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Acacia Homecare

Acacia Homecare

Start an Acacia Homecare Franchise

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Our vision is simple: we just want to be there to help you do the things that you want to do. Acacia Homecare aims to become the standard to which care is measured.

An Ever-Growing Industry

  • The total value of the UK care industry is £51.5 billion
  • 950,000+ people are receiving domiciliary care in the UK
  • £7 billion is spent on domiciliary care alone in the UK*

With growing demand from an ageing population and increased focus on support for people suffering from learning disabilities and mental health conditions - coupled with more people wishing to remain at home - the retreat of local authority funding turns small opportunities into a growing need, ready for those with the right care concept and business mindset to step into the gap.

Our mission is to grow responsibly to become the best provider of care to the private sector by offering high quality care from a mature, well trained, experienced, and happy team.

Acacia Homecare have been recognised as one of the Top 20 Home Care Groups in the UK in 2023, based on reviews from service users/clients and their family/friends. Top 20 Large & Mid-size Home Care Groups category. Read More Here

Our current franchisees will testify that our franchise model works and is realistic. Acacia Homecare follows a unique organizational structure and uses a care system that has been built in partnership to satisfy the needs of the business, which benefits the entire franchise network. We have a very collaborative approach and the franchise network works together as a team.
Acacia Homecare Image
Acacia Homecare Image

Training and Support Provided

By becoming an Acacia Homecare franchise, you are not on your own. and you have access to a wealth of knowledge and tools to help you succeed in your business. The training is provided directly by the founders of the business; tailored for each individual franchisee on a one to one basis. As well as guidance on the initial set up, our training and support programme is ongoing; provided as and when needed through face to face meetings and digital sessions.
There is no end date for training and various support groups have been set up by the franchisor for franchisees to regularly attend.

Ongoing training encompasses a wide range of topics, from the mechanics of running a franchise, to marketing, recruitment, IT, accounting and administration.

Acacia Homecare has developed its own support, training and development package which is delivered by the team that not only wrote it, but also experienced and developed it from the start of the business.

The delivery methods vary, featuring a combination of classroom training, e-learning, workshops and practical experience with other professionals.

The Franchise Package

The Acacia Homecare franchise fee is £22,950 + VAT; you will need have at least £35,000 in available liquid capital. Financing can be secured via many of the high street banks (subject to approval). Alternatively, you may qualify for the Government backed Business Start-Up Scheme which allows you to borrow up to £25,000 without investing any money of your own. (This figure doubles if the business has two Directors.)

The Acacia Homecare franchise package includes:
  • An exclusive franchise territory
  • Sales and marketing support, including a marketing literature pack
  • Professional guidance to secure financing, if needed
  • Ongoing support, training and development package
  • Assistance with staff recruitment and training
  • The Acacia Homecare management system
  • Support with CQC accreditation
  • Assistance with premises
  • Collaborative business operational support, with regular business review meetings
  • Professional business planning
  • Micro website for your business details
  • Setup of your own social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Become Part of The Acacia Family

We work as a team and like to regularly collaborate with all of our Acacia Homecare network members. There will be opportunities to meet with the network for mutual support and the sharing of experiences, encouraging you to succeed at providing the best care possible while developing your business.

Becoming an Acacia Homecare franchisee means you are part of a strong family; we collaborate with each other, and communication is a key part to how our business succeeds.

If you would like to find out more about owning an Acacia Homecare Franchise, get in touch with us today!

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Acacia Homecare News

Acacia Homecare is so much more than just another care our success stories show

Acacia Homecare, NW London, have tripled their service hours in just one month! awards Acacia Homecare with the ‘Top 20 Home Care Group Award 2023’, the leading UK Home Care review website, representing over 12,000 care providers, annually run the Home Care Awards which recognises 20 of the top-rated home care organisations in each region of the UK.
Acacia Homecare Videos
Acacia Homecare | Owner Interview

Acacia Homecare | Owner Interview

Sanjeev & Minal Chowdhri, Owners of Acacia Homecare, discuss the origins of the franchise.
Acacia Homecare Image
Acacia Homecare Image
Acacia Homecare Image
Acacia Homecare Image
Acacia Homecare Image
Acacia Homecare Image
Acacia Homecare Image
Acacia Homecare Image
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