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An opportunity to earn a six figure income while working flexibly and helping others to improve their health and well-being

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fit20 is revolutionising the health and fitness industry with a recession proof business model. Studios have excellent economics, units are small so rents and operating costs are low, energy costs are minimal (studios do not need heating through the winter and there are no changing rooms or showers to heat or maintain).

But that's not all. At fit20, we provide highly effective scientifically proven training that demands minimal time commitment. Our membership numbers continue to soar, making this your unparalleled opportunity to join an award-winning, established, forward thinking and rapidly growing international brand.

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What you get from fit20

Proven Franchise Formula

Launched in 2009, fit20 was voted the #1 Franchise Brand in the Netherlands in 2020 and is now located in 15 countries, with over 170 studios, and more than 20,000 members worldwide.

Outstanding Economics

Great unit economics and return on investment (ROI), with only £35K Average Investment and £75K Average Revenues. Typically break-even is achieved during months 6 to 7, at around 60 to 80 members. Return on investment usually within 2 years.

Comprehensive Training

You don’t need a background in health & fitness. We provide our Franchise Owners, and their Personal Trainers, with comprehensive training in our unique training method, through our fit20 Academy. You will also be provided with extensive training in all fit20 business systems enabling you to become a successful studio owner.

Excellent Business Support

You will receive excellent support setting up your studio, from finding the best location, studio design & fitting out, to marketing for launch. Ongoing business and marketing support is provided along with enjoyable weekly meetings with the fit20 UK Head Office team.

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fit20 training is unique and effective

Most people believe that fitness training takes at least a few hours every week with several sessions per week, but science is starting to tell a different story. The largest ever study in sports science suggests that fit20 training, once a week for 20 minutes with a personal trainer, is optimal.

Our training method is based on the latest scientific findings about effective and efficient training to improve fitness and health. You book your 20 minute weekly session ahead of time to stay on track. Because you have an appointment, you don’t have to wait. There is no need to change or shower because we train at a slow and precise pace in a custom cooled studio. Most members show measurable results within a few sessions, and more importantly, they feel stronger and fitter.

Our studio members love us

Our customers do love us, and this is reflected in our industry leading customer retention rates!

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Next Steps

Please fill out your details below to request more information and we will send you a copy of our prospectus. You will then be able to arrange a call to discuss the fit20 franchise opportunity further and to ask any questions that you may have.

Note: You can have a fit20 studio up and running for £30,000 to £50,000 (expenses may vary with the fit-out for your new studio influencing total start-up cost), this includes the initial franchise fee of £15,000 for a single fit20 studio.

We recommend a minimum £20,000 personal investment.

Government led funding may be available for up to 75% of the startup costs.

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fit20 UK: Triumphs in Growth, Innovation, and Recognition as We Close the Year

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fit20 is not just a fitness trend but a transformative force shaping the future of health. As we come to the end of 2023 and we take time to celebrate our achievements over the year, one thing becomes clear: fit20 is at the forefront of a fitness revolution.

Celebrating Success at the Annual Franchise Conference

The recent fit20 UK Franchise Conference was two exciting days of celebration and learning, but more than that it was a powerful testament to the dedicated support that defines the fit20 family.

The conference was a vibrant reflection of the immense support fit20 franchise owners receive when they join our global franchise. From insightful sessions and collaborative discussions to strategic planning for the future, it emphasised the collective resilience and innovation inherent in the fit20 community.

It was a pleasure to have founders Walter Vendel and Bram Kroeske present for the entirety, highlighting that joining fit20 isn't just about owning a franchise; it's about becoming part of a supportive family that propels you towards growth and success.

Success leaves clues

In an industry grappling with challenges, fit20 has seen a huge success, experiencing a remarkable 155% increase in membership across our UK studios compared to the pre-lockdown high and a 55% growth this year, defying the industry's flatline. At a time when larger operators continue to struggle with membership sales, fit20 stands out, showcasing the resilience of our franchisees, the appeal and effectiveness of our training, and the loyalty of our members.

As we set our sights on the future, our ambitious goal is clear: to double our studio footprint in the next six months. If you would like to be a part of this fitness revolution please reach out to see if your desired territory is available.

Innovation and Dedication Recognised

We are thrilled to announce that fit20 UK received the 'Most Innovative Personal Training Studio Group 2023' award from GHP News as part of their Fitness and Nutrition Awards. This award not only marks a milestone for fit20 but also recognises our commitment to excellence in the fitness industry and the profound impact the brand is making on the health and fitness landscape.

If this news alone is not enough to turn your head then you can hear for yourself what Niri Patel, Managing Director of fit20 UK, had to say when he was invited as a guest on the Disenfranchised podcast hosted by Ed Purnell. This podcast delves into the stories of entrepreneurs and leaders in the franchise community, offering insights into their lives and tips for success. Niri's presence on this platform highlights the unique and inspiring narratives that shape fit20 UK.

Global Recognition as fit20 is Mentioned in The Times

The recognition from a renowned platform like The Times is a testament to the impact fit20 is making on the fitness industry. In an article focusing on how just 20 minutes of exercise can lead to substantial health gains, fit20 was prominently featured, emphasising the significance of our scientifically proven training model. The world is taking notice of the fit20 difference, and we're proud to be at the forefront of this pivotal change.

Wishing you all a successful 2024

As we close the chapter on this transformative year, our journey continues to unfold. If you're passionate about wellness, innovation, and making a positive impact, now is the time to explore the fit20 franchise opportunity. Join us in shaping a healthier, stronger future.

fit20 Testimonials
The wonderful stories from members whose lives have been transformed, the success of franchisees across the world and the overwhelming scientific research proving the results of fit20 was more than enough for me to want to become part of the fit20 family.
Warwick Dredge, studio owner, fit20,
“I get so much out of the support we receive from fit20. One of the great things about fit20 is The Academy which is the training process that we use to learn about the fit20 concept and way of training. There is continuous learning available so all studio owners and PTs have all the skills they need to optimise training for each customer and learn about any new advances in technology or science developed by the head office."
Matt Appleby, studio owner, Stocksbridge Sheffield,
The level of support fit20 offers its franchisees is phenomenal. While preparing to launch and in these early stages of operation, the general premise has been: if I find I’m spending more than five minutes thinking about something, just call head office, and they will quickly steer me in the right direction. This is not only time-saving, but also very reassuring! Even if you need very specific information, tailored to just one of your studio members, you have the knowledge and experience of a whole team of trainers, therapists and physios to draw on.”
Attila Leb, studio owner, Chiswick London,
"Slow motion high intensity training will explode in the near future, science indicates that. fit20 is so far ahead of the game and is well positioned to be world market leaders and I am super proud to be part of that."
Dan Kelly, studio owner, Hellesdon Norwich,
“It is the member’s stories and amazing results that convinced me to open my own studio. I love running a studio and having my own business while being able to rely on fit20 for the latest research on fitness and business/marketing support from head office. I enjoy sharing our successes with our community of franchise owners in our weekly calls.”
fit20 Image
Duncan Attwood, studio owner, Exeter
"When I heard about fit20, I realised this was a concept that would be really easy to scale. The typical fitness proposition is not very appealing for a lot of people, whereas fit20, I could see, could help so many people who don’t want to or can't commit to spending hours in the gym. I saw the opportunity to be part of a movement that’s changing how we look after ourselves and our health. I’ve got two successful studios and in the planning stages of opening a third."
fit20 Testimonial
Kieran Igwe, multiple studio owner, Leeds
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fit20 Franchise Image
fit20 Franchise Image
fit20 Franchise Image
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