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Be your own boss with a website development business! FULL training and support provided.
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Trends and Facts About Business Consulting Franchises

Business consultancy has been a well-trodden path for the past thirty years, offering an external eye for floundering businesses across the UK and beyond. The UK’s business consultancy sector is one of the largest in the world, growing at a colossal 7% since 2020, with an estimated value of £11.3bn.

One of the most significant and common problems faced by business owners is a lack of objectivity — the ability to assess business procedures from the outside, free of emotional attachment. And this is where business consulting franchises become valuable assets as they sweep in and help transform sluggish performance with fresh business insight.

Business consultancy franchises help businesses develop their processes by alleviating waste and streamlining the activities that slow down business operations. Business consultants provide expert guidance, developing ongoing operational strategies and bringing fresh perspectives into planning and financial management.

Regardless of a company's former successes, all businesses occasionally require external insight and guidance to help them adapt to market trends. This outside guidance allows organisations large and small to maximise their opportunities by appealing more broadly to their demographics.

Business consultants help companies:

  • Assess their working procedures
  • Streamline their processes
  • Build forecasts and expectations based on assessments of a company’s processes
  • Solve problems and instigate new approaches
  • Host workshops and presentations to share and disseminate findings
  • Identify and cater to new industry trends
  • Recognise and accommodate new business opportunities
  • Acknowledge new revenue streams to maintain a company’s solvency

So, if you have an excellent eye for detail and a passion for helping existing companies overcome their obstacles to success, consider investing in a business consulting franchise.

But why would you invest in a franchise when you could build your own empire from the ground?


Building a new company from scratch is a complex process, taking months (maybe even years) to get off the ground. And then, once you’re operational, you have to cut through the noise of your established competitors to carve your own niche in a saturated marketplace.

Sure, the idea of heading your own brand new business is appealing, but compare it with the relative simplicity of inheriting a company with an existing infrastructure, reputation, and customer base.

When you invest in a business consulting franchise, you buy into a company that will:

  • Support your development from Day One
  • Offer ongoing guidance to ensure you maximise your earning potential
  • Provide access to branding and online authority that your future customers already know and trust

That's what you get when you invest in a business consulting franchise. You get to open your doors (virtual or otherwise) to customers who already recognise and trust your branding — helping you make an immediate impact on the market. Indeed, with a franchise you’ll hit the ground running by relying on branding that reassures your future clients of your excellent standards and expert ability.

Compare that with new startups that struggle to attract clients because they lack a reputation, their branding is unfamiliar, and they come with no customer commendation.

When you invest in a business consulting franchise, you'll benefit from the experience and expertise of the parent company. Most franchise agreements come with world-class training to ensure you can maintain the parent company's hard-earned reputation for excellent customer service and industry-leading expertise. And many business consultancy franchises come with a degree of HR support, ensuring that your new business complies with business, financial, and employment regulations.

So, if you’re looking for a new career without all the hassles of building a company from scratch, consider investing in an established business consulting franchise.

Facts About Business Consulting Franchises

Business consulting franchises are at their most valuable in times of change. This is because they're experts at helping firms navigate the complexities of adaptation.

Whether helping companies quickly adapt to workplace changes - such as hybrid working - or evolving to meet the continually changing demands of their customers, business consulting franchises are at their most valuable when helping companies navigate a constantly transforming marketplace.

Business consulting franchises offer support during times of crisis and solutions during challenging market climates. Working with both private and public sector corporations and assisting companies of all sizes, business consultants are the rescuing chameleons of the business world.

The UK's business consultancy sector employs 63,000 professionals to deliver expert guidance, principally for the tech sector but also supporting Finance and Risk and Operations businesses.

So, if you have excellent business instincts and a CV demonstrating exceptional growth and development, you could become your own boss by investing in one of Franchise Direct's fantastic franchises.

Franchising vs. Independent

Whether starting an independent company from scratch or investing in a business consulting franchise, you'll need startup collateral.

And with a business consulting franchise, you'll require an initial investment of around £10K, upwards to approximately £30K, which is pretty reasonable compared to other business franchise sectors.

However, regardless of the figure required, most of us don't have the collateral in our back pockets. Most of us need to apply for startup funds from a bank or moneylender.

And this is where investing in a franchise will serve you well because moneylenders tend to favour the franchise model.

Consider this:

  • Starting an independent company means you enter the marketplace without a reputation, the support of an experienced partner, and an existing industry presence.
  • Investing in a franchise means you inherit your parent company's existing reputation. You have access to a customer base, a supply chain, and the ongoing support of an experienced partner. And your business is built on an infrastructure that has been proven successful, profitable, sustainable, and capable of growth.

In other words, franchising is often considered a no-brainer compared to starting up an independent company in a saturated marketplace.
So, if you’re considering the benefits of becoming your own boss with ongoing support, instantly recognisable branding, and the hard-earned reputation of experts, then browse Franchise Direct's excellent selection of profitable business consulting franchises.

Benefits of Business Consulting

You can hone your business skills in the United Kingdom by investing in a franchise opportunity in the business consulting industry. Budding entrepreneurs who want freedom within a structured framework and a sound business model should browse the array of franchise opportunities on offer at Franchise Direct.

A business consulting service can offer valuable insights into a company's customers, marketing efforts, and even the software they use. The benefits of business consulting in the United Kingdom include:

  • The flexibility of working from home
  • Establishing connections in the B2B world
  • The opportunity to help a business improve its structure
  • Improving a business' customer base
  • Increasing a business's profits while simultaneously increasing your own

Starting a Business Consulting Franchise

It's advisable to find a franchise that best suits your business consulting experience. Whether it's high-level senior consulting, sales and marketing, or systems, choose something that interests you.

As a franchisee, you have the benefit of accessing training and support, which can include:

  • Branding collateral and marketing documents
  • A reliable business formula that brings in profits
  • A welcome pack and start-up package
  • Logins and training for all content management and IT systems
  • Locked-in franchise agreement
  • Support and advice from a network of experts

Business Consulting Franchises

Check out Franchise Direct's excellent selection of fantastic business consulting franchises, and use your valuable expertise to help other companies maximise their potential.

Find your brand new start with Franchise Direct.

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