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DE Photo (Franchising) Ltd

DE Photo

Join our successful franchise – we have 20 years’ experience of success

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Established over 20 years – the largest franchise of its kind in the UK.
Join us and secure a great future!

About Us

DE Photo is the UK and Ireland's largest school, sport, corporate and events photography company. We have been successfully providing print-on-site event photography since 2002.

The Franchise Opportunity

A DE Photo franchise offers an exciting, complete and well-proven sports and event franchise operation containing all the essential elements for you to develop your own DE Photo franchise in your exclusive territory.

We are now appointing 4 more franchisees to build upon the fantastic reputation we have established over 20 years in this ever-expanding marketplace.

Join our successful franchise team established over 20 years!

We provide full training for our new Franchisees and provide back-up and support from day one.

You do not need any previous experience in photography or the sports and event franchise industry – just a love of taking photographs and some business skills that we will help you develop.

Just look at these great benefits!

  • An established franchise for 20 years
  • Low overheads, with high earnings potential
  • A lucrative & flourishing marketplace
  • No invoicing. Immediate payment on the event day
  • After-event web sales handled for you by Head Office
  • Major website with over 60 million photos
  • Repeat business year after year
  • Comprehensive training by experts
  • Full back-up & support
  • Your own business and growing asset

With a DE Photo Franchise, you will be getting the extensive know-how, training and support necessary to run your own successful business.

We will show you the most profitable ways to operate, avoiding the costly pitfalls and helping you gain momentum quickly.

If accepted, you will be joining a highly successful franchise team and be part of the UK’s largest sport and event photography business!

Personal growth, a great lifestyle and financial freedom can be yours with a DE Photo Franchise.

Since our establishment in 2002, DE Photo has captured the best images from more than 40,000 school, sport, corporate and other events spread across its print-on-site vehicles attending events around the country by invitation.

Now you can take part in this success story.

There are currently more than 60 million photos available to order from the past 20 years on the DE Photo website.

DE Photo Franchisees cover more than 50 different sports and events and have worked with more than a thousand children’s sports and dance clubs and more than 500 schools.

Our Franchisees also attend corporate events and other non-sporting activities, competitions and events.

The Franchise Cost

The Franchise cost is £14,950 plus VAT. This includes your exclusive franchise territory, set up, training and a substantial stock of consumables. You will also need professional camera, lenses and photographic and processing equipment and a vehicle which are leased by your business.

Available Regions

Brighton, Cornwall, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, North Wales, Coventry, Derby, Norwich, Nottingham, Hereford, Lincoln, Doncaster, Liverpool, Bury, Bradford, Leeds, York, Hull, Carlisle, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Motherwell, Dundee, Aberdeen, Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Galway, North West Ulster

What Our Franchisees Say:

'I started as a DE Photo Franchisee in February 2005 and I have not looked back. The back up from the company is everything they said it would be. It is a fantastic way of life, being involved with many sports and events – it is certainly better than working!' - David May, Redhill

'After spending many years in a corporate sales environment it has been a complete breath of fresh air joining DE Photo. I now look forward to going to work and spending my days with people with smiles on their faces and getting compliments about my work.' - Tony Keirle, Northampton

'I have to say that taking up this franchise was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I no longer suffer the politics that working for a large corporate inevitably brings. Instead, my whole life is now revolving around me and my choices. All that I now achieve in my life is for me - which is like a breath of fresh air. DE Photo has enabled me to get on in with my life and the more I put into the job, the greater the benefits are for me.' - John Young, Maidstone

Read more franchisee testimonials here

The Next Steps

To learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity and get a copy of our brochure, simply fill out the form below:

DE Photo's success and growth proves why it is a smart franchise investment

They have all been able to add and share further value to this business utilising their own skills and abilities.

Let's take a look at what that growth looks like:

Over just the past 12 years we have seen the average day’s turnover grow 111% from just £722 per day to over £1,500 per day. And as reported recently, many franchisees are turning over an average of £1500- £2K per day now.

Furthermore, the record month has grown by a staggering 430% over the last 12 years.

And the record year for a franchisee including web sales, is up an amazing 271% - now surpassing half a million pounds.

It is an incredible achievement from one franchisee. He has also set new company records for May, June, July, November and December 2022. Five new company records in one year!

2022 was a tremendous year overall, with no less than eight franchise branches achieving their record year.

In spite of any recession, our business growth is proof that parents will continue to spend money on great photographs taken by DE Photo of their children participating in their sporting and other activities as a keepsake for the future.

DE Photo (Franchising) Ltd Testimonials
I’ve been with DE Photo since 2007 and I can honestly say it just gets better each year. I genuinely look forward to each day’s challenges and rewards with equal anticipation. It is a fantastic opportunity for anyone willing to put in the effort and time and not before long being able to reap the rewards. I love meeting people and telling them I love my job, as I don’t believe they hear that said very often nowadays. It seems I am the exception!
Chris Coe,
DE Photo (Franchising) Ltd
I have been with DE Photo since September 2009, and not many people are lucky enough to be able to make a living from what was a hobby. There is a great network within the DE Photo community, with everyone willing to help each other out, from the most experienced Franchisee, to all at Head Office. Here's looking forward to many more DE years!!
Richard Chubb,
DE Photo (Franchising) Ltd
I have been running my DE photo franchise since 2007, and the business model continues to prove successful, even in these difficult financial times. Customers are genuinely grateful and happy to be able to purchase a high-quality photograph of their child, and at many events, the photography is an important integral part of the event. There is continuous upgrading of systems and website development to ensure that the latest modes of internet viewing and ordering are catered for, and this sits comfortably alongside the on-site sales. I genuinely believe that no-one does it better than DE Photo!
John Maxfield,
DE Photo (Franchising) Ltd
Working for myself is enjoyable when you have such fantastic support from the DE Photo head office. Everything is made easy, from ordering stock, to the development of our fabulous new website, always researching new products and ideas to stay ahead of our competition. I’ve been with DE Photo since 2008, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!
Lilya Jones,
DE Photo (Franchising) Ltd
We started by working as photographers for a DE Branch in 2007 and soon realised it was a business that was enjoyable and profitable. DE Photo was a great opportunity for us to work in photography and sport, both of which we are passionate about. It’s a set up that organisers, competitors and parents love and you quickly become part of each club you attend, which not only creates great relationships but repeated work. The overall setup is great and running our own business gives us freedom and full control over your careers.
Lee Jenkins & Rob Skilton,
DE Photo (Franchising) Ltd
The DE Photo system is tried and tested and the franchise has successfully evolved over the years to become the UK's number one Event Photography business. Franchisees don't have to sell anything - the product does that all by itself..! This business model works!
Clive Carruthers,
DE Photo (Franchising) Ltd
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