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We’re ONLY seeking senior business professionals ready to invest in becoming a respected Business Coach.

If that is you, keep reading and we will make it happen!

The rewards are amazing. You have a significant impact, work fewer than 20h per week, and earn great returns.

I'm Rob Pendleton, and I'm the founder of Pendleton Global. A company dedicated to finding and training people who feel they have the necessary skills to be successful Business Coaches.

My team and I will lead you step-by-step, through everything you need to do to build your dream practice as a business coach. Business coaching is the second-fastest-growing profession globally. With hourly rates that eclipse accountants, lawyers, and doctors, it's easy to see why.

It's estimated that the industry will keep on growing. One day business coaches will become a permanent fixture within every business, supporting the managing director with developing strategy and turning it into action.

This is your opportunity to get in on that growth and generate a great income, spending far more time with your friends and family, and enjoying your work.

Business coaching is a satisfying career. One day you could be helping a young business flourish and grow, and the next day taking a stagnant family business where the owner has lost their enthusiasm and giving them back their love for the business - freeing them up to see their partner and family more, or perhaps preparing them to hand it over to the next generation.

You'll love spending time working with the business owner and their employees. Helping them through the business’s challenges and giving them the guidance they need to get through difficult conditions to make their company great.

The fantastic thing is that your impact will also ripple down through the business, the employees, and the people they encounter. People spend most of their waking lives working, and the biggest opportunity to make people’s lives better is through their working lives.

You'll need these three essential skills to become a successful coach

Here at Pendleton, we intimately know the qualities that someone needs to be a great coach, and if you are who we are looking for, you'll realise that you've been coach-ready all along!

The first one is the ability to follow a proven system. Our tried and tested Business Waterwheel™ is a simple framework focusing on the top 20 areas that a business needs to get right to succeed.

We've done most of the heavy lifting for our coaches ( and their clients ) with a series of video modules for them to work through.

All you have to do is guide your clients through them while answering any questions. Giving them your advice at appropriate stages ( all with the help of the Pendleton Partner network, of course! )

Secondly, you'll need leadership qualities. It is critical to selling yourself to business owners and confirms that you have the right attributes to help them. Asking tough questions while remaining diplomatic and keeping an open ear are essential skills for a coach.

And finally, you'll also need the ability to solve challenging people's problems, know how to handle people and have the right approach to get the job done.

It is critical you have the desire to help people achieve more with their lives!

If you’ve been operating at the top of your chosen business niche for several years, you already have these skills!

This is the next step if you're ready to start as a Pendleton Partner.

Request more information and AWAIT OUR CALL!

It is that simple.

One of our Pendleton Partners will contact you, so you can understand how it all would work for you. You'll find out what life is like as a coach. Determine if it's the right opportunity for you, and address your questions.

If you're suitable and want to progress things further, you'll get to chat with Rob, the founder of Pendleton Global himself. He will help you make the right decision on whether to become a Pendleton Partner.

We'll also send you access to more details you can check out at your leisure.

Once you sign up and are on board, you'll get access to the Business Waterwheel™ and weekly coaching to help you build your business coaching practice.

It really is simple!

About Pendleton Partners

Rob Pendleton, Founder of Pendleton Partners, is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and director trained by the world-leading accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

He has enjoyed a successful 20-year career, leading business transformation and growth for the world's biggest companies, UK public sector bodies, and a wide range of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

He is now dedicated to coaching his Partners to work with SME Owners to help them realise sustainable and guaranteed growth using his Pendleton Business Waterwheel™ tool.

Rob leads the training and development of new Pendleton Partners to dramatically increase their value as part of longer, more sustainable relationships.

The right opportunity with Pendleton Partners

We want to ensure we work with the right people who fit approximately Pendleton values, subject to the provider’s terms and conditions. Our process means you can earn a high part-time income with sustainable recurring revenue and an exit plan. The revenue model suggests that the system you use to grow your client's business is also the one you use for your business.

Why Pendleton Partners?

  • A proven, unique model guaranteed to show growth
  • Founder Rob Pendleton provides full training and support
  • Full access to the inner secrets of the Business Waterwheel™ company growth system
  • Ongoing support from the Pendleton team
  • Work from home and run your business on your mobile phone/laptop
  • Recession-proof business
  • Scalable business opportunity
  • Weekly networking and mentoring
  • Thousands of SME prospects in your local area, plus serve customers online!
  • Full marketing and sales support provided
  • Pioneer Partners will get exclusive additional training from the founder


  • Industrious and determined to build yourself a highly profitable business coaching business with our expert guidance and hands-on support
  • Have access to the funds to get started.
  • Can tick the three main skills we list above that all business coaches need to succeed
  • Then you could be our next Pendleton Partner!
  • Get in touch using the link below, and we will set up one-to-one meetings for you with one of our International Coaching team and our Founder/CEO in the UK.

  • You don’t have at least fifteen years operating in a senior business position
  • You constantly start new things and don’t finish them
  • You dream that one day your life will be better than it currently is without taking clear actions to achieve your dreams
  • You’re just starting on your journey as a business person.
  • We’re ONLY looking for senior people looking for an opportunity to (early) retire in style, still contributing tonnes of value!
  • If this is you, then in our experience, you will likely fail as a business coach.

After reading this, if you have ALL the qualities and experience in business to become a business coach and are interested in becoming a business coach, click to find out more.

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How to Become a Successful Business Coach

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