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Run your own Coffee-Bike, a mobile coffee shop business with a unique design. Work full-time or part-time in almost any location! Are you ready for this lucrative opportunity in the coffee business?

  • Join a network of over 200 franchise partners.
  • Financing options tailored to accommodate various financial capabilities
  • Benefit from a proven business model selling coffee, juices, and snacks.
  • Operate a stylish Coffee-Bike that catches your customer’s attention.
  • Enjoy full barista training, ongoing support and business mentoring.
  • Earn up to £1500 per day operating at exclusive events.
  • Make up to £16,000 per month operating from a fixed site.
  • Contribute with a franchise fee of only 20p/ coffee or 8% of net revenue.

Coffee-Bike is one of the fastest-growing franchise systems in Europe. Our self-sufficient bikes require no power or water connections during operation. Due to the mobility of our concept, we are closest to the customer and serve organically certified, delicious coffee in the most unconventional places.

This is the perfect time to join our award-winning concept!

Since the company was founded in Germany in 2010, Coffee-Bike has received multiple awards for innovation, the business model and its products. Today, despite over 250 active bikes, Coffee-Bike is only starting to expand in the United Kingdom.

As a UK franchise partner, you profit from considerable Coffee-Bike development all over Europe, ten years of operational experience, and a concise marketing strategy. With just 20 operational bikes in the UK, this is the perfect time for you to become the main franchisee in your area. We have a solid foundation to provide you with ongoing support in building your Coffee-Bike business.

The franchise concept

Our franchise concept prioritises you and the flexibility of your business. We offer unrivaled low initial investment costs and charge a variable franchise fee per cup of coffee you sell. If you are looking to further reduce your initial investment, we offer a Coffee-Bike rental model. Behind the curtains, you have our full encouragement and assistance. Remember: We only make money if you do.

The Coffee-Bike

With more than 14 years invested in Research and Development, the Coffee-Bike is a state-of-the-art mobile coffee shop with a unique rustic aesthetic. It is designed to not only catch your customer’s attention but be fully operational in a variety of indoor- and outdoor spaces with no electricity or running water. Historically, Coffee-Bikes have operated at:
  • Corporate caterings (e.g. Facebook, Google, Coca-Cola, Siemens, Audi)
  • Private events (e.g. Weddings, functions, festivals, Christmas markets)
  • Permanent pitches (Train stations, airports, parks, museums, hospitals, offices)

The lucrative coffee business

We are seeing some amazing figures from our franchisees both in the UK and overseas. Serving at various caterings and events, part-time UK franchisees are currently turning over up to £1500 per bike per day!

Full-time UK franchisees with a permanent pitch are showing turnover figures of up to £16,000 per month per bike. With profit margins of up to 65%, a Coffee-Bike puts you right at the pulse of the lucrative coffee business.

Overview of the Coffee-Bike franchise system

  • No fixed monthly costs: A franchise fee is only charged for actual cups of coffee sold or for revenue made. If you are not operational, you are not subject to costs.
  • Low initial investment: The initial investment is notably low. With the Coffee-Bike rental model you can be up and running for below £10,000.
  • Perfected food safety: Our Coffee-Bike has all required CE, TÜV and DEKRA certificates.
  • Flexible locations: You choose your location. The Coffee-Bike is self-sufficient and can be used everywhere.
  • Made in Germany: Each Coffee-Bike is handmade at our headquarters.
  • Technology and design: The Coffee-Bikes are continuously being further developed with innovative, patented technology and a nostalgic design.
  • Training: We offer comprehensive technology and barista training, as well as regularly scheduled additional training sessions.
  • Business and marketing concept: A tested and established concept that you can profit from is provided.
  • The Coffee-Bike catering portal: We offer our partners different events and catering opportunities, from company parties to weddings.
  • International sphere: Master partnerships are available internationally.

Our Ideal Franchisee

If you are outgoing, energetic, ambitious, business-savvy, and have a passion for high-quality coffee, we would love to speak to you. Whether you are looking to bring passion to the daily interaction with fellow coffee lovers or are planning on building a large multi-unit business, we are there for you every step of the way. Let’s chat and figure out how we can work together and make your Coffee-Bike dream a reality.
Coffee-Bike Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Coffee-Bike to give you more information about the costs associated with a Coffee-Bike opportunity
Purchase Model
  • Entrance fee: £7,490
  • Price Coffee-Bike: £15,990
  • Starter Package: £2,500
  • Total Cost = £25,980
Rental Model
  • Entrance Fee: £7,490
  • Starter Package: £2,500
  • Deposit: £5,000 ((Refundable at the end of contractual Term)
  • Total Cost = £14,490*
  • *Monthly Coffee-Bike rent = £329.00
Potential Earnings (Permanent Pitch / Events)
Permanent Pitch:
  • Operational days per month: 20
  • Operational hours per day: 8
  • Customers per hour: 20
  • Average turnover per sale: £3.50
  • Total Revenue per month = £11,200
  • Total annual revenue = £134,400

  • Operational days per month: 10
  • Operational hours per day: 10
  • Customers per hour: 25
  • Average turnover per sale: £4
  • Total Revenue per month = £10,000
  • Total annual revenue = £120,000

New Coffee-Bike partner Sonia launches in Woking & Guildford!

Coffee-Bike Image

Having really shone through our extensive training program at our Head Office in Germany, Sonia is now fully equipped to achieve great success and hit her personal targets.

Jonathan Dobrawa - Coffee-Bike UK Managing Director - echoed this with his comments:

"Having little barista experience before heading to her training, Sonia finished by mastering the coffee craft and producing beautifully tasting coffee classics. This is both a testament to herself but also the infrastructure we have in place. I wish Sonia all the best with her venture!"

Coffee-Bike is an environmentally friendly mobile coffee franchise operating worldwide across 13 countries, spanning across the UK, Germany & India to name a few. Equipped with a professional portafilter machine, a specially constructed coffee grinder, a juice squeezer, sufficient means of storage and many other features, the Coffee-Bike is the perfect full-value mobile coffee shop with small space requirements and unbeatably low investment costs.

The mobility of the Coffee-Bike allows for a hybrid working model (permanent pitches during the week and events at the weekend for example) so our partners can achieve maximum revenues. Having only launched in the UK a few years ago, we are now starting to explode with Coffee-Bike's pitching up in superb locations such as Gatwick Airport and St. Paul's Cathedral.

Could you be next to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity?

Simply click 'Request Free Info' below to receive further information about the Coffee-Bike franchise.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Coffee-Bike Videos
Coffee Bike Franchise Video | The Mobile Coffee Shop on 3 Wheels!

Coffee Bike Franchise Video | The Mobile Coffee Shop on 3 Wheels!

Take a look at the Coffee Bike Mobile Franchise Opportunity.
Coffee-Bike Image
Coffee-Bike Image
Coffee-Bike Image
Coffee-Bike Image
Coffee-Bike Gallery
Coffee-Bike Gallery
Available Locations:
In the UK.
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
Financing Assistance
3rd Party


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