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Generate a highly profitable business and a rewarding future with Screen Rescue

Screen Rescue is a multi-award-winning windscreen and glass repair franchise who have excelled at providing all commercial automotive clients with superior repair quality and exceptional customer care since 2012.

Owning a Screen Rescue franchise provides the opportunity to be your own boss where you can develop a highly lucrative, multi-van business in the thriving commercial automotive industry and achieve a repeat revenues turnover of £90,000* p.a. from each fully established, operating van. *Latest 2022 data.

This business model is scalable and comes with a large territory designed to deliver the maximum reward for your efforts. From the start, you are supplied with the correct business mix of qualified leads to enable you to build a multi-van operation so you can expand and scale up your franchise in line with your real ambitions.

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About Screen Rescue

Screen Rescue is the UK’s only award-winning Windscreen & Glass Repairs franchise operating exclusively within all commercial vehicle sectors of the automotive industry now worth £49bn to the UK economy.

Our purpose is simple: we repair windscreen and glass damages on a regular and reliable basis rather than replacing them, so that our commercial automotive clients continue to make significant savings every day. In this franchise the numbers add up. The more clients you look after, the more repeat business you carry out; the more you can earn.

Screen Rescue provides an excellent opportunity for those seeking the freedom and flexibility of running a low-cost van-based franchise from home. Providing our repair services from a corporate branded van the business model is simple to learn, highly profitable and easy to manage.

Approved suppliers to all main dealerships, major motor groups and commercial fleets.

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Screen Rescue provide a wide range of windscreen and glass repair services to commercial automotive clients in all the following commercial vehicle sectors:

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  • Main Automotive Franchise Dealerships
  • New & Used Car Garages
  • Freight, Haulage, Transport, Distribution & Logistics Carriers
  • Car Lease & Rental Groups
  • Van Hire Groups
  • Minibus & Coach Hire Companies
  • Public Transport Service Providers
  • Civil Engineering & Construction Corporations
  • District, Borough, City & Local Government County Councils
  • Major Fleet Operators
  • Agricultural, Plant & Machinery Hire Suppliers

And so many more...

A franchise package designed to get your business off to a flying start

Investing in a Screen Rescue franchise provides you with exclusive rights to the USA’s leading technologically advanced digital touchscreen repairs equipment and all the tools, training and award-winning franchisee support you need to build and develop your own successful business.

We provide you with everything you need to start your business

  • Proven, scalable business model with unlimited earning potential
  • 10-year renewable Territory License to trade in your chosen territory
  • Large, exclusive protected territory in a prime location
  • Advanced Digital Touchscreen Windscreen & Glass Repairs Equipment with unique technology capabilities
  • Advanced Glass Polishing Equipment
  • Advanced bsi Resins, Materials & Peripherals Starter Supplies
  • 10-day Induction Training covering all areas of the business
  • 10-day local hotel B&B accommodation during your training
  • 10-day Launch in your chosen territory with the franchisor
  • Comprehensive Training & Coaching Programmes
  • GQA NVQ and 4M Training & Assessment in Windscreen & Glass Repairs
  • Award-winning Franchisee Support
  • Ongoing access to all Franchise Central Support Services
  • Extensive Lead Base
  • Referral clients from operating sister territories
  • Business Development & Field Sales Support
  • Corporate Screen Rescue Van Signage
  • Corporate Uniform with H&S & PPE Starter Kit
  • Corporate Business Stationery Starter Pack
  • Corporate Website Presence with Location Page Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Marketing Campaigns
  • Guided Due Diligence
  • Business Plan Assistance
  • Monthly Management Information with Performance Analysis
  • Training Manual
  • Operations Manual
  • Bank approved funding up to 70% of the total investment. T&Cs apply.
  • QFA (Quality Franchise Association) Full Membership & Concessions

Screen Rescue Logos

The Screen Rescue Franchise Package costs £19,750 plus VAT (VAT is reclaimable).

Our bank approved business model will raise up to 70% of your total investment. T&Cs apply. You’ll need to add personal savings of 30% to cover your working capital. We will help you through the funding process and introduce you to all main lenders.

Accredited Training & Award-winning Franchisee Support

You will receive extensive training, coaching and award-winning support, our knowledge and expertise, and all the equipment and business tools you will need for the successful set-up, launch and growth of your Screen Rescue Franchise.

Indeed, there is no better time to join Screen Rescue.

In January we collected ‘Best Franchisee Support’ Silver Award Winner and our Stevenage franchisee, won ‘Franchisee of the Year’ Gold Award Winner in the VFA22 franchise awards, judged and sponsored by Barclays Bank.

Trained to the highest industry standard, we prepare each new franchisee for the journey ahead with:

  • 10-days Induction Training covering all areas of the business

In Suffolk, under the personal guidance of both franchisors, you’ll be trained in all windscreen and glass repair disciplines, business development, sales and marketing, accounts, and operational processes, so you are fully confident in running all areas of your franchise operation.

  • 10-day Assisted Launch in your chosen territory

Following pre-launch social media target marketing direct to your potential client base, you will gain the benefit of a strategic launch led by franchisor, Jaime Hilario who is by your side every day – this approach is proven to fast-track you into business giving your franchise the best possible start.

  • Industry recognised GQA NVQ Windscreen Repairs certification leading to BWSC 4M Training & Assessment in Windscreen & Glass Repairs

Every franchisee and each of their technicians are trained to industry recognised GQA NVQ Level 2 in Windscreen Repair. And, with the recent launch of BS AU 242b:2022 in March 22, the new standard in Windscreen Repair now takes reforms to a new level where working towards British Standards means accredited compliance to a 4M approach.

Screen Rescue will be investing in the roll-out of BWSC 4M training and assessment of all franchisees from May. We'll be working closely with The British Windscreen Safety Council who as a panel of experts, were instrumental in the drafting of BS AU 242b:2022 and act as the body overseeing compliance issues within the windscreen industry.

  • Comprehensive Training & Coaching Programmes

You’ll also benefit from regular in-territory visits and one-on-one guidance to help accelerate your business growth, providing you with ongoing support when and where you need it. You'll follow new business development plans, created specifically to increase your client base, which focus on winning local and regional accounts, helping you maximise your franchise success.
  • Ongoing access to Award-winning Franchisee Support

Investing in a Screen Rescue franchise provides you with a wide range of daily support services to help you reach your full potential. You’ll be awarded full access to our head office award-winning franchise support team, who provide a comprehensive range of sophisticated central support services every day. Think of them as your own extended team, assisting you so you are free to run your business.

  • 24/7 call centre message handling service
  • Accounts CRM management with daily invoice processing
  • Aged debtor management and credit control
  • Statement management and remittance collections
  • Centralised marketing with social media target marketing
  • Website territory location page management
  • Lead generation, company credit checks and daily credit alerts
  • Monthly management information
  • Business plan performance reviews

And so much more…

Could you be our next award-winning franchisee?

Screen Rescue Awards

“I was attracted to the level of training and ongoing support you get with a Screen Rescue franchise right from the start. I had total confidence in the professional way the franchisors assisted me with my business plan and my tailored financial forecast, and found it was a straightforward process to raise the funds I needed for my working capital.

“It was also reassuring to see the way the franchisors handled the legal company set-up with the accountants, which helped take some of the worry out of starting my new franchise.

“All-in-all, it was the one-to-one franchisor training, support, and ongoing guidance I was offered that gave me the extra confidence to proceed.”

Keith Harrison, Screen Rescue Stevenage, GOLD WINNER VFA22 ‘Franchisee of the Year’

“Although no experience is necessary to become a Screen Rescue franchisee as we include full training within our extensive franchise package, if you are business-minded and have the drive and passion to build long-term business relationships, we would be delighted to speak with you!

Amanda Hilario VFP, Founder franchisor and QFA board of directors

The Next Steps

If you’re looking for a proven business model and like the sound of our award-winning franchise, we’d be delighted to speak with you! Click below to receive your FREE info pack and we’ll contact you.


Glenn Bowker lands on his feet with Screen Rescue Birmingham

Screen Rescue Image

We catch up with Glenn to chat about his route to becoming a Screen Rescue franchisee.

Q1: What is your business background?

I have an applied chemistry degree and a 25-year business background in technical sales and marketing management, the last 10+ years of which have been spent in the aviation maintenance sector. I feel this gives me a solid background in terms of the technical requirements for repairing a wide range of windscreen damages and also in the determination, persistence and tenacity required to generate the new business and client numbers that will be required to make the business successful.

Q2: What made you decide to run your own business?

Following a period of career uncertainty caused by the global impact on the aviation industry from COVID-19 it was time to make a final decision on where my future lay. After deciding that I had no desire to return to my previous background in the corporate sales world, running my own business was a great option, assuming I could find a corporate business that fitted my skillset.

Q3: Given the current uncertainty in world economics, why now?

Following detailed due diligence and my own market research, I felt that the market for commercial windscreen and glass repairs within the Birmingham postcode area was sizeable, somewhat protected due to its commercial nature and should be able to ride out any short-term national or global economic instability.

Q4: Why did you choose a Screen Rescue franchise?

I was looking for a van-based franchise and reading about Screen Rescue's market niche pricked my interest. I then conducted some good old fashioned market research and talked to key decision makers in the sector and discovered that the market for these services within the Birmingham postcode area was sizeable and not necessarily well serviced between the national competitors and the local man in a van provider. Then, when I met both franchisors at their Cambridge Open Day, this reinforced my decision.

Q5: How have your family supported you in this decision?

My partner is naturally a more cautious person than I, so did have some reservations of me moving from a solid salary to running my own business. That said, she does see that the Screen Rescue franchise will give us the opportunity we were seeking to gain financial security and independence, plus a better work life balance in the mid to long-term.

Q6: What sort of assistance have the franchisors provided in the start-up process?

They were there every step of the way to support me in everything from helping me write the business plan, to conducting market research and sourcing the finance required. I could not have asked for more professional help and support.

Q7: How easy is it to contact the franchisors?

Very Easy. They are always available on the telephone and respond to emails/messages very quickly.

Q8: What skills and attributes do you think you need to make a good Screen Rescue franchisee?

I think you need to be friendly and open to attract and retain clients, but you also need to be tenacious, persistent and be able to accept rejection as selling and delivering any service in this day and age can be challenging.

Q9: Why did you choose to invest in a franchise business and not start-up on your own?

Being realistic, any new business, each day, week and month will provide you with lots of ups and downs to negotiate and learn from. To me, investing in a successful franchise means you have the support and know-how from franchisors who have tried, tested, and perfected the business model and this makes it a significantly lower risk investment than attempting to go it alone.

Q10: How will you maintain the quality of your own client and (their) customer services?

I think this is a very simple and relatively old-fashioned process even in this modern world. Work hard, go the extra mile, treat clients, their customers and other stakeholders with respect. Give a quality repair service but most importantly deliver on your promises to the client first time and every time.

Q11: Where do you see your business 6 months/ 12 months from now?

Within 6 months I would like to see a steady cashflow coming in from regular clients and by 12 months it would be nice to set my sights on the assignment of a 2nd van within the territory.

Q12: What milestones do you hope to achieve first?

This week, signing up my first clients will of course be a big relief, and from there it will be about ensuring I quickly build a regular stable of clients, which allow the business to pay for itself while still allowing me more time to develop a larger and more diverse customer base.

Q13: What are your family goals?

To achieve financial security so that I can afford a few of the nicer things in life for my partner and kids, and to be able to get a good work life balance, which allows me to attend things such as our children's events, which I often have had to miss in the past.

Q14: You’ve got a solid business background, who is your business mentor in life?

I don't think I have a specific mentor. I’ve just tried to take the best traits from people I have worked with over the years and made a conscious effort to ensure I don't pick up any of the less desirable traits I have witnessed.

Q15: Where is your favourite meal out?

We love Gauchos in Birmingham - finest steak in the Midlands alongside excellent ambiance and service.

Q16: What book did you read last?

The Ink Black Heart - the latest instalment in the Cormoran Strike series written by J.K.Rowling.

Q17: Who do you support (football/ other sports)?

I’m a big West Bromwich Albion fan for my sins, I also love watching international cricket.

Q18: If you could speak to the 25-year-old Glenn, what advice would you now give him?

I’d say, have a little more patience, play workplace politics more intelligently and don't so overtly expect others to have the same level of intensity and energy that I deliver myself!

Screen Rescue Success Stories

One year on in business, with Screen Rescue franchisee, Keith Harrison...

September 15, 2021
Following the country’s first lockdown back in March 2020, franchisee, Keith Harrison snapped up his onboarding date the moment lockdown lifted on 13th July and began his training at the Screen Rescue head office in Suffolk. Two weeks later, Screen Rescue Stevenage opened its trading doors on 27th July winning new clients on day one. We ask Keith how he is doing one year on…
Screen Rescue Testimonials
Every day is different when owning a Screen Rescue franchise because we work with such a wide range of automotive clients across all commercial vehicle sectors - it makes every day interesting!
Keith Harrison, Screen Rescue Stevenage, Franchisee of the Year VFA22 GOLD WINNER,
Screen Rescue
There is immense job satisfaction when owning a Screen Rescue franchise. Because we are proactive and visit our clients on a regular and reliable basis, we’re able to develop long term, purposeful business relationships with them. Visits to our well-established veteran clients are like visiting a trusted friend. We are very quickly made to feel like an extended part of their team because we provide vital repair solutions to all their glass damages – this is just one of the reasons why the business model is so robust and why our specialised services are in such demand. Screen Rescue is a very exciting franchise to join.
Keith Harrison, Screen Rescue Stevenage,
Screen Rescue
I was working in the industry for a national competitor and wanted a new challenge back, face to face with clients again. I joined this award-winning franchise to further develop the Chelmsford territory
Nick Parry, Screen Rescue Chelmsford, Trainee Business Manager,
Screen Rescue
This is an exciting franchise that provides award-winning daily franchisee support; perfect for anyone new to business. You get a franchise you really can scale-up following a unique repeat business model. Work hard and your ROI is awesome!!
Nick Parry, Screen Rescue Chelmsford, Trainee Business Manager,
Screen Rescue
Screen Rescue Videos
Screen Rescue Cambridge

Screen Rescue Cambridge

Living in the Cambridge area? Then why not hit the ground running with a Screen Rescue Cambridge territory!
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Screen Rescue Franchise Gallery
Screen Rescue Franchise Gallery
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