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Platinum Property Partners Franchise

No. 15 of the UK's Top 100

Platinum Property Partners is a property investment franchise, where franchise partners buy houses, renovate them and reorganise the floor plans as profitable houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), then let out the high-quality rooms to tenants. Platinum Property Partners help the franchisees in finding the right property, in lowering the cost of renovation, but also in finding funds to buy the properties, in the legal side of things and the compliance of the newly renovated properties and in finding tenants.

Here are additional information about the Platinum Property Partners franchise:
  • Franchise fee: £24,996+VAT
  • Minimum investment: £300,000 - £700,000
  • Total investment varies

The financial commitment to join the PPP franchise is significant, given the nature of the property market. However, the potential for impressive returns is high, thanks to the business model's resilience and the steady demand for quality rental accommodation.

The head office in Bournemouth will support the franchise partners with operations, legislation and troubleshooting. Mentors and coaches are also there to support the franchisees. The head office also organises many events for franchisees to come together, share ideas and celebrate success.

PPP is a full member of the British Franchise Association, signalling their commitment to ethical franchising practices.

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