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We are disrupting the fragmented business coaching and consultancy market. BizSmart® offers small business owners a fresh approach to growth guidance that builds longer client relationships, delivering you a sticky recuring income. Why longer relationships… because unlike most coaching and consultancy franchises – it’s not all about you!

“I have seen first-hand the positive impact of the BizSmart® model for enabling business owners to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.”

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BBC Apprentice Winner, Mark Wright uses the BizSmart® ScaleUp’ System in his businesses

Our client stats evidence that we have something special here

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So, what is it that BizSmart® provide that will enable you to create such long and profitable client relationships for your business…

  • Your clients will place huge value on the proprietary software stack, which sets out and manages their business ScaleUp journey….And they love the community you will build, a group of like-minded small business owners who fuel the conversations at your group video board meetings.
  • Your clients will deliver the value to each other for you, month after month, year after year. You also create deeper personal client relationships with 45-minute monthly 1-2-1s, simply following the steps laid out in the system and tailoring your approach to their mood that month.
  • Clients typically pay a lot lesst han the market rate for a business coach or peer advisory board, so they are happy they are getting a great deal too… Everyone wins, everyone learns, while everyone makes more money!*

And there’s more – we are aware accountants and other professionals are desperate to transition to become their clients’ trusted advisors, with tech and AI encroaching on their processing roles. To them your BizSmart® software stack is a proven fintech masterpiece that you can supply for their team to utilise in their practice and keep their clients engaged too. This presents you with an entirely hands-off super-sticky additional recurring income stream. Everyone wins again…

BizSmart is the perfect business for:

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You must care and be credible, have commercial acumen and be confident to adapt your pace and pitch to relate to a range of switched-on business people. You will learn as much as your clients do – it’s such a rewarding role where you will develop deep relationships that will often last as long as you are operating!

“It’s a bit like being a NED for multiple small businesses, but far, far more rewarding.” Granger Forson – Franchisee

All services are conceived to be simple for you to operate with minimal effort, admin and preparation, while being highly effective and ultra-sticky for your clients. You will feel empowered by the tech and leverage AI, learning every day and staying current in our fast-moving world.

You don’t need lots of employees, you don’t need premises and you don’t need to travel. It’s a hugely rewarding role leading local business owners on the journey to scale up their organisations.

  • Peer advisory boards – monthly
  • 1-2-1 sessions following the monthly theme – monthly
  • Smart 90-day planning meetings – quarterly
  • Range of business ScaleUp tools – ad-hoc
  • Empowering local accountants/professionals to resell the system

A unique approach that even maps in your holidays!

Your first three years are mapped in extreme detail as part of the setup process, even blocks of time for holidays are included, so you have a true road map to follow. We are not aware of any other franchise that provides this depth of guidance, balance and clarity of the journey ahead.

Following the plan will see you aiming to hit c.£250k sales in year three working c.20hrs per week on delivery. Then aim for c.£500k in year five, enjoying c.70% - 80% net profits.*

And this all adds up to a valuable asset to sell in the future too.

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Conceived, owned and operated in the UK

Founder, Kevin Brent, and the head office franchise support team also continue to operate the original territory in Worcester, committed to refining the unique software stack and building brand awareness. There’s a refreshing mindset focused on delivering long-term value where all parties win.

With educational books and regular peer podcast interviews, awareness of our unique approach to growth guidance is snowballing – exciting times ahead.

If you are interested in learning more about the BizSmart® franchise opportunity and feel it could be right for you please get in touch with Mike for an initial chat.

  • You need have at least £15k to invest to start your business with bank funding (total £50k)
  • You are keen to follow a franchise model to grow your own business
  • Have a desire to build a long-term recurring income stream
  • Are an adaptable, credible and confident people-person

If you want to go far, go together

*we do not offer any guarantees regarding the returns that you can create with BizSmart®

Simply click on request more info to request your free information!
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A Day in the Life of a Franchise Owner

An Engineer at heart, Granger has always flourished at problem-solving and has led an impressive career, spanning 25+ years.

He first came across fast-growing business support provider, BizSmart®, while working as an Operations Director for an SME manufacturing company. Here he gained first-hand insight into the BizSmart® scale-up journey in developing a strategy to drive profitable growth, and saw an unmissable opportunity to join BizSmart® as a Franchisee.

BizSmart Granger

Proud to be approaching his first full year as the owner of BizSmart® Gloucestershire, Granger outlines some of the key aspects and takeaways from life as a franchise owner and explores his normal working Tuesday:

How do you start the normal working day?

“I start my day around 6 am with a 30-minute exercise class. After exercise, I like to prepare myself mentally with a 30-minute Morning Miracle session, comprised of positive movements, meditation, vision boarding, and a recapping of values and principles.

At 7 am, my life partner and business partner, Elaine and I, sit down and discuss the day ahead over a cup of tea, and start the SmartStart meeting.

Around 8.30 am, I complete my quick commute upstairs to begin the working day, with a 30-minute focus on the 3’s (sorting, sweeping, standardising) and improving. From 9 – 12 pm, I begin BizSmart® activities and log all notes in Ontaport. I then take at least two calls following my ‘Onboarding to Success’ plan for the week.”

What does the afternoon consist of?

‘At midday, I will have a catchup meeting with the BizSmart® central team, which is the perfect time to gather essential support, advice and guidance, and share what will be upcoming in Smart Matters. After catching up with the BizSmart® team, at 12.30 pm Elaine and I spend some well-needed time away from the technology, sharing a bite to eat.

My early afternoon return from lunch consists of emails, LinkedIn reviews, sales calls and focusing on networking, reviewing, planning and referrals.

From 3 pm, I like to focus on coaching BizSmart® clients, with individual client sessions and sales networking.”

How do you usually finish up your day?

“At 5 pm, I begin end-of-the-day due diligence by exploring and answering emails and overviewing accounts. After this, I like to do some insightful reading or listen to a podcast.

I finish around 6 pm, and Elaine and I will take alternate days and turns to cook dinner, and chat while cooking to digest the day together. We will then sit down to enjoy a homecooked, dinner together.

In my free time from 7 – 9.30 pm, I like to relax by spending time with Elaine, checking my messages from my two lean messaging groups, watching TV or continue reading.

Is every day different for you as a franchisee, or do you try to follow a similar routine?

“The start, middle and end of each day I try to keep the same as possible.

Monday afternoon I have a call with Kevin Brent and my Sales company. Wednesday, I will begin networking early morning and explore BizSmart® programs later. Thursday is spent working with and coaching a client and is my SmartBoard day. On Friday, I attend three further networking events: monthly, fortnightly, and weekly. Friday afternoon is reserved for working on the business.

Elaine and I decide what we need to work on next to improve some aspect of the business and we spend at least two hours doing this each week.

The only extra item I do is throughout the day, when I have a spare moment, I review emails and deal with them. My target each day is an empty email box!”

What does a client session consist of?

“There are three types of client sessions.

The first type is a group zoom session while delivering a Flight academy program. I run the session, present the training topic, and encourage discussion, and debate about the topic, to make the peer group challenge session a success for all. From these sessions our clients learn the first seven basics a business must have in place and start to implement them.

The second is a one-to-one coaching session through Zoom. Here we drill down into current issues within the business and guide the client on how to work through the actions needed, based on key topics from the flight academy. We also hold an accountability session to help them drive forward to reach their goals. Here our clients get support to improve key parts of their business and take initiative and accountability, to get it done.

The third type of session is a long day or half day of SmartStrat face-to-face. Here we take a deep dive into the business, to answer key questions including what is its core purpose and values? Where does the business owner/board want to go? What is the review for products, markets, marketing and sales? From this, we develop a SmartWeb action plan for the next three years’ road map. So, our clients now have their thoughts and strategies down on paper and can help guide their business going forward for the next year.“

What is the most challenging aspect of your day-to-day as a franchisee?

‘Initially, it was prioritising and understanding what the most important thing to do the next, day, week or month is and what will deliver the best impact. Once I started my own default diary, with SmartStart, Smart7, Smart30 and Smart90 meeting structure, it came together.

However, the best moment was when Elaine started, and I had someone to talk with daily and bounce ideas with.’

What are some of the best parts of life as a franchisee?

‘One is seeing my clients achieve what they wanted to achieve from working with me and more. We add so much more value to them, that you can’t even describe a fraction of it in our marketing and sales process.’

‘Another is completely managing my own time and being responsible for decisions to make the franchise successful. If I want to do something one day that is completely different, then that is fine, it's my time, my focus, my energy.’

‘Lastly, learning new skills and applying them every day.’

Reflecting on your past year in business, what is your biggest takeaway?

‘In life, you must take the leap of faith, to change your life. As a business owner every day can have ups and downs, but starting with the end in mind, and experimenting every week, you find a way through the fog, and it is so much fun doing it.

As on 1st October 2022, BizSmart® Gloucestershire will be one year old. We have made it past the 50% failure rate of new business failures in the first year. On to the next target.’

Granger Forson, Franchise Owner of BizSmart® Gloucestershire

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