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Chart your course towards financial freedom and business ownership in the commercial finance industry
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Trends and Facts About Accountancy & Financial Franchises

The UK is at the centre of the global financial services arena. According to TheCityUK, financial and related professional services account for 7% of the UK workforce, employing nearly 2.2 million people and producing close to 12% of total economic output.

The need for financial service and accountancy franchises is ongoing, especially since individuals and businesses will always need their taxes prepared, advice on financial matters, firms to take care of loans and mortgages, accountancy assistance and cost management consulting.

Read on to learn more.

What You Need to Know About Accounting and Financial Franchising

Regardless of the state of the economy, these financial services are in high demand. Service-oriented entrepreneurs are the perfect candidates for these franchises, as many financial franchises require interaction with clientele. However, most financial franchises also provide all the training necessary to run a successful business.

When assessing your options for an accounting or financial franchise, there is a lot to consider. You should have a basic understanding of the differences between a franchise and an independently owned business, as well as the basics of franchising.

Franchising vs Independent Businesses

Investing in a franchise is often considered a safer option than creating an independent business from the ground up. Since franchises have a demonstrated history of feasibility and market sustainability, they are more likely to appeal to banks and moneylenders and draw the necessary capital to start the business.

Independent companies often find it a challenge to procure loans with sensible borrowing rates since they have no evidence that their business will be potential. This has the potential to jeopardise their company from the start.

Plus, the first couple of years are marked by marketing challenges and financial instability, placing most independent businesses at imminent financial risk. Without the ability to generate enough revenue to cover initial investment and operating expenses, independent business owners will likely find the venture unviable. In fact, more than half of all independent start-up companies go out of business within the first two years in the UK.

This makes investing in a new company a considerable economic risk for banks and other lenders.

Independent Businesses vs Franchises

On the other hand, UK and international banks tend to favour franchises over independent companies when choosing whom to lend. Therefore, with adequate start-up financing and ongoing support, 90% of franchise businesses report profitability within two years.

Franchising provides a stable foundation for new businesses enabling them to persevere through the numerous struggles that most new independent enterprises face.

The base of the operation is established with a proven business model. A tightly supervised franchise is widely considered a flexible and secure structure for building a new business. Moneylenders are more willing to invest in franchises paving the way for impressive financial rewards.

Accountancy and Financial Franchise FAQs

Service-orientated businesses are ideal types of franchises. Although the benefits of joining an accountancy and financial franchise are varied, most produce a profit for generally minimal risk.

Available financial franchises are quite diverse and include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Accounting
  • ATM franchising
  • International money transfers
  • Internet stockbroking
  • Lending
  • Payday loans
  • Payroll

As you can see, there's much more to the financial industry than merely investment banks. Buying into an accountancy and financial franchise offers you the chance to enter this financially lucrative sector.

Potential Accountancy and Financial Franchise Clients

When considering whether to buy a financial or accounting services franchise, you should examine the scope of the accounting franchise sector and assess its potential.

For example, many are unaware that the finance industry is not limited to businesses and private individuals. Clients can include the following:

  • Government agencies
  • Insurance
  • Lending
  • Nonprofit organisations
  • Securities trading

In addition to those, other possible clients exist, as well. If you're interested in entering this broad industry, partner with a finance franchise today.

What to Look for When Selecting an Accountancy & Financial Franchise

When determining what accountancy or financial service franchise you may want to invest your money and time into, you should consider the role of the franchisor. How much and what type of support you would like to receive from the franchisor both initially and on an ongoing basis.

Although all franchisors provide their licenced and easily recognised name, the level of support and kinds of services they offer will vary. A hands-on franchisor may extend a combination of the following:

  • Advertising and a proven approach to marketing
  • Assistance choosing and developing the franchise site
  • Continuing business advice
  • Field support from the home office
  • Licencing
  • Management training
  • Mentorship
  • Operating manuals
  • Quality control
  • Supplies and support equipment

It is essential that you realise that the franchisor owns the rights to the name and its business strategies. You, however, independently own your franchise. Therefore, you are accountable for the everyday decisions that affect your business and any clerks or support staff members employed by it.

If your company experiences an increase in business with a steady stream of revenue and profitability, it is because of your efforts and managerial skills. If it suffers a loss, however, it is your responsibility, as well.

Choosing a franchisor who provides adequate support without being overbearing will benefit both parties.

Purchasing Accountancy and Financial Service Franchises

Having an original and feasible idea for a new business is rare. The lack of an innovative, fresh idea shouldn't keep you from becoming your own boss. Buying a franchise allows you to do just that.

There are multiple reasons to consider purchasing an accountancy and financial franchise, and the ability to expand the business by adding more employees and new locations is just one.

The options, in fact, are endless.

Do you dream of being the boss of your own company? You can. Take the first step toward fulfilling your goal for self-employment with an existing, lucrative, and necessary business.

Enjoy diverse franchise opportunities within financial and accountancy franchises. Browse the above listings to find everything from legal services to accountancy and payroll businesses.

Search for your own franchise business today on Franchise Direct. There are several business specialties to choose from, including financial services franchises and accounting business opportunities.

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