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Cleaning Doctor Franchise

No. 82 of the UK's Top 100

Cleaning Doctor is a cleaning franchise that offers a variety of services, including carpet and upholstery cleaning, floor restoration, external and window cleaning, and home and commercial cleaning. With an established brand name and an extensive network across the UK, Cleaning Doctor provides franchisees with a platform for growth in a high-demand sector.

There are several benefits to becoming a Cleaning Doctor franchisee:
  1. The franchise provides a turnkey business model, meaning that franchisees receive all the necessary training, equipment, and marketing materials they need to be successful.
  2. The franchise has a strong brand reputation, which can help franchisees attract new customers.
  3. The cleaning industry is a growing industry, so there is a large potential customer base for Cleaning Doctor franchisees.

The initial investment to become a Cleaning Doctor franchisee ranges from £10,450 to £27,500. The franchise fee is £10,450, and there is also a monthly management services fee of £195. Franchisees are also responsible for the cost of marketing and advertising.

What distinguishes Cleaning Doctor is its commitment to franchisee training and support. They provide comprehensive training covering technical aspects, customer service, and business management. No previous experience in the cleaning industry is needed, as Cleaning Doctor equips you with the necessary skills to successfully operate the business.

Cleaning Doctor also prides itself on its ethical approach, focusing on environmentally friendly practices and solutions, which can be a strong selling point for eco-conscious customers.

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