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Start your own Chicago-style deep dish pizza franchise. Japes is an exciting new opportunity in the established and growing pizza franchise segment. Our mission is to sell the UK’s favourite deep-dish pizza using only the best fresh ingredients prepared every day.

Who We Are

Japes has serving been delicious, Chicago-style, deep-dish pizza since their inception in 2018 and it has been a massive hit with a wide demographic as it offers a unique experience compared to the rest of the market. Using only the finest 100% natural ingredients and its own proprietary recipes for dough and sauces, this brand's pizzas truly stand out as a differentiated product within a market that is worth 3.2 billion in the UK alone.

Japes incredible pizza has naturally created a strong brand following, with a growing social media presence and many eager returning customers.

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The Franchise Opportunity

There are huge benefits to investing in Japes. The processes in the kitchen have been simplfied, meaning that training is quick and efficient without the need for specially trained pizza chefs. In addition, pizzas are a high margin product allowing for excellent potential for return on investment. The restaurants are built to high standards but at moderate cost, further adding to the accessibility of this opportunity.

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The Franchise Package

As a franchisee, you will benefit from the following:

Development & Construction
  • Site selection assistance
  • Site approval
  • Access to Design partner
  • Brand operating system
  • Certified Training location
  • 23-Day Comprehensive Franchise Training
  • Online training and franchisee intranet via Flow™
  • Grand opening training, opening assistance and ongoing support
  • Kitchen operation and proprietary product recipes
  • Cost-control and compliance tech systems
  • Dedicated field support
  • Operational Reviews
  • Brand excellence check and coaching
  • Brand marketing resources
  • Pre-opening marketing plan
  • Grand opening marketing plan
  • Ongoing field marketing support
  • Annual marketing calendar and activation
  • Product development & innovation
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The Next Steps

Don't miss out on this lucrative franchise opportunity! Fill out the form below to find out more information and to speak with a franchise representative.

Chicago style pizza brand Japes begins UK roll out

Turnover at the Soho location is so far up 25% vs. 2022, while the newly opened Greenwich site is also already very profitable and growing by an average 8% month-on-month, which reflects the increasing popularity of this type of pizza.

Aleksandar Aleksic said "Strong start in Greenwich has opened our eyes about the potential that our brand has in London and further afield. Our newly introduced London-style pizza was very well received by our loyal customers, thus further increasing their number of visits and positively impacting our brand reputation and turnover. As a result, we looked at the franchise model and found our brand really suited to it, as we have a high margin products, our operation is totally de-skilled and our restaurants are relatively cheap to build. Both our Chicago and London style pizzas are made using fresh quality ingredients and our unique recipes. In the back setup, our operations and layout are closer to well established brands such as Domino’s. It also suits our vocation to support others to achieve success with our great brand.

We have not yet started to market the franchise and we already have a qualified partner on board who will open our first franchise site in South-West London this autumn. We are not lacking expressions of interest but our philosophy is about being selective with both franchise partners and properties."

Seeds Consulting has been retained by Japes to build the Japes franchise model and spearhead business development, with an initial focus on the UK.

Seeds Consulting, MD Matteo Frigeri said: “It is exciting to represent such a compelling opportunity in the established food franchise pizza market. Japes’ pizza is really addictive, customers just love it, because it is different and delicious. I can see all franchise groups that do not have pizza in their portfolio want this as the numbers stack up, landlords are keen, franchisor support is there and the potential market is immense.


London-based Seeds Consulting is a leading franchise consultancy specialising in national and international business development for food concepts. Founded in 2010 by Matteo Frigeri and David Liveing, the company is the developing force behind international restaurant groups and small to mid-sized companies with strong upcoming brands and an appetite for growth in EMEA.


Japes is all about Deep Dish Pizza. Our mission is to sell the UK’s favourite pizza. We are using only the finest fresh ingredients prepared every day. Japes is aspiring to lead the market on Deep Dish Pizza, inspired by the US prominent Chicago style.

As GQ says, they are like ‘oozing tarts full of thick red sauce and glorious toppings… that will leave you unable to romance any dinner guest, but, boy, is it worth it’.

The UK is in love with pizza. It’s undeniable and showcased on highstreets, shopping centres, online and at transport hubs the country over. The thin crust, Neapolitan style pizza market is saturated with all large brands occupying the same space, relying on offers, discounts and loyalty to drive footfall where deep pan resides in the lower end chains like Pizza Hut, a market that has shrunk in the face of under investment and poor-quality ingredients.

Japes uniquely combines freshness of Neapolitan style with richness of deep pan pizza, providing a new and authentic experience to pizza lovers.

We are open every day at 22-25 Dean Street in Soho and 15 Nelson Road in Greenwich, which were established in 2018 and 2022 respectively.

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