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It’s difficult to get a good, reliable window cleaner that consistently turns up when they say they will – which offers an outstanding scalable business opportunity for those with the right business acumen and a great personality.

A Multi-Van, Technology-Led Business Model With Unlimited Potential

We’re revolutionising an old-fashioned industry alongside franchise partners who share our values, ambition and dedication to exceptional service. My Window Cleaner combines superb customer experience with bespoke world-class technology to deliver professional window cleaning fit for the 21st century.

“The ongoing support is first class. A great team providing real empathy and encouragement without ever being intrusive.”
- Dan Short, MWC North West Devon

Simple to Start, Quick to Grow

We will guide and support you in building your own successful van-based window cleaning business in your local area. Directly reap the rewards of your hard work – earn great money from a stable foundation of regular local clients.

Once you get busy, you’ll increase the customer base in other areas of your territory and we’ll guide you to bring in staff and more vans.
  • Start your window cleaning business with just £9.5K: Low start-up costs, low overheads and the expectation to grow a multi-van business
  • Proven marketing system to get regular customers: Get established and making money quickly with your own base of regular customers
  • Custom-built technology helps you grow further, faster: Bespoke software to grow to 1000s of customers, with automated admin & invoicing

Multiple Services, Multiple Income Streams

Providing a range of complementary, in-demand cleaning services gives you strong year-round sales and plenty of opportunities to offer additional services to existing customers.
  • Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Conservatory Cleaning
  • Jet Washing
  • Commercial Cleaning

With My Window Cleaner you’re building your own business, an asset that you can sell in the future. Taking the step to becoming your own boss can be daunting, but our friendly professional team have decades of experience guiding and supporting people in growing their own successful businesses; they thrive on it!

Why Franchise With Us Instead of Going Out Alone?

Why Franchise With Us Instead of Going Out Alone?

We Have an App For That!

We’ve invested over £650K in our own bespoke software system, Gloria. She empowers you and your business like nothing else in the window cleaning industry!

Gloria will:
  • Increase your efficiency by up to 30%
  • Automate much of your business admin, so you really can finish work at the end of the day
  • Work from any device, anywhere with an internet connection
  • Automatically invoice your customers
  • Automatically let your customers know when you’ll be with them
  • Analyse your marketing campaigns, giving you in-depth results from every channel you use
  • Plan your routes to be the most efficient on time and petrol

Your marketing is backed by exceptional digital visibility: you’ll have a localised website ranked on P1 of Google in your area, and we manage your Google Ads campaigns and train you on social media.

“We have invested in doing things the right way and have a great support team, fantastic technology and the results to prove it. We have proved time and again that we can help people make far more money, far more easily than if they start as an independent operator or just buy an existing round!”
- Karen Prewer, Founder

What Can You Earn?

All our franchisees are meeting their business plan projections – and a number have doubled or tripled projected turnover in their first months!

While you start out doing the cleaning (we’ll train you to the highest standards), you’ll employ someone after around 9 months, add a second van to your business around 18 months in, and scale up rapidly – as our existing franchisees are proving.

You can expect potential profits of over £70,000 in year 2 and around £130,000 in year 3 – from an investment of just £9.5K plus funding (total start-up investment of £23,400).

“Our marketing system is proven to bring in results. We use the latest promotional channels combined with tried and tested methods to help you quickly establish a regular income stream. As you grow your business, we will support you on a route to having more vans and a larger territory.”
- David Prewer, Director

Are you…

  • Looking for an active role where you aren’t sat behind a desk?
  • Wanting to build a portfolio of customers that delivers a healthy monthly income?
  • Friendly, professional and enjoy feedback from happy customers?
  • Looking to take control of your future and build an asset to sell?
  • Ready to invest £9.5K to start your own business?

Then please get in touch for further information and an informal chat.

We are the only bfa-accredited professional window cleaning business

Why prioritising CSR benefits an entire franchise brand

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And one way this is being achieved is through displaying a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is a concept which sees businesses held socially accountable to itself, its personnel and the general public – meaning that it is vital for brands to be prepared and show willingness to go the extra mile for the benefit of their communities. Here, Karen Prewer, the founder of the innovative, van-based window cleaning franchise, My Window Cleaner, explains why franchises benefit heavily from prioritising CSR in today’s business scape.

It is no surprise that in 2023, prospects, franchisees and franchisors prefer to operate in a social space. In fact, 67% of people now actively seek socially inclined companies, while brands that can prove their devotion to championing social projects reduce turnover by 50%1. This tells us in the franchise industry that prospects joining us today are inspired and driven by the opportunity to operate within a network of likeminded, responsible and empathetic people. And with the importance society as a whole places on new businesses embedding themselves in their communities, it is more important than ever to ensure brand presence goes beyond a product placement or service offering.

At My Window Cleaner, for example, we have grown our network with community in mind. For years, our prospective franchisees have bought into the franchise opportunity as they see it as the perfect platform to continue delivering their personal community-centric missions. Gareth Southard of My Window Cleaner Newport, uses his service to benefit the community by cleaning dirty road signs, planting Ninja Daffodils in the area and contributing to a Climate Action Project by reducing carbon through environmental projects. These channels for community engagement are helping Gareth achieve his ambitions as a business owner.

“I have big plans for growth for the next few years – both as a business owner and as someone devoted to supporting the community,” explains Gareth. “I’m now in a position where I can consider taking my business to the next level with more vans, opening more employment opportunities and ultimately serving more customers in the local area. It’s so important to me to grow a sustainable and rewarding business that not only gives franchisees success, but gives back in any way possible.”

But how does this benefit franchisors and the brand?

Make no mistake, CSR is not just for the benefit of franchisees and their local community. In fact, with the continued growth of franchise networks in all industries being driven socially responsible entrepreneurs, franchisors see the benefit it can have on franchisee wellbeing, brand success and engagement. And with these incredibly positive developments that take place thanks to CSR, franchisors are given the opportunity to capitalise on this by increasing brand awareness and finding creative marketing opportunities.

The franchise industry has an immense opportunity to leverage its network of franchises to make a significant impact across their communities, their industry and even the wider world of business. As we know, brand awareness is generated by franchises getting involved with a community or social cause – not only through the expected minimum of marketing efforts, but equally being present and accessible where possible. Naturally, the more visible and socially active a franchise or franchisee can be, often becomes newsworthy to journalists and the media. This in turn raises awareness of the franchise brand thanks to the actions of their incredible network.

The proof is in the pudding! Research shows that younger generations often look for CSR and expect it from companies with which they do business – a staggering 46% of millennials determine their willingness to invest based on a company’s commitment to changing the world2. So, as brands shift to more meaningful and strategic ways of giving back, franchises should recognise the benefits of encouraging their entire network to get behind a cause. With a greater importance placed on these finer details within the business when it comes to franchisee recruitment and engagement, brands certainly become more attractive to younger entrepreneurs seeking the next best opportunity.

1 Impact Marketing Club, 2023, A List Of Statistics That Demonstrate CSR Importance
2 Joshua Frick, 2023, Using Corporate Social Responsibility To Build Community Across A Franchise

My Window Cleaner Success Stories

My Window Cleaner Franchisee Found Via Franchise Direct Enjoying Early Success

July 27, 2023
A family business becomes the root of the community.

“Joining My Window Cleaner gave me the confidence to start my own family”

January 16, 2023
Oli Ford had long searched for a franchise opportunity that aligned with his own ambitions, beliefs and strengths. Oli knew what a truly positive partnership looked like in business having owned a franchise before the pandemic and stepped away upon realising it was no longer the right fit for him.

Choosing the dark horse proves to be the perfect fit

January 16, 2023
Emma Koch and David Albon had always strived to find roles that would give them a perfect balance between work, pleasure and family. And with experience in corporate sales and management positions, it was important that the pair found an opportunity to nurture these skills in a franchise devoted to professional development without feeling restricted by suits and briefcases.

A family business becomes the root of the community

January 16, 2023
After feeling he’d hit the ‘glass ceiling’ as a Marketing Manager, Will Hayton decided it was time to apply his skillset to a role that would enable him to be his own boss.

How Gary engineered a brighter future for his family

July 04, 2022
With a long career in engineering, it’s fair to say that owning a window cleaning business wasn’t the natural next step for Gary Poxon! Here, Gary tells us how his transferable skills – fused with a burning desire to build a better life for his family – convinced him that joining My Window Cleaner was the right move to make.

Franchising veterans choose MWC for their next business

February 22, 2022
Owen Tweedie and his partner Joyce know a thing or two about franchising – they’ve been franchisees before, and so have Joyce’s parents! So why did they choose MWC for their new venture? Owen explains…

Surveying his work-life balance leads Oli to MWC

February 22, 2022
Oli Ronan and his wife Claire moved from Kent to Cornwall to start their new business, in a completely different industry! For very good reasons, as he explains below.
My Window Cleaner Testimonials
Franchise Direct.... it does exactly what is says on the tin! Working closely with the guys at Franchise Direct is like having them in a special unique department in your business focused on helping you recruit tomorrow’s franchisees.
Dave Prewer, My Window Cleaner,
My Window Cleaner
My Window Cleaner Videos
My Window Cleaner | Case Study | Oli

My Window Cleaner | Case Study | Oli

Oli Ford of Cardiff City and The Vale, discusses his journey as a My Window Cleaner franchisee.
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Opportunities available across the UK.
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£14,995 + VAT.
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