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Trends and Facts About Mortgage Franchises

The UK house-buying market is thriving, with demand wildly overwhelming supply. This has pushed prices and competition to the brink, leaving aspiring homeowners struggling to find the finances and house movers with a complicated marketplace to navigate.

So, the time has never been better to invest in a mortgage franchise, offering an established path into the challenging commercial and business finance market. Indeed, the mortgage broker sector is in high demand, with colossal income potential.

Perhaps you're already working as a mortgage advisor or in the property sector as an estate agent. Maybe you have experience in a financial services organisation? Either way, you dream of becoming your own boss and taking control of your career destiny.

A mortgage franchise offers:

  • The best terms and rates for their customers from a range of moneylenders
  • Timesaving and advice for homebuyers looking for a mortgage
  • Liaison with the mortgage underwriters, estate agents, and closing agents
  • Administrative support for customers confused by the complex mortgage application process

So, if you’re looking for high earning potential and a way to help homebuyers obtain the keys to their dream home, consider investing in a mortgage franchise.


If you're thinking about going into business, it could be wise to consider the benefits that franchising offers. Starting a business from scratch is a super-risky way to become your own boss, especially in the financial world, where reputation and a full Rolodex of contacts are vital to the success of any burgeoning financial company.

And that’s exactly what you get when you invest in a mortgage franchise. Not only do you inherit instantly recognisable branding and curb appeal, you gain the mentorship of a parent company that are experts in sustainable business growth.

When you invest in a mortgage franchise, you benefit from:

  • The parent company’s reputation for excellent customer relations
  • Ongoing help and support to maximise the potential of your new business
  • Established marketing, including online authority and proven lead generation
  • Administrative support to help you manage your day-to-day operations
  • World-class ongoing training opportunities to ensure you can maintain the parent company’s reputation.

So, if you've had it with working for a company that dictates your hours, your workload, and - let's face it - your life, perhaps it's time to consider a mortgage franchise and the opportunity to optimise your talents.

Franchise Direct provides a fantastic selection of mortgage franchises with:

  • Excellent reputations that get you those all-important leads
  • An extensive training programme to ensure you have a complete skillset
  • Ongoing business support

And most franchise parent companies offer a comprehensive programme of HR support to ensure that your new company complies with all its financial-, employment-, and legal obligations. Now that's worth its weight in gold because the "regs" is the stuff that keeps most business owners awake at night.

Facts About Mortgage Franchises

Most people don’t understand very much about mortgages, despite over 60% of the UK population having obtained one to live in their own homes. And as a mortgage franchise owner, you’ll have the expertise to guide your clients toward the best and safest deals for them.

Part of your day will be about finding new clients. This is where franchising really does come into its own because you'll benefit from the parent company's existing marketing visibility and online authority. And once you've found those new clients, you'll identify the most appropriate lender to help the client choose to work with you.

You might work on a commission basis or a cost-per-service model to bring in excellent profits and an excellent deal for your customers. But with a mortgage franchise, all the effort of building customer relationships and lender trust is made for you with a pre-existing business model.

As a mortgage franchisee, you might choose to work from home; meeting clients online and running the core of your business from your home office. Alternatively, you might offer office- or shop-based premises, employing other brokers and offering a broad range of services from your customers.

Some mortgage franchises partner with local estate agents or even offer estate agency services in a one-stop shop. Remember, the more benefits your business provides, the more attractive it will be for your future customers.

As a mortgage franchisee, you could have the option to receive leads from the parent company or find leads for yourself. But indeed, the most attractive aspect of mortgage franchising is the access to ready-approved lender relationships and a national and local marketing reach.

Franchising Vs. Independent

Of course, as a financial professional, you’ll know all about the complexities of loan applications. And with all new business startups - whether investing in a franchise or starting a new business from scratch - you’re going to need to apply for funding.

As you know, loan applications are assessed by risk, and many moneylenders consider the franchise model a relatively safer bet than an independent company starting up without the support of an established partner.

Franchises have the benefit of the parent company’s experience. They can prove the viability of the business model, which has already been proven successful, sustainable, profitable, and capable of growth.

Compare that with an independent startup approaching a moneylender without a tried-and-tested business model. Sure, they might know how to make their business appear attractive on paper, but they won't have the level of evidence to support their funding application that a mortgage franchise can demonstrate.

For this reason, many independent companies struggle to obtain their funding, and when they do, it's often at a less preferable rate than franchises.

Additionally, indies often struggle to penetrate the saturated marketplace alongside their established competition. And they often fail to recoup their startup costs quickly enough to secure their long-term security.

Unfortunately, almost half of all indies go into receivership within five years, while franchises tend to survive that first half-decade because the parent company has done the necessary groundwork:

  • An existing customer base
  • Road-tested service portfolio
  • Overcome the financial obstacles of early years businesses.

Mortgage Franchises

Check out Franchise Direct's savvy selection of mortgage franchises. And help UK’s homeowners find the best deals for them (and the best commission for you!).

Find your brand new start with Franchise Direct.

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