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Chantry Group - Create a step-change in your Franchise Recruitment

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Franchise recruitment not performing? Need more high-quality franchisees?

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You probably already know the various franchise recruitment marketing channels. Maybe you’ve had good results growing your network in the past…

…but perhaps enquiry levels have started to decline, lead quality is poor, or you’re feeling like your marketing and messaging has got a bit stale?

Create a step-change in your franchisee recruitment

You probably have some brilliant franchisees in your network and are wondering how you can find more people like them? Just for a minute consider the impact of investing in growing your network with more of those successful franchisees:
  • Increase your income = better performing franchisees generate more royalties
  • Increase franchisee satisfaction = reduced pain for franchisor!
  • Increase franchisee business value = increased network/brand £ value
  • Increase end-customer numbers = widening the reach of your brand
  • Increase end-customer satisfaction = loyalty for current and future franchisees
  • Increase buoyancy of franchising as an industry = better for everyone…

Getting your franchise recruitment right is ESSENTIAL for the future success of your network.

You’re probably feeling a little unsure about the journey ahead right now, including where to spend your marketing budget and how to handle enquiries. It’s one of those scenarios where you know that you don’t know what you don’t know, but you know you want to know, but don’t know how to find out and who you should listen to… put that horrible feeling in a bottle and cork it!

A few years ago we devised a ‘Franchise Recruitment Breakthrough’ product that helps get new franchisors from point A to point B with their growth objectives, and we’ve enjoyed the reward of seeing its impact on so many businesses since.

  • Breakthrough meeting = worries and concerns gone, back in control
The Breakthrough starts with a full-day Zoom strategy meeting where we cover the entire franchise recruitment process – yes, you need a good breakfast and yes, you will be tired by the end!

  • Attract the right prospects by getting your promotional message right
You need to create promotional messaging that attracts interest from the right audiences, filtering out those you don’t want and setting clear expectations of the journey ahead for those you do.

This is an art and a science often confidently taken on as a ‘new challenge’ by your existing agency who have been heroes when it comes to marketing to your end-customers… but do not realise the consequences of getting this bit wrong.

Don’t worry, the creation of your new headline promotional messaging is included in our Breakthrough product.
  • Spend your money in the right places – plan, measure and refine
Does this sound familiar: *ring, ring… “Hello, hi I am calling from XYZ franchise magazine and I have a special offer if you confirm by 5pm today you can have the front cover and a 4-page feature for £5,000, normal price £15,000…”!?

So is it a good deal or not? Will it get you enquiries from your target audiences? Will it be good brand awareness? “ARRRGH!” I hear you shout – “I just don’t know.”

We can help you know.

We’ll give you the full lowdown on the ever-changing landscape of advertising and marketing channels for attracting franchisees. We’ve been doing this since 2007 (more on that below) and are proudly independent, negotiating hard to get you the best deals possible advising clients as if their money/budget was our own.

Educate yourself on the journey ahead

Get your marketing plan and pipeline process ready

Create your launch promotional messaging

Who are you anyway, why should I listen to you?

We’ve been helping business owners attract and recruit franchisees since 2007. The world’s changed a lot since then, and so have we! But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed… franchising’s still about empowering people to take the step into becoming their own boss, and that responsibility makes it both exciting and daunting for a new franchisor.

To build a successful franchise network you need to:
  • Attract the right prospects
  • Set their expectations correctly
  • Guide your new franchisees to success
  • Evolve your recruitment message and plan as your network grows

Chris, Chantry’s founder and owner, personally developed one of the British Franchise Association’s QFP core courses ‘How to Market Your Franchise and Recruit for Network Growth’ in 2015 and delivered it for around two-and-a-half years, proudly training in the region of 75 delegates over the period. People from some of the greatest brands in franchising including McDonald’s, Home Instead Senior Care, Dyno, InXpress and Mac Tools have been trained by Chris.

The course involved the sharing of theory and best practice, with real-life examples from the previous decade of his time working in franchise recruitment. Seeing the power of applying the tools he had assembled with many highly experienced franchise professionals led to the development of the Chantry Group Franchise Recruitment Breakthrough.

It has proved transformational for businesses across a wide variety of sectors and at all stages of development, with Full bfa Members, emerging networks and businesses looking for their first pilots all benefitting.

The product includes:
  • An in-depth strategy meeting to take you through the entire franchise recruitment process, covering costs, timescales, processes, best practice... and the reality!

The outputs are:
  1. A new carefully crafted headline promotional messaging document for use on Franchise Direct and to form the base for all franchise recruitment-related content and collateral. This is the DNA of your marketing.
  2. A detailed franchise recruitment marketing plan which maps out the discussed activities to attract and nurture your target prospect franchisees.

What’s next?

It’s simple – get in touch for an initial chat.

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Franchise recruitment not performing? Need more high-quality franchisees? The Chantry Group is here to assist you with all your franchising needs.
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