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Trends and Facts About Home Care Franchises

If you're the type of person who enjoys helping the less able, then you should consider a home care franchise. You don't need to be medically trained, and there are a plethora of opportunities for progression in this growing industry.

The UK has an ageing population. And with greater access to medicines and simple treatments, home care provides an incredible solution for senior citizens and the infirm who require help with daily tasks. This means there will be an increasing demand for home care services, and this bodes well for businesses in the sector.

For many, however, making money is secondary to the satisfaction of helping to make other peoples’ lives better. And, because many older people live alone, you'll enjoy a good natter and a daily catch-up. For a lot of people in the senior care industry, caring is more of a lifestyle than a job, and a lifestyle they absolutely love.

Trends and Facts about Home Care Franchises

The home care sector turns over more than £12 billion each year. And because the population is generally living longer, we're set to see more than 8.6 million people over the age of 65 in the UK in the coming years - that’s a population the size of London, spread across the nation.

Home care offers essential assistance with activities to millions of ageing and disabled people. Providing help with daily chores and medication, assistance with meal preparation and planning, home care assistants offer vital support to those living in their own homes. A lot of people simply would not be able to manage if it was not for in-home care services, meaning that owning a home care franchise means you can really help to make a big difference in enhancing the quality of life for those you serve.

You don’t need formal medical training, and with a franchise, you’ll receive world-class training to ensure that everyone within your very own home care franchise offers a premium service that will help grow your reputation.

Why a Franchise?

Franchising offers a range of benefits, making it easier for anyone to go into business for themselves.

It is quite right that the care industry is steeped in regulations that help ensure the infirm are people take care of. This presents quite a significant barrier for most new businesses - just ensuring that you’re compliant with guidelines is an intimidating affair.

Investing in a franchise, however, will help to alleviate many of these issued. A franchise will come with compliance details already worked out, along with a structured business model. Not only that, but the franchisor will usually provide access to their experts who will help give you and your team all you need to remain compliant.

It is in the franchisors best interests that the franchise doesn’t break any laws or regulations. The franchisee will benefit from this because it will help them avoid any mistakes or oversights that might otherwise occur.

Franchising also offers the security of recognisable branding. The public are understandably choosey when it comes to deciding who will be caring for their loved ones, so carrying a recognisable brand will help provide reassurance of the quality of your work.

Additionally, there's no complicated infrastructure to set up when you choose to invest in a franchise. You get a ready-made admin system to start from scratch, all the regulations are in place, and there's no need to worry about setting up a complicated constitution.

In a sense, you’ll be investing in a business that is just waiting for you to open the doors and start trading. In many cases, you can get straight into working on the first day of opening whereas independent companies will still have the infrastructure, admin, and other aspects to put into place.

Benefit from a secure and proven financial history from the parent company, and a sustainable operational model; contributing towards the securing of funds required to get started. Associate your new business with a trusted brand, and access a client base that recognises you as established professionals.

Home Care Franchises

Home care is one of the most essential branches of the wider UK healthcare sector. The care provided by the sectors helps the infirm with tasks they would struggle with themselves – helping them to maintain their independence in their own home instead of having to move to a care home.

A daily home care visit is the highlight of the day for many clients, providing face-to-face contact and reassurance to those stuck at home on their own.

Trust and reliability are vital elements for all home care franchises - create a sense of trust between yourself and the client, and you'll have a business that thrives. Many people in the industry will strike up some wonderful relationships with the people they are caring for.

Franchising Vs. Independent

Franchise companies tend to attract funding more easily than independent companies. That's because franchises are built on existing, successful business models, with a track record of financial stability. In short, a bank will be more confident of getting their money bank when lending to a franchise than they would lending to an independent company.

Independent companies tend to be more vulnerable to financial failure due to the risks involved in the first two years of operation. Over 50% of independent companies in the UK go bust within two years.

Franchising provides stability to those heading into self-employment for the first time because the nucleus of the company operation is built around a proven economic model. It also means the franchisee can spend less time trying to build the reputation and brand of their business, instead focusing on the important day-to-day running of the company.

Home Care Franchises

Explore our home care franchises and take the first step into becoming your own boss. We have worked hard to bring you some of the best home care franchise opportunities you can find anywhere. A home-care franchise will allow you to run your business from the comfort of your own home. This is particularly beneficial to people with children and other commitments that make it difficult for them to take a standard 9-5 job. Plus, of course, a well-run home care franchise can be very financially rewarding.

Discover your brand new and rewarding franchise opportunity with Franchise Direct.

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