


Believe it or not, our franchisees rarely join us with previous signage experience! All we require from our franchisees is for you to be organised, business-minded and able to communicate effectively with your customers.

As our franchise opportunity is predominantly a management opportunity, depending on your experience, skills and likes, we can build your team around you! If you’re a great manager, we’ll build a team of sales, design and production around you.

Like-wise if you’re a creative designer, we’ll recruit management skills, sales experience and production expertise.


FASTSIGNS first launched in Dallas, Texas in 1985, reaching the UK in 1994 and has expanded into 8 other countries over the past 37 years. Over this time, FASTSIGNS we’ve helped our franchisees build businesses that facilitate their lifestyle, allowing them to build a career to complements their skills.

To do this, we continuously strive to bring cutting-edge signage technology, coupled with powerful business strategy, so our top centres consistently achieve sales in excess of £1million.

FASTSIGNS has won countless international franchise industry awards and, specifically in the UK, we are consistently awarded 5-star satisfaction from our franchise network.

Next Steps – your exciting future awaits you!

If you would like more information on what are the next steps toward your exciting future, please complete the form below.

FASTSIGNS International Inc. Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by FASTSIGNS International Inc. to give you more information about the costs associated with a FASTSIGNS International Inc. opportunity
Total Investment
FASTSIGNS recommends that you have a minimum net worth of £150,000, of which at least £35,000 is liquid assets.

Typically banks will lend up to 70% of the total investment. FASTSIGNS have excellent relationships with all major banks and are able to introduce you to franchise specialists in each bank.

The typical total investment is £81,798 (plus working capital), and the franchise fee is £17,500.

Wondering where you can discover entrepreneurial magic?

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Have you thought about what kind of role you’d like to take on when you open your new FASTSIGNS business? As a business owner, there are many hats you will need to wear, but one might just suit you to-a-T when you wear it, making you feel invincible!

At FASTSIGNS we know the customers we work with are the heroes of their business. So, it’s up to our franchisees, and their teams, to bring the magic touch to help customers stand out from the noise. But as a franchisee, how do you learn all these incredible skills?

Whether you’re joining us as an experienced sign-maker, who wants to add value to your existing business, or as a complete newcomer to the industry, we’re known for delivering the high-standard signage solutions the FASTSIGNS brand is famous for.

Our franchisees have a reputation for being real wizards when it comes to sign creation. Not only do they consistently produce fantastic looking products, but they know how to reach the heart of exactly what clients need. It might seem like magic when customers see the final result, but it’s all a skill we’ve been able to share, across the network!

There’s no Hogwarts for training our franchisees, unfortunately, but we can promise you and your team will be taught everything you need to know, in order to conjure up your own successful business! Of course, joking aside, there’s no mystery to what makes our franchisees so successful, and certainly no smoke and mirrors. Instead, we use a very down-to-earth, comprehensive, and structured training programme, designed to equip you and your staff with all the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your new roles.

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Simon Dewhurst

Our training experts have already enabled hundreds of people, just like you, to grow a profitable and rewarding signage business; you too, can also benefit from their experience and expertise. You’ll be trained in how to effectively use all our cutting-edge, signage technology which comes with your franchise, of course, as well as gaining access to all the technical know-how you’ll ever need.

Our training programme is delivered as a combination of classroom-based learning, online resources, and hands-on experience at one of our centres. You and your team will soon be highly skilled, capable of delivering high-quality signage to your customers. But, this is just the beginning. Signage may be the end product, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what makes our franchisees so successful.

A FASTSIGNS franchise is about delivering effective and creative solutions to your customers, working closely with them so they stand out from their competition, for all the right reasons. This means learning to understand them and your work, on a much deeper level than just the practical. This is where the magic really happens!

For this reason, you’ll also receive in-depth training around implementing our business model, how to embrace our brand values, and how to always go the extra mile for your customers. This happens with in-depth business management and leadership training, and support on how to generate leads and sales. To help you along the way, you’ll also be mentored by one of our more experienced franchisees, as well as one of our Business Consultants. With our help, you’ll become as much a part of your customers’ success story as their custom becomes a part of yours.

None of this stops once you’ve launched your business. We’ll continue to give you guidance and support, so you and your team can upskill, learn new techniques, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. You’ll also have access to our franchise board groups and message forums, and be warmly welcomed to our annual conference where we share ideas and best practice, together.

We firmly believe continuous learning and development plays a vital role, in keeping FASTSIGNS franchisees at the very top of their game. This is why we’ll be with you at every step, so you keep your competitive edge.

You could be weaving a little bit of your own FASTSIGNS magic before you know it!

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you succeed.

FASTSIGNS International Inc. Success Stories

FASTSIGNS | Case Study - Laide & Tunde Sodipo

May 24, 2023
Laide & Tunde Sodipo - 12 Months in Business

FASTSIGNS International | Case Study - Simon and Friederike Slee

May 24, 2023
Simon and Friederike Slee: A Husband & Wife Partnership That Enables Their Lifestyle.

FASTSIGNS Case Study | Melanie & Jose Martinez and Alan White

May 24, 2023
Melanie & Jose Martinez and Alan White - From Team Members to Franchisees.

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February 10, 2023
What is it really like to run your own FASTSIGNS business?
FASTSIGNS International Inc. Testimonials
As a franchisee I wanted a franchisor that had more than just a business model. Apart from being a globally trusted brand, FASTSIGNS provides a wide support network of highly regarded professionals with excellent product knowledge. There is a solid platform that ensures franchisees have all the tools required to reach their potential.
Simon Slee,
FASTSIGNS International Inc.
FASTSIGNS is the complete package – excellent training and start-up support, professional ongoing marketing and technical support, respected by suppliers and customers.
Andy Simpson,
FASTSIGNS International Inc.
"They understand that the success of the franchisee is paramount to their success - a rare feature with most franchisors. If I had to do it again - no question about it - FASTSIGNS®."
Jerry Goldstein,
FASTSIGNS International Inc.
FASTSIGNS International Inc. Videos
FASTSIGNS | The Franchise Opportunity

FASTSIGNS | The Franchise Opportunity

John Davies, UK Managing Director of FASTSIGNS, talks about the franchise opportunity and the benefits if investing in the franchise network.
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FASTSIGNS International Inc. 3
Available Locations:
Franchises available in many areas of the UK.
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