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Starbucks Franchise

No. 17 of the UK's Top 100

Please note that Starbucks are not currently recruiting franchises in the UK.

Starbucks is a network of coffee house franchises located in many countries all over the world. The coffee houses offer a varied selection of freshly brewed coffees (espresso, cappuccino, americano, latte, iced coffee, etc.) as well as tea, pastries and snacks.
Starbucks coffee houses are part of the Starbucks Group.

Year established1971
Year franchise established in the UK1998
Number of units in the UK737
Number of units worldwide (excluding UK)31,923
Number of countries where company operates80

Corporate Responsibility

Charities, sponsorship

Starbucks sponsors Action Against Hunger and Mermaids UK, helping gender-diverse kids. They also offered free coffee to NHS workers during the Covid crisis and lockdowns.


Starbucks has developed strong, long‐term relationships with farmers all over the world to ensure high quality coffee and ethical sourcing. They also partner with Conservation International and the Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) to reduce their environmental footprint. They offer a reusable circular cup made from recycled single use coffee cups as well as strawless lids. The company also tries to help preserve water in their daily operations.

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