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Pizza Hut Franchise

No. 22 of the UK's Top 100

Pizza Hut is a restaurant franchise specialised in pizza. Two different sorts of units are operated, full dine-in restaurants and delivery units. Pizza Hut is part of Yum! Brands Inc. At the moment, Pizza Hut wishes to open a fair amount of delivery restaurants with a minimum of 650 sq ft and are looking for franchisees who wish to grow a portfolio of restaurants. Previous experience in the food/catering sector is preferable.

Established in 1958, and in the UK in 1973, Pizza Hut has built a robust brand reputation for its quality food and inviting dining experience. The franchise model has been proven successful in over 100 countries, offering franchisees a strong foundation for business success.

The total investment to open a Pizza Hut franchise is £1,000,000. The franchisee will need access to this amount, through his/her own funds as well as through borrowed funds.

When you join the Pizza Hut franchise, you'll receive comprehensive training covering everything from food preparation to restaurant management. The brand provides ongoing support in areas such as marketing, operations, and supply chain management, ensuring that franchisees are well-equipped to run their business effectively.

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