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Jazzercise Franchise

Jazzercise was created by Judi Sheppard Missett in 1969. Judi began training other instructors in the Jazzercise programme, and the company began franchising in 1982. Judi runs the company as CEO and her daughter, Shanna Missett Nelson, is their president and instructor. The Jazzercise fitness programme combines cardio, strength, Pilates, hip hop, yoga and kickboxing. They offer a range of classes including Core, Strength and Dance Mixx. There are now 8,300+ franchisees teaching 32,000+ classes around the world every week.

Jazzercise offers different levels of investment, with the options to become an Associate Instructor or an Owner Instructor. All of their certified instructors are franchisees. Other costs involved include music downloads/royalty fees, a microphone and MP3 player, insurance, rental fees, advertising material and the monthly franchise fee (20% off gross revenue or £125).

Year established1969
Year franchise established in Europe1982
Number of units worldwide8,880

Training and support

A Training Specialist will work with franchisees for five weeks to provide guidance and feedback, which includes routines to learn for the scheduled training day. Franchisees attend New Franchisee Training Day with their Training Specialist for 3-4 hours. At the end of the day franchisees audition, and on passing the audition they will become a certified Jazzercise Instructor and franchisee.

Corporate Responsibility

Charities, sponsorship

Jazzercise has raised over $28 million for a wide range of causes and charities over the years.
The Dance for Life event takes place each year. In 2014, Jazzercise Instructors in California held a Dance for Life event in aid of breast cancer awareness and research, with an estimated 1,000 instructors, customers, friends and families taking part, many of whom having been affected by breast cancer.
In 2015 Jazzercise held a two-day international dance party in Dallas, Texas. Over 1,780 people from 10 countries took part in the event, which included group fitness classes and workout routines. The Jazzercise Plank It Off Challenge took place, challenging people to hold a plank position for charity. $5,000 was raised for the Family Getaway non-profit organisation that aims to end child homelessness.
The Kids Get Fit programme was established by Jazzercise in 1991. It was developed to help school districts, daycare facilities and and community centres promote fitness. Franchisees are encouraged to offer free dance parties in schools worldwide, with easy to follow dance moves and interactive fitness games designed for children.

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