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We are disrupting the fragmented business coaching and consultancy market. BizSmart® offers small business owners a fresh approach to growth guidance that builds longer client relationships, delivering you a sticky recuring income. Why longer relationships… because unlike most coaching and consultancy franchises – it’s not all about you!

“I have seen first-hand the positive impact of the BizSmart® model for enabling business owners to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.”

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BBC Apprentice Winner, Mark Wright uses the BizSmart® ScaleUp’ System in his businesses

Our client stats evidence that we have something special here

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So, what is it that BizSmart® provide that will enable you to create such long and profitable client relationships for your business…

  • Your clients will place huge value on the proprietary software stack, which sets out and manages their business ScaleUp journey….And they love the community you will build, a group of like-minded small business owners who fuel the conversations at your group video board meetings.
  • Your clients will deliver the value to each other for you, month after month, year after year. You also create deeper personal client relationships with 45-minute monthly 1-2-1s, simply following the steps laid out in the system and tailoring your approach to their mood that month.
  • Clients typically pay a lot lesst han the market rate for a business coach or peer advisory board, so they are happy they are getting a great deal too… Everyone wins, everyone learns, while everyone makes more money!*

And there’s more – we are aware accountants and other professionals are desperate to transition to become their clients’ trusted advisors, with tech and AI encroaching on their processing roles. To them your BizSmart® software stack is a proven fintech masterpiece that you can supply for their team to utilise in their practice and keep their clients engaged too. This presents you with an entirely hands-off super-sticky additional recurring income stream. Everyone wins again…

BizSmart is the perfect business for:

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You must care and be credible, have commercial acumen and be confident to adapt your pace and pitch to relate to a range of switched-on business people. You will learn as much as your clients do – it’s such a rewarding role where you will develop deep relationships that will often last as long as you are operating!

“It’s a bit like being a NED for multiple small businesses, but far, far more rewarding.” Granger Forson – Franchisee

All services are conceived to be simple for you to operate with minimal effort, admin and preparation, while being highly effective and ultra-sticky for your clients. You will feel empowered by the tech and leverage AI, learning every day and staying current in our fast-moving world.

You don’t need lots of employees, you don’t need premises and you don’t need to travel. It’s a hugely rewarding role leading local business owners on the journey to scale up their organisations.

  • Peer advisory boards – monthly
  • 1-2-1 sessions following the monthly theme – monthly
  • Smart 90-day planning meetings – quarterly
  • Range of business ScaleUp tools – ad-hoc
  • Empowering local accountants/professionals to resell the system

A unique approach that even maps in your holidays!

Your first three years are mapped in extreme detail as part of the setup process, even blocks of time for holidays are included, so you have a true road map to follow. We are not aware of any other franchise that provides this depth of guidance, balance and clarity of the journey ahead.

Following the plan will see you aiming to hit c.£250k sales in year three working c.20hrs per week on delivery. Then aim for c.£500k in year five, enjoying c.70% - 80% net profits.*

And this all adds up to a valuable asset to sell in the future too.

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Conceived, owned and operated in the UK

Founder, Kevin Brent, and the head office franchise support team also continue to operate the original territory in Worcester, committed to refining the unique software stack and building brand awareness. There’s a refreshing mindset focused on delivering long-term value where all parties win.

With educational books and regular peer podcast interviews, awareness of our unique approach to growth guidance is snowballing – exciting times ahead.

If you are interested in learning more about the BizSmart® franchise opportunity and feel it could be right for you please get in touch with Mike for an initial chat.

  • You need have at least £15k to invest to start your business with bank funding (total £50k)
  • You are keen to follow a franchise model to grow your own business
  • Have a desire to build a long-term recurring income stream
  • Are an adaptable, credible and confident people-person

If you want to go far, go together

*we do not offer any guarantees regarding the returns that you can create with BizSmart®

Simply click on request more info to request your free information!
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How the implementation of a successful business strategy can assist scale-up

Here, Kevin Brent Founder of BizSmart®, a leading business support provider, offers insight into how to create and implement a successful strategy to help to develop, scale and build a sustainable business model:

How do we develop and successfully implement a strategy?

The word ‘strategy’ is often associated with complex images of paperwork, encompassing lengthy, complicated spreadsheets, diagrams, and reports, - often deterring business owners from creating and implementing one in their own business. This is reinforced by the fact recent research by BizSmart® indicated that 53% of owner-managers say they ‘don’t have a clear strategy that works towards scalability and growth’.

To scale a business, a strategy must be in place and actions must be taken to ensure its success.

1. People and leadership

For a winning strategy, there must be a strong focus placed on leadership and vision, which is then filtered throughout all areas of the business.

One of the ways to achieve this is by creating a workplace culture that unites all team members in the company’s core beliefs and business goals. Often within the recruitment process, businesses look to hire for experience and skill rather than passion and drive. Hiring an individual based on other factors, such as a positive attitude, passion to learn and hunger to thrive, will prove far more effective than hiring someone who is less dedicated to business growth, but more experienced.

Business leaders often find the word ‘delegation’ a complex one, as owners share the belief that no one knows their business, better than they do. As such, it can be hard to ‘pass on the baton’ and entrust others to lead.

To create an efficient and consistent operation, leadership must be implemented throughout each level of a business, and importance placed on instilling leadership roles within the team and in each department. This will help to build a sustainable business which ensures that its successes are not just reliant on the owner. To do this, it is essential to define job roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities, and create and provide team leaders with a framework to follow, which helps them to know which decisions to make, without referring to or relying on the business owner. This empowers employees to lead with confidence and ensures consistency at each level of the business.

2. Decision-making

Decision-making is a common phrase among businesses. It can be as simple as where to order the next lot of stationary from, right up to mergers and acquisition decisions. Business owners are tasked with having to make both small and monumental decisions, which can be a daunting undertaking.

Better and informed decision-making is imperative for businesses. But, to be able to make these decisions, a business must have a clear understanding of its core ideology, to ensure that the choices made align with the business vision.

Core Ideology is a consistent business value, and not something that changes – it should be fundamental in defining a business’s identity, establishing who they are, what they do and why it exists. These questions help to inform better decision-making, and to create a successful strategic plan, businesses need to have a strong understanding of their core ideology to frame their decision-making from the outset.

3. Plan and execution

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is knowing how to effectively execute a strategy. Where strategy is focused on ensuring that businesses are ‘doing the right things’, execution is focused on what steps businesses need to take to deliver against those plans.

Often businesses can have an impressive business strategy in place but fall short in their execution. In fact, our statistics reported that only about 10% of businesses manage to be good at both strategy and execution, and these businesses are noted as the ones that outperform their peers.

To effectively execute strategy, a business must analyse its execution habits and business rhythm. Using a framework such as a 90-day plan, enables businesses to ask the question, ‘what does good look like in 90 days’ time?’ or ‘when we meet in 90 days, what must have happened between now and then for us to consider the quarter to be a success?’. By using this framework, businesses can evaluate the steps taken for executing the strategy and action changes, based on the performance. This helps to build a bridge and align everyone around a few key priorities for the quarter, while working towards the long-term vision and results for the business,


A strategy is an important part of business development and should not be met with hesitance or half-heartedness. For a strategy to work, people, mission, and company ethos must align harmoniously to achieve business goals and long-term success.

Kevin Brent, Founder of BizSmart®

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