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Bridgewater Home Care

Bridgewater Home Care Franchise

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A game-changing franchise, build with the Franchisee in mind

Become part of exciting and expanding franchise network, built around the lives of our franchise partners.

Based upon past experiences in franchising, the Bridgewater Home Care franchise provides the opportunity to build a successful and sustainable business for the future, whilst truly reaping the benefits of flexibility and work-life balance.

Welcome to the Bridgewater Home Care Franchise

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Bridgewater Home Care is a well-established domiciliary care brand with decades of experience in the health and social care sector.

Established in 2010, the business seeks to expand its presence in the marketplace through a network of strong, passionate and committed franchisees.

The brand has already expanded its regional presence with 3 pilot locations that have achieved years of success after implementing the Bridgewater Home Care model of privately funded care at home, specialising in the care of those living with a form of dementia.

“I am delighted that our first franchise partner has smashed revenue targets fourfold!” - Phil Eckersley – Owner of Bridgewater Home Care Franchise

Bridgewater Home Care are not only renowned for the quality of care delivered but the excellent working conditions for their care team.

This has been recognised after an independent survey carried out by Smith + Henderson rated the Employee Satisfaction at 98%. In addition the company has also won multiple awards for Employer of the Year, Wellbeing in the Workplace and Training and Development, and recently regional ‘Game Changer’ of the year.

“When we came across the Bridgewater Home Care Franchise opportunity, we were immediately attracted to their ‘family more than a company’ ethos.” - Franchisee

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The Investment

The initial franchise fee is £35,000 (+ VAT) with the anticipated total investment required being in the region of £80,000 - £100,000 inclusive of the initial franchise fee.

Finance is available through the major banks or through third parties.

<blockquote> “Bridgewater Home Care are in a unique position of being a franchisor with hands on past experience of being a franchisee.” – Franchise Professional </blockquote>

What do you get for your investment?

Bridgewater Home Care will provide you with everything you need to start, operate and grow a successful and sustainable business.
  • A tried-and-tested business model
  • Your own protected territory in the UK
  • In depth launch training
  • Ongoing support, mentoring and visits
  • Recruitment and retention support
  • Your local website and marketing profile
  • Comprehensive Operations Manual
  • Policies and Procedures for every process in the business
  • Compliance support to meet and exceed CQC requirements.
  • Low monthly service fee

We provide all the operational essentials so you can focus on what is important, growing your business!

“I couldn’t ask for a better mentor and team.” - Franchisee

Who are we looking for?

  • Someone who is willing to commit full-time to the business venture
  • Those willing to trust in the franchise model, that has over a decade of success
  • Those who are happy to collaborate and work closely with the national office team, for support and business development
  • Motivated individuals who share our values and ethos
  • Those with a strong desire to make a difference in the local community

Having fun is an important element to owning a Bridgewater Home Care franchise - we build this into everything that we do.

If you want to have an exciting and rewarding business with lots of opportunities to socialise and develop yourself as an individual, we are the franchise for you.

Our managing director and founder, Phil Eckersley, is a qualified in Strategic Leadership and will be on hand to guide you through your franchising journey.

The Market

The need for our services is self-evident. Everybody knows that the care market is one of the few that remain buoyant during adverse economic conditions.

What is important is that you have the right business model to capture the market and create a successful, sustainable long-term business. This is where Bridgewater Home Care are different.

The Rewards

Bridgewater Home Care Franchise Rewards

With a Bridgewater Home Care Franchise you can be confident that you are investing into a business model with longevity and enormous potential.

You are never alone, we are always there to support you, share best practice and overcome any challenges.

You have a great opportunity to earn a substantial income by doing what you enjoy and doing it well. This opportunity finds the balance between social rewards and financial returns.

Bridgewater Home Care Halton exceeding financial projections threefold!

Bridgewater Home Care Halton

Eight months later, Managing Directors of Bridgewater Home Care Halton, Vindya and Shehan, are awarded with TWO incredible milestone awards, after hitting revenue targets 12 months ahead of projections.

The two awards, the ‘Pier’ award and the ‘Springer’ award were achieved through surpassing key revenue milestones having grown the business exponentially in the first few months since opening their doors.

Celebrations were in order as Phil Eckersley, founder and managing director of Bridgewater Home Care, presented the two awards, congratulating Vindya and Shehan on such an outstanding achievement.

“Congratulations to Vindya and Shehan for such a well-deserved achievement! I am beyond thrilled that our first franchised office is off to such a flying start. It was evident from first meeting with Vindya and Shehan that they would be successful at developing their own business in home care, and I am very excited to see what else they will achieve!” – Phil Eckersley

The pair were initially attracted to the Bridgewater Home Care franchise opportunity due to ‘the personal touch and the support they would receive’. Vindya and Shehan commented “We saw the successes they had enjoyed in the past and thought they definitely must be doing something right”.

Bridgewater Home Care Halton have been focussing on growing their own successful team to deliver high quality care in their local community, following Bridgewater Home Care’s tried and tested business model.

“We followed exactly what is said and it works – it’s there for a reason and it’s worked for us!”

Bridgewater Home Care franchise has a rigorous selection process for new franchise partners, ensuring to maintain the brand’s high-quality standards and sustainable growth plans.

New franchise partners are vetted based on their character, experience and skills, along with their goals, values and aspirations. It is through these mutual goals that the Bridgewater Home Care franchise aim to grow sustainably through a network of like-minded professionals throughout the country, to deliver exceptional quality care.

Bridgewater Home Care Videos
Introducing the Bridgewater Home Care Franchise Opportunity

Introducing the Bridgewater Home Care Franchise Opportunity

An introduction to the Bridgewater Home Care franchise opportunity
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Opportunities available in England.
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