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The Business Clinic - Franchise Specialist Consultants

Recruit the services of The Business Clinic - Franchise Specialist Consultants

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Do you really need a Franchise Consultant?

Whether you think you need one or not, we know - and can prove through our results - that it is one of the best investments you will ever make.

As people say, “You don’t know what you don’t know”, and that’s where we come in.

But take caution, as not all consultants are the same.

We are constantly accountable to the results we achieve and the profit the project creates.

We will not commit you to a franchise journey which won’t benefit you fully.

We won’t work with a franchise model that we wouldn’t buy into ourselves, that’s why our services are in place to ensure that your business is franchise ready, and geared up for growth!

We will gain a full understanding of the feasibility of every aspect, both time and financial investment AND the return on those investments. 

Once we have proven we should be your preferred partner provider, we will then travel with you through the set-up stage of the journey, then assisting you in recruiting and growing your franchise network.

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Here’s How We Can Help You:

Creating the Map: Building The Strongest Foundation  

Every business owner wanting to grow a franchise should start off at this crucial first step, your Feasibility Study.

This assessment creates the map on which you can base your franchise journey - it will provide key direction in the ways in which your current model is strong, and where it needs further support to achieve the most successful framework. One that is fit to be released into the franchise industry with minimal concerns of risk or failure.

Starting The Journey: Working Alongside You 

The Business Clinic provide a consultancy service to follow on from your Feasibility Study.

This allows us to start on our journey together, creating a route for successful franchising using your blueprint to guide us, along with your goals as a company. Together, we will devise a plan and series of development meetings to keep you accountable and prepare your franchise for launch.

Travel Towards Your Goals: Helping You Recruit the Right People 

The Business Clinic service isn’t just about getting you set up, we travel with you on your growth journey recruiting the right franchisees to drive you forward and meet your goals as an established franchise. We are proud to have recruited many hundreds of successful franchisees for our clients and have assisted even established franchisors increased their recruitment by over 500%.

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What Are the Benefits Of Working With The Business Clinic?

  • Over 20 years’ experience in the franchise industry
  • Hands-on experienced and professional team
  • Award winning company
  • Tried, tested and proven systems
  • Set up, development and recruitment in one place
  • Assistance with content creation, marketing plans and management
  • Help with direct sales calls
  • We put the right people in front of you with the skills, experience, budget and values that align them with your brand and who have the best chance of success within the model
  • We’re passionate about franchising, and about seeing our clients and partners grow
  • We work with you, and not for you


Our results speak for themselves!

“Without doubt The Business Clinic have been the launch pad and have been integral to our franchising success. It has been a journey of learning and development that cannot be faulted, I would implore anyone thinking of franchising their business to get in touch with The Business Clinic.”

“In acquiring the services of The Business Clinic and their team of dedicated specialists, our relationship has grown and our network of franchisees UK wide is now over 30. The franchise industry is vast and it can be difficult to stand out amongst the competition, having The Business Clinic on our side we had the advantage of over 2 decades experience helping us become visible and reach our future investors.”

Join us for your Franchising Journey - we know the way

Recruit the services of The Business Clinic - Franchise Specialist Consultants
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